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10,000 Hours Theory

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Have you heard of the 10,000 hours theory?

In this video, I’ll explain what the theory is and how you can use it to your benefit.

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Hey guys, welcome back.

Today I want to talk about the 10,000 hours theory.

Now this is something you might have heard before. It has been made famous by Malcom Gladwell in his book “Outliers” and what it is he says that you have spend 10,000 hours on an activity to become a kind of a fully-fledged world expert.

So you spend about 10,000 in your high school so you become an expert at being a student , famous people like Bolt or Mozart have been calculated to have spent about 10,000 hours on the thing they are really passionate about.

It works out as about 4 hours a day for a decade.

So you can imagine if you are pursuing something to enter the Olympics you are going to be at about that amount of time by the time you become an expert.

Now we don’t have any courses on Skills Success that are 10,000 long, which you might be relieved to know but what we do have is ways for you to kick start your learning.

So if there is something in the world that you want to be an expert at. The first step is getting a course and starting to learn the basics, starting to get a feel for all the different aspects that you might need to learn about.

Now many of our instructors are 10,000 hour experts. So they have really put the time in, spent at least probably a decade of their life learning about their skill. And the idea is that we are going to transmit it to you as quickly as possible.

Now at the moment I am actually learning photography, it is something I have been playing around with a lot. Even if it’s just on my phone.

But also I have a fashion blog so I have been playing around with photography but I didn’t really feel like I ever progressed even though I have been putting time in messing around with my camera.

And actually I recently started taking a photography course and it’s made such a difference. It really seems like it can accelerate that learning process. Now I kind of know which buttons I am going to be pressing, so I can experiment more logically with different types of photography.

So a really great thing to do is to take a course. And stop in between to go practice each skill.

Try to not just watch the whole course in one go. But watch a video and then think it over, try it, get a bit better at whichever skill you have been taught about and then come back and take I the next video.

So the 10,000 hours is going to come in the practice phase in between the videos and it might just be that the courses to get you stated in the right direction.

You have all heard the phrase that a 1,000 mile journey begins with a single step and choosing which course to take is going to be the first step in that journey.

So my next video is going to be about how to motivate yourself to learn something new.

So keep an eye out for that one. See you then, bye!

June 5, 2017

3 responses on "10,000 Hours Theory"

  1. Isabel Arzuaga
    Isabel ArzuagaJune 5, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Great Information..Thank You…

  2. Joseph OLeary

    Yes, the first step. Also pause between lessons … and … practice. I remember one time at a church long ago, some of the folks in the choir had the custom of labeling our weekly choir singing as “Choir Practice” . At a point we acquired a new director who, after a couple of months, made the offside comment: “Practice is at home; This here (weekly at church) is REHEARSAL”. I’ve applied that as I can to many aspects of my life as possible.

  3. Gilbert Alvarez


    You convinced me because the girl in the video is Gorgeous….and YES I do want to see what this is really about…looking forward to to accelerate my learning.

    Kindest Regards,

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