The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner To Advanced

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This course is designed for those interested in learning about how to utilize Google AdWords for their business.

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About This CourseBeginner

What I like most as a student is when the instructor shares their personal experience with what they are teaching. If you like this also, you might enjoy my story of how I started using Google AdWords and ended up here with you today! By reading this story, I am sure you will get a good idea of whether you will enjoy this course or not!

In 2011, I opened my first Google AdWords account with the purpose of promoting my new business online after receiving a coupon for $100 in free Google AdWords ad spend. My business then was helping with video game addiction and selling t-shirts related to spreading that message. One of my first campaigns was setup to drive traffic to my website with the hope of making money with Google AdSense. I set the targeting too broad and the budget way too big at $100 per day because I had not made $100 yet with my business. I got thousands of cheap clicks that immediately bounced and vowed to do better in future campaigns.

After giving up on AdSense as a way to make money, I spent thousands of dollars to buy t-shirts and made a shop on CafePress with thousands more products. I sold about $10 of the $1,300 I spent in t-shirt inventory and figured maybe if I used Google AdWords with my CafePress store on a trendy topic I would do better. When the “Stop Kony” campaign got big in 2012, I jumped on it with tons of products on CafePress and $100/day Google AdWords campaign that got a ton of cheap clicks in the USA. I cannot prove today that even one person bought after seeing my Google ads up until that point.

With having spent thousands of dollars and many long hours with Google AdWords without a single win to show for it, I got so frustrated I gave up selling t-shirts and started working on social media marketing after hearing a local business owner talk about how much people would pay to get help promoting their business online. I made a terrible looking website that offered to get people Facebook likes for their page for thousands of dollars which I then bought from Fiverr for $5 to $20. After making my first thousand dollars online by sending messages to Facebook pages that were running ads, I remembered Google AdWords. My first profitable Google AdWords campaigns targeted the keywords “get likes” and “buy likes” while sending people to one of the ugliest landing pages I have ever seen. One person placed a $1000 order almost right away and I was off to the races! I finally had it!

Within a month, Google suspended my account (and all of my competitors on the same keywords also) for violating their terms and conditions. I was devastated and created several more accounts out of frustration all of which got suspended within a few days. I was certain that they were wrong and I was right. Fortunately, I gave up on Google AdWords after being unable to make a new account that did not get suspended and I turned to Facebook ads.
Using Facebook ads turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to my business. While I failed miserably with Facebook ads to turn a profit, I learned a valuable skill that then I was able to use to help others with. By 2013, my main business was getting paid to make Facebook ad campaigns for clients.

How does this relate to Google AdWords? I got hundreds of clients from more than 20 countries to pay me to do their Facebook ads. In getting to know some of them, I learned that they were also doing ads on Google AdWords. Naturally, I sold as many as I could on letting me help with their Google ads also based on my experience having one successful campaign that got my account suspended and wasting thousands of dollars doing it the wrong way.

By some miracle, I was actually able to help one client do really well with this Google AdWords campaigns. He now dominates his market completely both with Google search ads and Google display ads. Doing ads for him inspired me to try once again to build a better relationship with Google.

With now a new website, new business system, new address, new company, and new credit card, I tried again to open another Google AdWords account. This time it worked because I stuck to advertising my YouTube videos for the first year of that account. The ads I did on YouTube became the new foundation of my business allowing me to make videos online, promote them, and get any good video viral to the point now where now have over 3 million organic views on YouTube. You’ll see in this course exactly how I use Google AdWords to make YouTube ads.

I thought it would be amazing to start fresh in this course with an account with no ads running and give you everything I learn along the way. You see to begin how I start on faith given my previous experience. I walk you through each step up until today where now I am spending $500 to $1,000 per day on Google AdWords.

Learning Google AdWords has been an amazing journey for me and I am honored you are thinking about joining me in that journey today! I hope that by honestly sharing my experience using Google AdWords with you that you will be able to get started with fewer mistakes than I made, accept the problems you have with more grace than I did, and reach your full potential on Google AdWords much faster than me.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to utilize Google AdWords for your business.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Google AdWords Campaign Settings, Bids And Locations

Types Of Keywords And Understanding Your Keyword Quality Score In Google AdWords

A Trustworthy Landing Page Is Critical For Conversions And High Keyword Score

Sometimes You Can Get Lucky And Make A Great Campaign With Little Effor

Usually It Takes Faith And Consistent Effort To Get Great Results

Getting Started With Faith And A Commitment To Working In Google AdWords

Conversions Are All That Matter In Google AdWords. Ignore All Other Data!

