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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Business owners

What you’ll learn: 

  • Which behaviors, if I stop doing, will elevate my personal brand and leadership today?
  • How can I give and receive feedback in a way that builds relationships?
  • How can I adopt the Leader Attitudes and reframe my limiting beliefs?
  • Which communication approach do I take based on what I want the outcome of the conversation to be?
  • What do I need to change about how I lead in order for them to change how they show up?
  • How to say “No” without using the word “No” when appropriate


  • No prior knowledge is required to take this course. 

Learn to become a powerful leader by examining the way you communicate, behave, and approach relationships in the workplace with expert executive leadership trainer Carol Marzouk.

It’s true. The world is becoming more technologically advanced with machines, remote work, and AI replacing human interaction. And when human interaction is minimal, human relation skills also start to diminish. Leadership, as a human relation skill is no different.

Now more than ever in a world that is more socially responsible, and attune to the sensitivity of others, strong leadership is vital. We need new leaders that understand this change, and are prepared to tackle these issues in the workplace.

So, who are you – as a leader? In this Leadership Mastery course, you’ll find out just who that person is as you learn what your true strengths and weaknesses as a leader are. Then, you’ll tackle concepts that will help shape and mold your strengths, and soften your weaknesses, through the understanding of human behavior, motivation tactics, conflict resolution, and effective communication.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have understood your leaders and as well as learned your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about leadership.

Course Curriculum

1h 37m

Section 1 - Leadership Behaviors
Ever Met This Guy 00:00:00
Start Doing 00:00:00
Stop Doing 00:00:00
Throwing Grenades – Giving Feedback 00:00:00
Using Your Legs – Receiving Feedback 00:00:00
This Is Your Brain On New Habit 00:00:00
What To Do Next 00:00:00
Section 2 - Preventing Your Brain From Short Circuiting
We Never See The Whole Iceburg 00:00:00
Brain Shortcuts That Hinder Success 00:00:00
Is Your Brain Lying To You 00:00:00
Reprogram Your Brain Like PC 00:00:00
Super Leader Attitude 00:00:00
Section 3 - Using Body Parts To Communicate
Ever Lose Your Temper 00:00:00
Logic Or Emotion 00:00:00
Instincts And Boundaries 00:00:00
Your Corazon 00:00:00
Don’t Just Stay There 00:00:00
What Do I Do Next 00:00:00
Section 4 - Getting Your Employees To Move It!
One Small Change, Changes A Whole Team 00:00:00
First Things First – Who Are You As A Leader 00:00:00
Who’s Who On Your Team 00:00:00
Set Your Plan 00:00:00
Section 5 - Conflict That Builds Instead Of Destroys
If We Had A Penny For Each Hour We Spend On it! 00:00:00
Iceberg What You See vs. What I Believe, Think and Feel 00:00:00
Resolve And Rebuild – Phase 1 00:00:00
Resolve And Build – Phase 2 00:00:00
What To Do Next 00:00:00
Section 6 - How To Say No Without Saying No
No Is Sometimes The Safest Word 00:00:00
The Biggest Mistake The People Make 00:00:00
Why Is It Difficult To Say No 00:00:00
How To Say It Without Saying It 00:00:00
It Is Your Responsibilty 00:00:00
What Do I Do Next 00:00:00