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About This Course

Excel is the most commonly used and in demand tool for making sense of data. When you can harness that power, you will become a more valuable employee. If you run a business, being proficient in Excel can help you see your business in a completely different light. 

You will learn powerful and little-known techniques to enable you to build your own powerful solutions with Excel. We will do this by creating multiple projects together, step-by-step, and in depth to guarantee your understanding. Each project builds on the last, so your skills develop as you progress though the course.

You will learn how to combine multiple functions in a simple way to create powerful solutions that most users believe can’t even be done in Excel! Each project in the course is designed to introduce a range of concepts that showcase the true power of Excel, and to show you what is really possible.   

This isn’t just a course with a bunch of formulas, it’s hands on guide through real life projects. You will learn how to build complex solutions using the very same methods used. Become the Excel super-user I know you can be, with the help of this course.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned the next step to supercharging your skills in Excel.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. 

Get started today and learn more about Microsoft Excel essentials’ second installment.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Introduction
Welcome, And Thank You For Choosing This Course 00:00:00
Downloadable Materials – Microsoft Excel Essentials: Level Two 00:00:00
Section 2 - Creating A Data Entry Screen To Populate Multiple Templates
Proof Of Concept 00:00:00
Planning Ahead 00:00:00
Creating Our Data Entry Screen 00:00:00
Custom – Formatting Dates And Times 00:00:00
Simple Calculations With Time 00:00:00
More Useful Calculations With Time 00:00:00
It’s About Time, And Dates 00:00:00
Adding With Time 00:00:00
Creating A Template From An Image 00:00:00
Importing A Template From An Existing Excel File 00:00:00
Converting Time To A Decimal 00:00:00
A Little Bit Of Simple Data Entry 00:00:00
Simple Conditional Formatting For A Cleaner View 00:00:00
Calculating Time Out Of House Using Travel Time 00:00:00
Simple Logical Testing And Nested Logical Testing 00:00:00
Building Complex Text Strings With A Formula 00:00:00
Before We Move On, Accessing The Developer Ribbon 00:00:00
A Tick Box Exercise Of Sorts 00:00:00
Auto-Populating Check Boxes 00:00:00
Practice Exercise One – Time To Add A New Entry 00:00:00
Defining A Working Area And Protecting Your Work 00:00:00
Practice Exercise Two – Set Up A Working Area And Limit User Entry 00:00:00
Section 3 - Building A Database With Excel
Simple VLookUps 00:00:00
Get Some Data In And Split It 00:00:00
Using Data Validation To Get The Right Input 00:00:00
Let’s Build Our Database 00:00:00
Importing Data From A Text File 00:00:00
Importing Data From A Word File 00:00:00
Pulling Data From Multiple Sources 00:00:00
Using Other LookUps To LookUp 00:00:00
LookUp From A LookUp With No Intermediary Step 00:00:00
Data Arrays Don’t Have To Start At A1 00:00:00
Some Common Reasons VLook-Ups Fail 00:00:00
One Inherent Flaw In VLook-Up 00:00:00
Power User – A Breakdown Of Looking Up Backwards 00:00:00
Power User – The Other Way Of Looking Up Backwards 00:00:00
Backwards Look-Ups In Action 00:00:00
Power User – Dealing With Inconsistencies In User Entry 00:00:00
Power User – Fuzzy VLookUps 00:00:00
Power User – VLookUps With Multiple Inputs 00:00:00
Power User – Looking Up From Multiple Inputs Using An Array Formula 00:00:00
VLookups Brother, HLookup 00:00:00
Power User – The Holy Grail – How To Return Multiple Values From A Single LookUp 00:00:00
What To Look For When That Formula Didn’t Work 00:00:00
The Fastest Way To Modify Your Column Numbers 00:00:00
Power User – VLookUps With Moving Columns 00:00:00
Putting It All Together 00:00:00
The Finishing Touch: How Many Records Did I Find 00:00:00
Section 3 - Named Ranges
A Simple Static Named Range Using A Single Cell 00:00:00
Creating A Named Range Using A Range Of Cells 00:00:00
Using Row Labels To Name Multiple Ranges 00:00:00
Power User – A Magic Trick Using Row And Column Labels 00:00:00
Power User – Dynamic Named Ranges 00:00:00
Power User – What To Do With Dynamic Names Ranges With Titles 00:00:00
Power User – Dynamic Charts 00:00:00
Horizontal Dynamic Named Ranges For Charts 00:00:00
Section 4 - What Can I Have For Dinner
Welcome To What Can I Have For Dinner, Or What Would I Use That For 00:00:00
Hyperlinking To A Different Sheet In The Same Workbook 00:00:00
Creating Our First Macro 00:00:00
Assigning A Macro To A Button 00:00:00
Creating A List For Our Drop Down Using A Dynamic Named Range 00:00:00
Using A Conditional Format To Know When A Value Is Missing 00:00:00
Copying Conditional Formats And Creating Our Drop Downs 00:00:00
Building Our Formula – Indirect Function 00:00:00
Building Strings For Indirect Sheet And Cell References 00:00:00
It’s A One Or A Zero 00:00:00
Working The Percentages And Adding Traffic Lights 00:00:00
Power User – The Hyperlink Function, And Problem 00:00:00
Exercise One – Fill In The Blanks 00:00:00
Exercise Two – Pretty It Up With A Macro 00:00:00
Exercise Three – Create A VLookUp Using A Built String With Indirect 00:00:00
Section 5 - Using Excel For Gantt Charts, Timelines And Project Plans
Creating A Gantt Chart Using A Worksheet 00:00:00
Building The First Part Of Our Logical Test 00:00:00
Multiple Logical Tests At Once Using AND 00:00:00
Conditional Formatting – Where The Magic Happens 00:00:00
Gantt Charts Using The Built In Charting Tools 00:00:00
SQA – Gantt Charts With Different Colours For Different Categories 00:00:00
Section 6 - Just For Fun
How I Created Randomly Generated License Plate Numbers 00:00:00
Section 7 - Student Questions Answered
Calls Text Data – Or How To Return A Column Title If Value is >1 00:00:00
Calls Text Data Two – This Time Using Text 00:00:00
Extracting Phone Numbers From A Cell 00:00:00
What Is The Choose Function Really Used For 00:00:00
Casing And Text Functions 00:00:00
Dynamic Charting From A Drop Down 00:00:00
Extracting A Unique List, And Summing The Money 00:00:00
SumIf With Dynamic Sum Range 00:00:00
VLookUps With Pictures 00:00:00
Data Validation With Dependent Drop Downs 00:00:00
Data Validation With Dependent Drop Downs – Dynamic Named Range Workaround 00:00:00
Using Two Labels As A Lookup From Drop Downs 00:00:00
Tiered Pricing – SUMming So Many At One Price, So Many At Another, And So On 00:00:00
The Middle Name Problem, And Solution 00:00:00
Finding Matches, And Counting Entries 00:00:00
Fee Calculator, Or LookUps That Are True, Not False 00:00:00
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