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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to start a real online business and start making money online
  • People wanting to know how to choose the best products to sell to make money online
  • People who want to avoid the mistakes 99% of people trying to start a Shopify dropship business are making
  • People who want to work from anywhere in the world – travel while working and making money online
  • Anyone interested in building a Shopify dropshipping store
  • People wanting to start a Shopify dropshipping business
  • People wanting to increase sales on their Shopify dropshipping stores

What you will master inside this course:

  • Build a Shopify dropshipping store
  • Choose the products to sell to start making money online
  • Automate import of products to your store
  • Increase sales on your products using secret hacks
  • Create your business with a bulletproof system
  • Drive traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store
  • Retarget customers that left their carts abandoned


  • No prior knowledge is required to take this course

In this course, we’ll take you from being an absolute beginner to have a Shopify dropshipping business up and running within hours. 

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned Shopify dropshipping.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about Shopify dropshipping.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - How Shopify Dropshipping Works
Shopify Dropshipping Model 00:00:00
Set Up Shopify Account 00:00:00
Shopify Examples 00:00:00
Choosing Market 00:00:00
Choose The Best Products (ISP) 00:00:00
Navigation 00:00:00
Six Unwritten Rules 00:00:00
Design Logo 00:00:00
(M) Adding A Simple Product 00:00:00
(M) Adding A Variable Product 00:00:00
Pick A Theme 00:00:00
Designing Our Store 00:00:00
Price Plan 00:00:00
Why 99% Of People Fail 00:00:00
About Us Page 00:00:00
Add Refund Policy – Terms & Conditions – Privacy Policy 00:00:00
Remove “Powered By Shopify” 00:00:00
Add Pages 00:00:00
AliExpress Product Importer 00:00:00
Choosing Products 00:00:00
(M) Manual & (A) Automatic Processes 00:00:00
(A) Adding Products 00:00:00
Collections 00:00:00
Add Scarcity 00:00:00
Product Reviews 00:00:00
Homepage Final Touches 00:00:00
Improve Pictures 00:00:00
Standing Out Technique 00:00:00
Erase Brands 00:00:00
Domain Name 00:00:00
Setting Up An Email 00:00:00
Email Final Touch 00:00:00
Title And Meta Description 00:00:00
Four Models Of Shipping 00:00:00
Add Shipping Rates 00:00:00
Free Shipping 00:00:00
Payment 00:00:00
Email Notification 00:00:00
Automate Payment Capture 00:00:00
Test Order 00:00:00
Create Facebook Page 00:00:00
Create Facebook Advert Account 00:00:00
Install Facebook Pixel 00:00:00
Create Your First Ad 00:00:00
Detailed Targeting 00:00:00
Finishing The Ad 00:00:00
Split Testing 00:00:00
Ads Manager 00:00:00
Ad Sets 00:00:00
Scale Or Stop 00:00:00
How To Scale 00:00:00
Going LIVE 00:00:00
Ad Creative Examples 00:00:00
What Is Retargeting? 00:00:00
Abandoned Cart Recovery 00:00:00
(M) Order Fulfillment 00:00:00
(A) Order Fulfillment 00:00:00
(A) Oberlo Order Fulfillment 00:00:00
Refunds And Returns 00:00:00
Backup 00:00:00
Word Of Advice 00:00:00
Before A Niche Store 00:00:00
What Is A Niche Store? 00:00:00
General To Niche Transition 00:00:00
Finding Hidden Top Niches 00:00:00
Final Words 00:00:00
Downloadable Materials 00:00:00

Course Reviews


6 ratings
  1. Jorge Toñio

    Very Engaging , Informative & Insightful!


    Thank You Robin & Jesper. I really appreciated the in-depth, comprehensive yet still entertaining & engaging manner in which you presented the lessons for this course. It really helps to have a good mixture of presenting Important & essential Content material but to also be able to accomplish this in a disarming & “relaxed” manner as it lent itself to dispelling so much of the fear that comes from the UNKNOWNs that is Shopify & e-commerce business strategies overall. I think that this course deserves an update as the arena is always changing & evolving. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide a reliable way for course participants to contact you as had been cited in the course. Overall great introduction & primer that can be reference as a valuable resource. Thank you.

  2. Cliff Chan

    Very Comprehensive


    I learned more than I thought i would

  3. Willson Owusu



    I entreat everyone to purchase this course and learn because I have seen success in it.

  4. Michelle

    Wonderful course


    The instructors gave step – by – step instructions for setting up my store. They gave me an abundance of tips for apps that will help me to operate and grow my business. I will recommend this course to anyone who is seriously interested in Dropshipping. I am days away from opening my store and I feel empowered and confident in my business after taking this course.

  5. Mercedes Safford

    Very informative!


    Thank you so much for this course! I gained a lot of knowledge and now I’m way more confident to get started with my career.

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