The Ultimate iOS 11 Course: Learn To Build Apps!

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This course is designed for those interested to learn how to build iOS11 apps.

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About This Coursebeginner

In The Ultimate iOS 11 Course, you will learn how to use various Apple software in the Xcode 9 platform while learning to code in the programming language Swift 4.0. You will build functioning iPhone and Apple Watch apps and games from concept to completion.

You will also learn how to use augmented reality and image manipulation tools. You will learn how to add Maps functionality to your apps. We use practical examples to teach you theory. Source code and coding exercises included.


1. You will learn the basics of the Swift 4.0 programming language. You will learn how to use variables, constants, collection types, control flow, functions, classes, structures, enumerations, and more. You will learn the foundations of coding in this user-friendly and popular coding language.

2. You learn to navigate the Xcode interface. Xcode is Apple’s platform for building apps for Apple products. It has many features and built-in tools. We will teach you the ins and outs of using this free program.

3. You will build a simple calculator app from scratch. The app will be able to take in numbers and add, subtract, multiply, or divide them. There will be a clear button as an option for you to erase your input. You will go from planning the concept and layout to putting the finishing touches on the design and handling errors.

4. You will build an RGB to Hex code color converter app. A web color can be represented as Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) values or as a hex code. This app will be able to take in a color’s RGB values and convert them to a hex code or vice versa. The app will also include a field for you to input the Alpha (transparency) of the color. Every time you input a color to convert, the app’s background will change to that color.

5. You will create a hangman game. The app will allow you to press a button to generate a random word. You will be able to input a letter to guess the word. The app will be able to process correct and incorrect guesses and react accordingly.

6. You will build an average calculator app. You will be able to enter numbers, and the app will calculate the average.

7. You will build a savings calculator app. You will be able to enter a yearly amount of money and choose a percent to save. The calculator will tell you how much you will save every week, month, and year.

8. You will learn basic User Interface (UI) design. You will learn tips and tricks of designing an app’s layout in Xcode.

9. You will learn how to design apps in Photoshop and Illustrator. As well, you will learn how to make web ads for your projects.

10. You will learn how to use SpriteKit to build iPhone games. You will learn how to add beautiful, high-definition shapes to games. You will build a space shooter game as you learn the powerful game development tools of SpriteKit.

11. You will get an introduction to ARKit, Apple’s platform for implementing augmented reality tools. You will learn how to set up an AR scene and add nodes and primitives.

12. You will learn how to use WatchKit to make Apple Watch apps. You will be able to make various Watch apps, including clocks and timers. You will be able to make apps with different interfaces such as buttons, switches, sliders, pickers, and images. You will even learn how to add animations and emojis to your apps.

13. You will learn the MapKit framework in the context of iOS. You will learn how to embed maps directly into your app. You will be able to add creative behavior to the maps like annotations.

14. You will learn how to use CoreImage Filters to modify the appearance of images and videos in your apps. CoreImage allows you to do real time processing and easy graphics processing. You can do automatic image enhancement, create custom filters, and more. You will learn how to apply color filters, graphical filters, distortions, and cropping to images in your apps. We will also generate QR codes and barcodes.

What are the requirements?
• You must have a Mac computer and Xcode 9.
• PC development is not recommended or supported.
• Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Blender for art asset creation.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have learned how to build apps on iOS11.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about building iOS11 apps.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Introduction To This Course

Top 10 Reasons Why This Course Is Awesome!

How To Use This Course

How To Download Xcode 9


Language Basics Topics List

Learning Goals

Intro To Variables And Constants

Primitive Types


Nil Values


Type Conversions

Assignment Operators

Conditional Operators

Source Code

Topics List And Learning Objectives

Intro To Collection Types

Creating Arrays

Common Array Operations

Multidimensional Arrays


Source Code

Intro To If And Else Statements

Else If Statements

Multiple Simultaneous Tests

Intro To Switch Statements

Advanced Switch Statement Techniques

Testing For Nil Values

Intro To While Loops

Intro To For…In Loops

Intro To For…In Loops (Cont’d)

