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Getting Motivated

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What are the best ways to get motivated?

In this video, I share my best tips and tricks. Try them out!

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[Transcription of Video]

Hi guys, welcome back.

Today’s video is going to be about how to motivate yourself to learn something new.

Now beginning the journey of learning a new skill can seem really daunting. You have never really picked up a guitar and somehow now you want to learn to play your favorite songs, join a band, teach your kids to play.

Whatever your motivation is that is the most important thing you need to remember. So try, maybe even print out some written down goals of I want to learn to play all chords in the first one month or by six months I want to learn to play my favorite album by queen.

Write down some specific goals for yourself and maybe print out some pictures. Print out a picture of a venue that you want to play a concert or your son who you want to play guitar with something like that to really give yourself some specific goals and remind yourself why you are learning.

Because there is going to be a point where you just really don’t want to do it. And it’s hard work and your fingers just aren’t moving like they are supposed to and you’re still just stuck on chord A.

So you really need to remind yourself what you are motivation is and the other thing I would really recommend you to do is set aside time each day.

It’s amazing how quickly life just runs away from you, and you haven’t achieved all the things you wanted to. And what were you doing all those years?

I would really, really encourage you to set aside time each day, whether it’s five minutes or an hour or will really depend on your schedule. But really try to be realistic, what you don’t want to do is set to big goals and then constantly fail and then miss it by miles and feel bad cause that will put you off and you will stop trying.

So try to set realistic goals but also push yourself a little bit. So many you can fit in half and hour a day. Which means over a month you will have done so much and you will have reached specific one month goals that you have set.

So if you are trying to motivate yourself to learn, it is really important that you have visualization of where you are going, specific goals, ideally numerical and with time factors, and also setting aside specific time that you are going to give to learning the new skill.

And following on from that the next video is going to be about how you are going to find time to learn and fit it into the very busy lives that we all have. So stay tuned for that one, I’ll see you then, bye!

January 30, 2018

1 responses on "Getting Motivated"

  1. william nicoletti

    Great advice Video. Thanks for the information.

    I am enjoying my Excel course believe it or not. It will help me talk the talk and hopefully get a job with an Excel requirement.


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