Accounting Cycle Problem For Corporations Using Excel

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of accounting cycle – enter the normal financial transaction for a month of operations, recording debits and credits, or journalizing the financial transactions in the general journal using preformatted Excel worksheets.

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About This Coursebeginner

In the full accounting cycle problem using Excel course, we will enter journal entries into the general journal related to setting up a partnership and to the first month of operations.

  • Enter accounting transaction
  • Enter journal entries into a general journal
  • Post journal entries to a general ledger
  • Create a trial balance from a general ledger
  • Enter adjusting entries
  • Create an adjusted trial balance
  • Create financial statements from the trial balance
  • Build a balance sheet
  • Build an income statement
  • Build a statement of partners’ equity
  • Navigate an Excel worksheet
  • Enter standard Excel formulas

We will enter the normal financial transaction for a month of operations, recording debits and credits, or journalizing the financial transactions in the general journal. We will perform these tasks using a preformatted Excel worksheets. Even though this is a comprehensive problem, each new step will have a new Excel worksheet so that we can jump forward or go back and rework any component of the comprehensive problem.

Each new step in the process will include an Excel worksheet with at least two tabs, one demonstrating the completed task, and one with a preformatted worksheet to complete the task in a step by step format with instructional videos.

Once we have journalized the journal entries, we will post them to the general ledger and then create a trial balance form the general ledger. After completing the accounting transactions for the month, we will enter adjusting journal entries for the month, using an adjusting entry worksheet, the result is an adjusted trial balance.

We will use the adjusted trial balance to create the financial statements, to create the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of partners’ equity. Finally, we will enter the closing entries to prepare for the next accounting period, the next month of operations.

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Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Excel Corporation Accounting Cycle Problem Overview

Downloadable Materials

10 Corporation Comp Prob Introduction

20 Corporation Comp Prob Stock Purchase

30 Corporation Comp Prob Equipment Purchase

40 Corporation Comp Prob Supplies Purchase

50 Corporation Comp Prob Revenue on Account

60 Corporation Comp Prob Customer Payment Unearned Revenue

70 Corporation Comp Prob Purchase Insurance

80 Corporation Comp Prob Unhide And Hide Pains

90 Corporation Comp Prob Pay Vendor One Account

100 Corporation Comp Prob Receive Cash on Account

110 Corporation Comp Prob Revenue for Cash

120 Corporation Comp Prob Pay Expenses

130 Corporation Comp Prob Dividends

140 Corporation Comp Prob Adj Entry Insurance

150 Corporation Comp Prob Adj Entry Supplies

160 Corporation Comp Prob Adj Entry Depreciation

170 Corporation Comp Prob Adj Entry Wages

180 Corporation Comp Prob Adj Entry Unearned Revenue

190 Corporation Comp Prob Financial Statements Assets

200 Corporation Comp Prob Liability & Equity·

210 Corporation Comp Prob Net Income

220 Corporation Comp Prob Statement of Equity

230 Corporation Comp Closing Entry One

240 Corporation Comp Closing Entry Two

250 Corporation Comp Closing Entry Three

260 Corporation Comp Closing Entry Four


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