Marketing Automation MasterClass: B2B, Blogging And B2C

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This course is designed for those interested to learn how to use marketing automation for their business.

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About This CourseBeginner

Whether you are a B2B, B2C, Blogger or Enterprise, building Funnels powered by Marketing Automation (MA) is absolutely critical to improving conversions, multiplying your efforts and driving more revenue to your bottom line from leads you already have (you’ll also learn how to get MORE leads).

Now you can implement your own Marketing Automation system for FREE by taking this course. That’s right, I share the Marketing Automation tool that I use for Bloggers, B2B & B2C, which offers a free full-feature trial (up to 200 Contacts). Not an AFFILIATE OFFER, totally free, no strings attached. I LOVE THIS TOOL!!! This little-known tool includes great features, like:

  • Send all your email nurture campaigns from directly in the tool – no need to connect an ESP, like MailChimp to LeadPages (Simplify your marketing stack!)
  • Create your landing pages, forms, & email nurture campaigns quickly – Avoid creative hiccups (Save Time!)
  • Includes beautiful Email and Landing Page templates – No need to pay for a separate landing page tool.
  • Lightweight CRM included – Manage all your contacts, companies, & create Tags (Avoid investing in a full CRM until you have to!)
  • Live Chat Tool included – Convert Visitors when they are on your site (No need to invest in yet another tool!)
  • Clickstream tracks visitors as they click around your website – Understand your visitor’s experience, tripping points & gain insights!
  • Plus, I walk you step-by-step through integrating your free MA tool onto your WordPress site in just 15 minutes (Cpanel access required)

So, what excuse do you have NOW from starting to collect email addresses, grow your list, and launch your email nurturing program? Get ready for your MASTERCLASS and you’ll be a Marketing Automation Professional in no time.

This course is divided into THREE information-rich Sections & you can start the course in ANY SECTION – Adapts to your learning style!

  1. LEARN – Understand MA terms, technology, and the elements you’ll use to build your lead nurture program
  2. EXPERIENCE – Go through a simplified MA funnel; Feel how we build TRUST and turn leads into buyers (This is a MUST!)
  3. BUILD – Implement your MA/Autoresponder into your website, build your assets, and FINALLY launch your list building program!

NOTE: This is not a DIGITAL MARKETING course, although some principles are covered. For example, you will not learn how to create headline copy that entices a B2B prospect to click on your ad, but you will learn the fundamental components that you need to build for your sales funnel, including an acquisition source, Landing Page, Lead Magnet, Form, Email Nurture Campaigns, Sales Page, etc.).

In this course, you will learn:

  • How Marketing Automation works, and why you need it using examples from B2B, B2C, Blogging and Enterprise
  • Marketing Automation terminology: Trip Wire? Lead Magnet? Nurturing? – You’ll learn it all!
  • Step-by-Step how to build your first “Sales Funnel” and the minimum proven 4 phases critical to your success!
  • What types of content work best in each phase of your Funnel
  • How to build out an entire Marketing Automation system, regardless of your MA tool
  • “Action Items” at the end of Lessons help you make progress (Project Based, not just theory)
  • Which content performs best for each phase of the Buyer’s Journey (Awareness, Consideration, etc.)
  • B2B Blogger Funnel examples (simple and complex) so you can understand the difference and get up and running fast
  • Advanced topics for Enterprise, including: Lead Scoring, Lead Grading, Automation Trees, more…

You know that you need to build your email list, but first you need to implement all of the Marketing Automation plumbing, flow and assets. In this course, you’ll FINALLY get it ALL done!

What are the requirements?

  • Students should have some familiarity with Digital Marketing, although this course will briefly introduce concepts if they don’t
  • Students should have the desire to implement their own Marketing Automation Sales Funnel and start building their own email list
  • [Optional] Students should have their own hosted website and access to the CPanel if they are ready to implement their own Marketing Automation infrastructure on their website

What will I learn?

  • Students will LEARN, EXPERIENCE & BUILD their entire Marketing Automation program in this course (the only course of its kind!)
  • Students will implement the a Full-Featured Marketing Automation Platform w/ CRM for FREE (up to 200 Contacts) – Start building your email list!
  • Experience what it’s like going through an actual “Best Practices” Sales Funnel
  • Architect their own Sales Funnel for their blog or business, including mapping content to each phase of the Buyer Journey, and draft persuasive email copy that gets through SPAM bots & gets read
  • List all of the Assets that they will need to create to fuel their Marketing Automation Sales Funnel
  • Speak intelligently to marketers, executives, salespeople and customers about Marketing Automation and list-building
  • Explain the following terms: Marketing Automation, Sales Funnel, Drip Email Campaign, Lead Nurturing, Landing Page, Lead Magnet, Tripwire, Landing Page, Thank You Page, & More…
  • Create appealing content as a freebie “Offer” that will entice Prospects to share their email address, so you can build your list NOW!

Who is the target audience?

  • B2B, Bloggers & B2C businesses who want to greatly improve the efficiency of their business, capture more Leads, and make more money from every Lead
  • People who are new to Marketing Automation and want to learn why every business needs it
  • Business professionals who will be working with Marketing Automation in their job (or future job) and want to get up to speed quickly
  • Blog owners who want to start building their email list, and put their lead nurturing on cruise control
  • Anyone who knows they need to “Build their Email List” but haven’t gotten around to it, until now.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned about B2B, Blogging and B2C marketing.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about marketing automation.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

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How To Take This Course

Marketing Automation Fundamentals

Action Item – Marketing Automation Fundamentals


Action Item – Personas


Action Item – Stages


Action Item – Funnel


Bonus Item – Acquisition

Action Item – Acquisition

Content Marketing

Bonus Item – Content Marketing

Action Item – Content Marketing

Lead Magnet

Action Item – Lead Magnet

Landing Page

Bonus Item – Landing Page

Action Item – Landing Page

Sign-up Forms

Action Item – Sign-up Forms

Call To Action

Action Item – Call To Action

Autoresponders: Campaigns And Broadcasts

Drip Email Campaigns And Sequences

Bonus Item – Drip Email Campaigns And Sequences

Action Item – Drip Email Campaigns And Sequences

Tip Wire

Action Item – Trip Wire


Action Item – Automations

Thank You Page

Action Item – Thank You Page

Lead Scoring

Action Item – Lead Scoring

Lead Grading

Action Item – Lead Grade

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Action Item – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Alerts And Notifications

Action Item – Alerts And Notifications


Action Item – Clickpath

The Funnel

The Acquisition

Action Item – The Acquisition

The Content Marketing And Lead Magnet

The Form And Thank You Page

Action Item – The Form And Thank You Page

The Drip Email Campaign

Action Item – The Drip Email Campaign

Lead Magnet

Action Item – Lead Magnet

The Sales Page

Action Item – The Sales Page

Implement Your Free Marketing Automation Tool


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