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Overcoming Procrastination

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What’s the Secret to Overcoming Procrastination?

In this video, I reveal how to overcome procrastination!

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[Overcoming Procrastination]

Hi guys, welcome back.

Today’s video is going to be about overcoming procrastination.

Now if this is something that you suffer from, don’t worry you are most certainly not alone.

Even the most proactive of us still have tasks that we choose to procrastinate for weeks on end.

But when it comes to taking an online course this is something that should be really exciting and fun to you. But somehow weirdly it can feel like something that gets pushed to the back of the to-do list every single day. I guess that’s mostly because it’s not urgent, it’s not essential that you learn creative writing today.

If you don’t cook dinner or if you don’t pay your bills or if you don’t go to work those things are really urgent, so something like learning a new creative skill is definitely going to get pushed to the back of your to do list. And I think it’s really important that you make time for yourself.

And you don’t see it as a task that is looming over you. That you are kind of beating yourself up about, oh I still haven’t taken that course.

And then it’s more like I can’t wait to get home and learn all about the new skill that I really want to do. So I think the mind set of it is a really important change. If you see it as a privilege, a fun hobby, and exciting thing that you are pursuing…Which is what it is, whatever you have chosen is something that is going to drastically increase your happiness, give you new opportunities, new fun bucket list achievements in the future. So try and see it as something really positive rather than a to-do list task.

And then on top of that try and factor out specific times. We have talked before about how you can find free time to do things even if you think your schedule is really full.

So I encourage you to actually put that stuff in your calendar and block it out so that other people know that they can’t book you for that time. It is time you are going to be investing in yourself.

One example from my own personal experience is that I have recently signed up for an affiliate marketing course so that I can figure out how to make more money through my fashion blog. And I haven’t taken the course yet, and I don’t know why, because it’s a really exciting opportunity for me to bring in more income. And give myself more flexibility. So what I really think what would really help me there and will hopefully help you as well is to start to realize why I took the course. I took it so that I could have passive income coming in through my blog.

And so that I can travel and so that maybe I can even print out a picture of Barbados or wherever I want to go next and maybe even think about what I will spend the money on. As the things I have learnt from my course will pay off in terms of income. So it’s been sitting on my to do list for ages and I keep moving it over to tomorrow and really what I should do and what I am going to do after this video is block out some time in my calendar this weekend and sit down and take it. And remind myself why I choose to sign up for it in the first place and all the exciting opportunities that it is going to give me in the future.

So I guess the main take away from this is a combination of visualization and goal setting. We looked at earlier about really remembering why you want to take the course. What is it going to bring for you in the long term? And also practicalities like finding time and motivation to actually take the course.

And remember each course is broken up into a bunch of smaller videos. So you don’t need to have a 2, 3 hour block. You can do it in 10 minute portions if you need to. Maybe just while you’re doing the washing up or while you’re cleaning your teeth. So really try and set yourself some realistic goals so that every day or every few days you can be taking a little bit more of the course and really reward yourself and pat yourself in the back for moving one step closer towards your goals each day. It should definitely feel like a gold star moment where it is something that is on your to do list that you are really excited to get to and you feel really proud after you achieved it.

So I really encourage you to reframe your procrastination mindset into a more positive view.

In the next video we are going to be looking at what you could regret on your death bed, very intriguing. So I will see you guys in that one.

Have a great rest of your day, bye!

February 1, 2018

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