Preparing For Conversion Tracking Setup In Google AdWords

Go To Tools And Complete Your Conversion Tracking Setup In Google AdWords

How To Immediately Confirm Your Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Is Working

Setting Up Conversion Tracking With Google Analytics Is Even Better!

How To Add Google Analytics Tracking For Deeper Google AdWords Data

Keep The First Campaign Short And Simple While You Wait For Approval

Day 2 Reviewing Initial Campaign And Copying Into A New Campaign

Keyword Research To Expand An Existing Campaign With New Ad Sets

How To Quickly Make Display Adwords Campaigns Using Search Ads

Testing Trademark And Limited Approval Ads On A New Product

Day Three Reviewing The First 5 Campaigns And Thinking About My Pricing

How To Quickly Try A New Landing Page In Google AdWords And Copy Ad Groups

Quickly Copying Campaigns And Split Testing Countries In Google AdWords

Google AdWords Keyword Research And Fast New Campaign Creation On Best Offer

First Conversions Tracked In Google AdWords With A Free Offer

Choosing Which Google AdWords Campaigns To Pause And Save Money

Google AdWords Is Challenging Because You Have To Wait For Enough Data

Adding Keywords To A Campaign Now Getting Impressions And Expanding To Display

Day 5 Pausing Campaigns Not Converting And Preparing For New Sales

Upgrading Free Campaigns With Conversions To New Sales Ad Groups

Having Patience Waiting For Google AdWords To Confirm Or Eliminate New Sales Campaigns

Conversion Data Ad Schedule And Mobile Device Bid Adjustment

Launching A New Product With Expensive Keywords In Google AdWords

Creating Ads On A Trademarked Keyword Requiring AdWords Specialist Approval

How To Make Google AdWords Campaigns On Giant Trademarked Search Terms

What To Do When Your Google AdWords Conversions Are Different From Your Sales?

How To Start Scaling Up Google AdWords Campaigns With Conversions

Making New Ads Using Conversions, Copying The Ads, And Adding Negative Keywords

Google AdWords Advanced Settings Missing Solution And Optimizing By Location

Google AdWords For Conversions Review: Negative Keywords, Copying Ads, Locations

Watch Live As I Find Why My Google AdWords Conversions Are More Than Sales!

The End Or Just Getting Started? You Decide! I Will Be Continuing To Build This!

What I Do When My Conversions Are Not Matching Your Actual Sales

How To Handle Google AdWords Errors For Trademark Requirements

Google Adwords English Wealthy Country List And Low Cost Clicks And Views List

Using Organic Search Traffic And Another Keyword Tool To Add Negative Keywords

Google AdWords Conversions Showing In Different Products Than Advertised

A Better Landing Page Produces My First Proven Positive ROI In Google AdWords!

How To Use Location Reports To Exclude Places Where Ads Are Not Converting

Changing Keyword Match Type To Exact Match And Excluding Search Partners

Raising The Daily Budget And Eliminating Countries With High Cost Conversions

Lowering Bids Where Sales Are More Expensive And Checking The Ad Schedule

What To Do When Your Cost Per Conversion Suddenly Spikes

Using The Google AdWords Bid And Budget Simulator To Make Campaign Changes

Success With Lowering Conversions And CPC Means I Now Sit And Wait!

When You Finally Get A Perfect Solution, Let It Run Without Interference!

With Two Months Of Good Data, Now I Can Go Deeper For A Lower Ongoing Cost Per Conversion

Overview Of Correctly Setup Remarketing In Google Analytics And Google AdWords

Creating A New Google Analytics Property And Installing Tracking Code

Linking Your AdWords Account And Starting Remarketing

Google AdWords Creating An Ad Group For Remarketing With Display Audiences

Google AdWords Fast Display Ad Creation Quickly Going From 1 Ad To 48 Ads In An Ad Set

Copying Google AdWords Display Ad Campaigns To Split By Country

Google Adwords Display Campaigns To Similar Users And Editing Interests

Using Google Analytics To Optimize Google AdWords Marketing And Display Ads

Welcome To Google AdWords For Video! See The Benefits I Get From Ads On YouTube

How To Quickly Make A $0.01 Cost Per View Advertising Campaign

Using Google Remarketing Audiences To Find Similar Users In Targeting

How To Make Remarketing Ads With Google AdWords For Video

Making A Keyword Targeted Google AdWords For Video Campaign

Targeting Your YouTube Ads By Interest

Using Reports To See Which Of Your Targeted Audience Watches The Most

Copying Global Campaigns And Changing To USA And Canada Targeting


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