Top 5 Acupressure Points For Relieving Stress And Anxiety

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of Acupressure points for relieving stress and anxiety.

Massage therapy pressure points for relieving stress and anxiety


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About This CourseBeginner

This course has been created for students of all levels to help them to overcome some of the day to day stressors that they may be experiencing.

Acupressure Point 1

Benefits:  Relieves stress & anxiety.  Activating these Acupressure points can also help to alleviate a number of minor stomach complaints including indigestion, heartburn, stomach acidity and nausea.  Stimulating these points can also help calm anxiety and nervousness which sometimes cause indigestion and stomach irritation. These points are also helpful in regulating heart palpitations.

Acupressure Point 2

Benefits:  Relieves stress & anxiety.  Activating these Acupressure points also helps to relieve all kinds of allergies such as headaches, hay fever, sneezing and itching.  Relieves frontal headaches, constipation and depression. Alleviates all types of pain in the body and balances the gastrointestinal system.

Acupressure Point 3

Benefits: Relieves stress & anxiety.  Activating these Acupressure points also helps to relieve frustration, irritability, fatigue, shoulder tension, poor circulation, cold hands or feet, nervous problems and headaches.

Acupressure Point 4

Benefits: Relieves stress & anxiety.  Activating these Acupressure points also helps to release unexpressed feelings of sadness and grief as well as calm emotional trauma due to loss or disappointment.  Depression & anger can also be defused by applying pressure to these points. The points may also relieve asthma and breathing difficulties linked with repressed sorrow or anger.

Acupressure Point 5

Benefits: Relieves stress & anxiety.  Activating these Acupressure points also helps to relieve muscular tension, sore throat and stiffness in the neck.  Also highly beneficial in reducing fatigue.

The course instructor Annette has over 17 years experience working in the area of health and fitness and she has seen first hand how these powerful Acupressure points have brought improvement into the lives of 100’s of her clients.

Some common benefits you can expect from an Acupressure Treatment include:

  • Relief from stress & tension
  • A more relaxed body & mind
  • Increased blood circulation
  • A faster removal of toxic waste
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Relief from head, neck, shoulder & back ache and
  • An overall sense of well-being

So why not sign up today and see how quickly the positive effects of Acupressure can bring improvement to your life?

Who this course is for:

  • This course has been created for students of ‘All Levels’.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to apply a simple hands on healing therapy to reduce stress & anxiety.
  • Learn how you can further your studies in this area to gain an Internationally Recognized Qualification in Acupressure Therapy.


  • You should be able to use a PC at beginner level.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned about the top 5 Acupressure points for relieving stress and anxiety.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about Acupressure points.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections


What Is Acupressure?

How To Apply Pressure To Acupressure Points

Self Acupressure

Key Points To Remember

What are Meridians?

The Role Of The Meridians

The Meridian Clock

Key Points To Remember

Essentials Before Getting Started

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3

Point 4

Point 5

Benefits Of Acupressure 1

Benefits Of Acupressure 2

Benefits Of Acupressure 3



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About The Instructor


After several years of intensive study in many different disciplines I found that the alternative therapy that was producing the fastest, most profound and long lasting results among my clients was Kinesiology so I decided to specialise. The particular branch of Kinesiology I work in is known as Neuroenergetic Kinesiology or NEK. The majority of my training in this discipline was completed in Northern Ireland with Ms. Orla Brady, Roslea and further training then in Steyr, Austria with Hugo Tobar Founder of NEK. At present the Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute has 6 International colleges around the world with colleges in Australia, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands the United States and Ireland. In September 2010 I took over the role of Principal of The Irish College of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology and continued in this role until 2015. Having served as Secretary of The Kinesiology Association of Ireland for almost 2 years I was delighted when on March 7th 2015 I was voted in as the new Chairperson. A past student of the Institute of Health Sciences, I gained expertise in many different subjects such as Chemistry, Biochemistry & Nutrition, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology to name but a few. This experience alongside my passion for Kinesiology, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Nutrition has led me on to write a number of different courses on Acupressure and Nutrition for Health and Well-being. In August 2015 I also gained international recognition for these courses with IICT, The International Institute for Complementary Therapists.