Three-Minute French: Course Five

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This course is designed for those interested in learning the basics of French language, focusing on new French verbs to strengthen structures learned in the previous courses, French tourism-based vocabulary to enhance your travelling, and a useful phrase that can be used to turn anything into a question in French.

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About This CourseBeginner

In this course, you will learn the French language in a simple, logical and fun way. Have a quick listen to one of the lessons whenever you find yourself with three minutes to spare. 

The aim of this course is to make French accessible to anybody regardless of age, educational background or aptitude for learning. This course leads on from Three-Minute French: Course One, Two, Three, Four and Five and new language structures are introduced to enable you to communicate in more situations when on holiday abroad. 

This course will show you a variety of words that you will learn to put together to form sentences that will be useful in any visit to France or any other French speaking country. Moreover, you will learn how to put the words together to form sentences, saying exactly what you want.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Some new French verbs that you can add to the structures learnt in previous courses
  • French tourism-based vocabulary to enhance your travelling
  • Some new French adjectives, adverbs and adverbial phrases
  • Some useful French phrases to help ask what there is to do and see and eat etc.
  • A useful phrase you can use to turn anything into a question in French
  • The present perfect tense (aka the past tense) and learn how it can be used to talk about the past in French

Before taking this course, make sure you are confident with all the words and phrases you learnt in Three-Minute French: Course One, Two, Three and Four.

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By the end of this course, you will have learned the French language. 

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Get started today and learn more about the French language.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections


Lesson 36a

Lesson 36b

Lesson 36c

Lesson 36d

Lesson 36e

Lesson 36f

Lesson 36g

Lesson 36h

Lesson 36i

Lesson 36j

Lesson 36k

Lesson 36l

Lesson 37a

Lesson 37b

Lesson 37c

Lesson 37d

Lesson 37e

Lesson 37f

Lesson 37g

Lesson 37h

Lesson 38a

Lesson 38b

Lesson 38c

Lesson 38d

Lesson 38e

Lesson 38f

Lesson 38g

Lesson 38h

Lesson 39a

Lesson 39b

Lesson 39c

Lesson 39d

Lesson 39e

Lesson 39f

Lesson 39g

Lesson 39h

Lesson 39i

Lesson 39j

Lesson 39k

Lesson 40a

Lesson 40b

Lesson 40c

Lesson 40d

Lesson 40e

Lesson 40f

Lesson 40g

Lesson 40h

Lesson 40i

Lesson 41a

Lesson 41b

Lesson 41c

Lesson 41d

Lesson 41e

Lesson 41f

Lesson 41g

Lesson 41h

Lesson 41i

Lesson 41j

Lesson 42a

Lesson 42b

Lesson 42c

Lesson 42d

Lesson 42e

Lesson 42f

Lesson 42g

Lesson 42h

Lesson 42i

Lesson 42j

Lesson 42k

Lesson 42l

Lesson 42m

Lesson 43a

Lesson 43b

Lesson 43c

Lesson 43d

Lesson 43e

Lesson 43f

Lesson 43g

Lesson 43h

Lesson 43i

Lesson 43j

Lesson 43k

Lesson 43l

Lesson 43m

Lesson 43n

Lesson 43.5a

Lesson 43.5b

Lesson 43.5c

Lesson 43.5d

Lesson 44a

Lesson 44b

Lesson 44c

Lesson 44d

Lesson 44e

Lesson 44f

Lesson 44g

Lesson 44h

Lesson 44i

Lesson 44.5a

Lesson 44.5b

Lesson 44.5c

Lesson 44.5d


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