EU GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation Course

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This course is designed for those interested to learn about the EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation


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About This Coursebeginner

The huge challenge of GDPR unravelled for YOU. Data Protection and Data Security Compliance Essentials for ALL no matter your job or line of work. With massive fines you need to know about GDPR and not get left behind! Invest in your future right NOW!

Get started now, enrol in this course that is really making waves in the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection World. Especially important for E-Commerce, E-Bay and similar sellers. GDPR is here. Make sure you are compliant and meet your GDPR Compliance requirements.

Crucial for email lists and mailing. Make sure your mailing software such as MailChimp meets GDPR requirements to ensure Data Protection Compliance. ICO are the compliance GDPR regulators for the UK for example. The penalties for getting GDPR and Data Protection wrong are about to be massive with potentially dire consequences for YOU.

This affects almost everyone at work including those in non Data Protection and IT roles. Such as HR professionals, marketing and Sales will all be in the firing line if the ask for the wrong data or handle it inappropriately. Only be knowing about GDPR can you reduce the massive anxiety and stress it can cause all sorts of workers as well as Organisations and Entrepreneurs.

What will I learn?

  • You will be able to explain what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is
  • You will understand that almost everyone including private individuals, employees and employers need to know about the GDPR
  • You will be easily able to discuss why there was a need for the GDPR
  • You shall be able to outline what is meant by Personal Data
  • You will know about and be able to define what we mean by a Data Subject
  • You will love being able to explain the Key Principles of The Regulation (GDPR)
  • You will easily be able to explain the Responsibilities of individuals & the organisation
  • You can tell others about how Subject Data Access Requests will operate
  • You will be ‘ahead of the game’ compared to co-workers/colleagues and friends

What are the requirements?

  • You will not need any any prior knowledge – so get started now!
  • You should be willing to learn
  • You should be committed to run through the course and become knowledgeable about GDPR

Who is the target audience?

  • Everyone who needs to know about Data Protection (Everyone with a pulse)
  • People who handle data as part of their work
  • People interested in how their data, which is held and used by others, is impacted on by GDPR
  • You, as you will be in a great position to discuss and know about GDPR
  • You, as knowledge about GDPR is a great boost
  • Anyone wishing to keep updated on Data Security requirements
  • Anyone who wishes to fully understand Data Security Compliance

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned necessary information about the EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections


Explaining GDPR

GDPR Definitions

The 6 Principles

Fines For Breaching GDPR

The Rights Of Data Subjects

The Data Protection Officer

Privacy And Transparency

Privacy Notices

Data Held

Processing Data Lawfully

Subject Data Access Requests

Rectification And Erasure Of Data

Restricting Data Use

Objecting To Data Processing

Data Profiling

Data Portability

Transfer Outside Of The EU

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Breach Notification


1 student review
  1. Steve says:

    Extremely useful course
    Clear, well-presented and covered all the areas it needed to. Extremely happy I took this course.