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Feeling down? Mindfulness is just the thing to perk you up!

By Libby Seery, SkillSuccess Instructor

Mind the Mindfulness

As runners in the rat race, we tend to operate mostly on auto-pilot without regard for the finer details of reality.

We look without seeing, we hear without listening and our lives seem relatively dull and useless in comparison. Drifting through the ocean of modern life with no line to anchor us and no place to hide. The world carelessly plays on with us, unable to navigate the restless seas to stable shores.

Well, no more!

This is where applied mindfulness can benefit us significantly.

Mindfulness is a psychologically proven stress and anxiety combatant which takes only a moderate amount of practice and attention to be effective in our daily lives. Anybody can do it and notice results. When combined with meditation it can work wonders, with lasting psychological and emotional benefits.

Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of awareness.

Awareness of what’s happening right here, right now. It’s a skill that can be honed and utilized to enhance not only the external world we observe through sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, but also the internal, mental and emotional world we so often struggle with. It’s a way to ground yourself and a way to silence your mind.

It’s a gateway to clarity and peace.

The Mindfulness-Happiness Connection

Learning to be mindful is easy and most of us already practice it to one degree or another. Every time we stop to smell the flowers and every time we stop to breathe, we are practicing mindfulness.


The keyword is to stop.

Stop to take the little things in.


When we concentrate on small achievements and the simple things in life, we are just as fulfilled as we would be closing that business deal or impressing that special somebody or even travelling to that exotic destination. Perhaps even more so.

It’s a way to appreciate what we have and what’s happening, while it’s actually happening in our lives.

It’s a way to invite happiness into our daily space while working through the realities we face.

Meditating on Mindfulness

Taking the time to settle down and clear our minds of clutter goes hand in hand with the mindful way of life. Whether we choose to meditate daily or simply observe, there are many ways to be mindful.

Simply drinking morning tea or eating a meal or even shopping can bring balance and equanimity when done mindfully.

Personal and professional relationships can be built and strengthened when we are mindful. Our true potential and creativity can be unlocked when we learn to take notice.

The true beauty of life can be unveiled if we know where to look. This, in turn, can bring feelings of happiness to our lives.

Mindful meditation is much more than just sitting still in one spot chanting “ohm”. It’s a practice that can be applied wherever we go and whatever we do as we conduct ourselves mindfully.

It truly is a gift to ourselves if we choose invest the energy. A gift to the inner world as well as the outer.

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August 17, 2016

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