Complex Loops And Loop Control Statements

Source Code

Intro To Functions

Function Parameters

Return Statements

Parameter Variations – Argument Labels

Parameter Variations – Default Values

Parameters Variations – InOut Parameters

Parameter Variations – Variadic Parameters

Returning Multiple Values Simultaneously

Source Code

Topics List And Learning Objectives

Intro To Classes

Properties As Fields – Add tT Class Implementation

Custom Getters And Setters

Calculated Properties

Variable Scope And Self

Lazy And Static Variables

Class Type Methods

Class Instances As Field Variables

Inheritance, Subclassing And SuperClassing

Overriding Initializers

Overriding Properties

Overriding Methods

Structs Overview


Comparisons Between Classes, Structs And Enums

Source Code

Intro And Demo

General Interface Intro

File System Introduction

ViewController Intro

Storyboard File Intro

Connecting Outlets And Actions

Running An Application

Debugging an Application

Source Code

Intro And Demo

Building The UI

Connecting Outlets And Actions

Implementation Planning

Storing Input Values And Choosing Operation

Implementing Calculate And Clear Function

Error Checking And Handling

Beautifying App And Finishing Touches

Intro And Demo

Building The UI

Connecting Outlets And Actions

Planning Implementation And Setting Blueprint

Implementing Conversion Selection

Implementing Hex To RGB Conversion

Implementing RGB To Hex Conversion

Improving App Appearance

Source Code

Intro And Demo

Building The UI

Connecting Outlets, Actions And Textfield Protocol

Planning Our Implementation Process

Implement Word And Hint Selection

Implementing Remaining Set Up

Implementing TextField Processing

Implementing Correct Guess Processing

Implementing Incorrect Guess Processing

Implementing The Last Bit Of Functionality

Improving App Appearance

Source Code

Introduction To The Tip Calculator

Adding The Functional Code

Finishing The App


Making the App


Making A Savings Calculator

J06a Swift Intro to Design Part 1

J06b Swift Intro to Design Part 2

J06c Swift Intro to Design Part 3

J07a Swift Design With Photoshop Part 1

J07b Swift Design With Photoshop Part 2

J07c Swift Design With Photoshop Part 3

J07d Swift Design With Photoshop Part 4

J07e Swift Design With Photoshop Part 5

J07f Swift Design With Photoshop Part 6

J07g Swift Design With Photoshop Part 7

J07h Swift Design With Photoshop Part 8

J07i Swift Design With Photoshop Part 9

J07j Swift Design With Photoshop Part 10

J07k Swift Design With Photoshop Part 11

J07L Swift Design With Photoshop Part 12

J07m Swift Design With Photoshop Part 13

J07n Swift Design With Photoshop Part 14

J07o Swift Design With Photoshop Part 15

J07o Swift Design With Photoshop Part 16

J07a Swift Design With Photoshop Part 17

Starting A New File

Introduction To The GameScene.sks

Looking At The GameScene.Swift

Deleting The Extraneous Code

Talking About Touches

Changing The Player Position

Refactoring Our Code For Efficiency

Adding Sprite Programmatically

Closing Thoughts

Introduction To Adding Sprites

Adding In Images Programmatically

Adding In The Color Blend Factor

Changing Sprite Images

Moving Sprites Around

Pinning One Sprite To another


zRotation And The Update Function

Adding A Sprite On A Touches Began

Introduciton To SKActions

Adding In Multiple SKActions

Naming Actions


SKAction Moveby – Float

SKAction Moveby – CGVector

SKAction MoveTo

SKAction Follow Path

SKAction Rotation

SKaction Scaling

SKAction Fading

SKAction Resize

SKAction, Hide And Unhide

Introduction To ShapeNodes

Making Different Kinds Of ShapeNOdes

Adding In Points To ShapeNodes

Introduction To Physics

Setting Up The Physics Floor

Adding In Nodes And Physics

Applying A Force

Adding In Torque

Talking About Physics Properties

Adding Physics Action

Adding A Torque Action

Introduction To Actions.sks

Calling Actions

Setting Up Specific Actions

Setting Up Sounds


Introduction To ARkit

Talking About The View Controller And Scenes

Talking About Scenes And Object Properties

Moving Around The Scene

Adding Primitives To Your Scene (full)

Adding Nodes And Primitives Programmatically

Adding Other Primitives

Setting Up Project And UI Essentials

Sizing And Scaling

Hiding Objects

Source Code

Styling, Multilining, Code And Color

Incrementing A Counter

Attributed String

Source Code

Intro And Formatting

Setting Calendar And Timezones

Slight Refactoring

Source Code

Intro To Timers

Starting And Stopping

Setting Date

Capturing Date For Timer

Slight Refactoring

Adding Total Elapsed Timer

Adding Loop Timer

Final Touches

Source Code

Button Intro

Set Content With Code

Slight Refactor

Making A Game

Slight Refactoring

Source Code


Setting Code

Enabling And Disabling Switches

Another Example


Source Code


Images, Color Changing, And Resizing With Sliders

Keeping Track Of Value

Setting Value

Source Code

Making The Style Picker

Sequence Picker

Setting Selected Item Index And Selecting Values

Setting Coordinated Animation

Source Code


Template Images And Animating

Loading Images

Making Animations And Setting Duration

Source Code

Loading URL

Intro To wkinterfacemovie

Inline Movie

Source Code

Intro To Tables

Learning About Rows

Optional Binding In For Loop

Deleting And Scrolling To Rows

Triggering Action On Row Selection

Triggering Segues

Vertical Detail Paging

Source Code

Intro To Menu

Using Own Images

Programming Menus And Menu Items

Source Code

Intro To Taps

Intro To Swipes

Altering Swipe Direction

Long Press

Pan Gesture recognizer

Final Thoughts

Source Code

Intro To Activity Ring

Animating Changes

Setting Animation To False

Final Thoughts

Source Code

Inputting Text

Inputting Emoji And Animating Emoji

Slight Refactor

Source Code

Intro To Mapkit

Adding Annotations

Show Annotations

Custom Annotations

Setting Up Segue

Slight Code Cleanup

Source Code

Showing User Location

Drawing Circle Overlay

Drawing Line Overlay

Drawing Polygon Overlay

Source Code

Intro To Filter

More Color Filters

Chaining Filters

Source Code

More Graphical Filters

Hole Distortion And Centering Distortion

Tapping To Distort

Tapping To Distort – Scale And Refactor

Cropping With Filter

Source Code

Generating QR Code

Generating Barcode

Generating With User-Inputted Text

Source Code

Intro To Webkit And Setup

Allowing Gestures And HTTP

Correcting Display And Resizing Subview

Making A Website

Slight Refactor And Displayign Alert When Nav Fails

Handling Links And Restricting Navigation

Quick Intro To sfsafariviewcontroller

Source Code


Reading Code And Modules

Reading, Writing And Compressing Textfiles

HTTP Module

Intro To NPM And Packages

Source Code


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