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How to Find Time to Learn

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How do you learn while having a busy schedule?

Watch Louise share strategies on how to find time to learn, even with a hectic schedule!

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[Transcription of Video]

Hi guys, welcome back, today I am going to discuss how you can find time to learn.

Now in my experience instructing, it is unbelievable how many people sign up for a course that they have paid for a subscription or for the individual course and then never take it.

Or maybe they take the introductory lesson and then never continue and it’s crazy because I know they have spent a long time watching my promo video, reading my description, working out whether it’s  a suitable course for them. And then they simply actually never take it, I’m sure they had the best of intentions. They invested their hard earned money.

And what’s really important is that when you choose a course you then set aside time specifically to take it. So what I would really recommend that you block out time in your diary.

Maybe it’s every day, maybe it’s on the weekends. Whatever is going to work for you.

Make sure you are going to be making progress through this course. Most of the courses are just a few hours long so you can definitely fit it in a few weekends or a few weekday evenings. And then you would have really accelerated your learning.

So don’t let that money go to waste.

If you decided to enroll in a course make sure you actually take it.

Now you might be thinking, I am really busy you don’t know how crazy my life is, I got a new born child, I got a full time job there is no time for me to take the course. And I really want to encourage you to make an effort and look in your calendar and work out if you can pull out some time.

There are going to be two different ways that you can do this.

Either you can find time that can double up as something else. Either on your commute, if you take public transport you can use Skill Success on your tablet.  And watch the course as you’re sitting on the bus or the train on kind of “wasted time” and that could easily be an hour a day.

I mean you might complete the whole course in two days but that’s spending a good time for you to claw out a bit of time from your day that would have otherwise been wasted.

The second option is to give up something. If you really genuinely don’t have downtime then you are going to have to make a choice.

Do you want to learn how to start a fashion blog or do you want to watch the latest episode of X Factor?

You are going to need to make a choice of, is there something that you can cut out; maybe you can stop painting your nails and that will save you 20 minutes a week.

Or maybe you can cut down on some other cyber project that can be delayed for a little bit longer. Maybe you can just let your lawn grow in your garden, whatever it might be.

See if you can pull out a bit of time that you can reapportion into taking the course you decided to enroll in.

Hopefully, if you put it in your calendar today to have a look and see if there is a time that you can pull aside to do your course you are going to be completing this course in the next week or month. And I am really excited to see how it goes.

The next video is very much going to link into this, it’s about how to over some procrastination. So if that is something that you suffer with like most of us, then stay tune for that one.

I’ll see you guys the, bye!

February 1, 2018

2 responses on "How to Find Time to Learn"

  1. Sherre

    Very much-needed to see this video. I added some suggestions that might be useful on the survey that I received that might help students log on more. Thanks for this. it’s so simple–PLAN to watch it. So there’s truth to fail to plan and you plan to fail. Thanks again.

  2. Nee Brennan

    A chance response to an email which I actually thought was automated brought me here.
    Louise responded and gave me a bit of time to a throwaway retort I made , so I thought it’s only fair to do the same and spare some of my time to take note and listen.
    It’s turning out beneficial , makes a lot of sense and I’m taking note . As an incredibly busy individual maybe I do make to make excuses to make time…. not make excuses in my head to do it tomorrow.

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