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The harmonica is one of the most iconic instruments often featured in blues musical styles. Although it’s a simple instrument, …

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About This CourseBeginner

The harmonica is one of the most iconic instruments often featured in blues musical styles. Although it’s a simple instrument, it’s often difficult for beginners to learn how to play without a guide.

Ben Hewlett has been a harmonica instructor for over 20 years and has been an Accredited Diatonic Harmonica Teacher since 1993.

Let Ben guide you to success with the harmonica.

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By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to play the harmonica.

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About the Instructor:

Ben Hewlett


  • Ben is the Chairman of the NHL – National Harmonica League in the UK
  • Professional Harmonica Instructor since 1996
  • Ben qualified as CTABRSM in 2002 (Certificate of Teaching – Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)
  • Certificate of Music Workshop Skills (Goldsmiths University of London) in 1995
  • Accredited Diatonic Harmonica Teacher 1993 – HTAB (Harmonica Teachers Accreditation Board, supported by Lee Oskar Harmonicas, the National Harmonica League of UK and the International Harmonica Organisation).
  • Ben’s teaching business HarpsCool is proud to be ‘IN PARTNERSHIP WITH HOHNER’

Ben Hewlett is one of the UK’s most respected harmonica teachers and the UK’s most prolific author on harmonica tuition. He will lead you through the ins and outs of harmonica playing through a series of short video lessons. His teaching style is confident, practiced, humorous, skillful, knowledgeable and packed with information in bite-sized chunks. Ben is used to teaching all over the world at prestigious harmonica festivals and is delighted to offer his services to you.’

I have been teaching people to play harmonica since 1996 as a full-time job. I have started tens of thousands on their way to play the harmonica and I can tell you – it sure beats working!

I believe I was the first person to be a full-time harmonica teacher in the UK, there are still very few of us – so there’s plenty of room if you want to come and join me.

Recently I have become the Chairman of the National Harmonica League (NHL) which supports the UK harmonica players community.

Much of my time is spent writing books with Paul Lennon on how to play the harmonica, there are 20 or so with loads more in the pipeline – we have so many ideas it never stops.

I teach children near home, and with my team at HarpsCool where the team and I give 300 children weekly harmonica lessons.

My videos, and their success and feedback, are the reason I am teaching. People are kind enough to say how clear the teaching is, and how it’s helped them to understand aspects of harmonica playing.

I run workshops at major harmonica festivals including SPAH in the US, the Bristol International Harmonica Festival in the UK, the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germany – home of Hohner, and the Harmonica Masters Workshops also in Germany.

I even use the harmonica in team building events for many international companies.

Cruise Ships have been part of my teaching life since 2002 and the combination of teaching, performing and traveling is quite a blast. Who knew teaching the harmonica would take me to the Caribbean three times, Africa, Russia, Scandinavia, and Atlantic Europe.

You will often find me performing in various venues and going to jam sessions, and I love playing with interesting groups or sitting on a number when the opportunity arises – that’s one of the wonderful things about the harmonica, you can have it in your back pocket and join in with people wherever you are.

So you are in extremely competent and safe hands, so do yourself a favor and try one of my courses – in fact, have a free lecture or two to suck it and see – that’s a harmonica joke by the way.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Lecture 1 – Introduction

Lecture 2 – Making Sounds and Playing the Blues

Lecture 3 – Breathing, Tone and Chords

Lecture 4 – More Breathing Skills, Rhythmic Patterns

Lecture 5 – Origins of the Harmonica

Lecture 6 – Chords

Lecture 7 – Chugging

Lecture 8 – Blues Chugging

Lecture 9 – More Complex Chugging

Lecture 10 – Rhythms Straight or Swing

Lecture 11 – Ear Training

Lecture 12 – Vibrato, Tremolo, Warble, Head Roll and Playing with a Shaker

Lecture 13 – Decorating Your Music

Lecture 14 – Section Wrap Up

Lecture 15 – Introduction

Lecture 16 – How to Play Single Notes

Lecture 17 – Scale of C on the 10hole

Lecture 18 – Tonguing Notes

Lecture 19 – Easy Note Box Patterns

Lecture 20 – Extending Box Patterns

Lecture 21 – New and Groovy Scale Exercises

Lecture 22 – Learning Tunes – Twinkle Twinkle

Lecture 23 – Learning the Bluesy D Dorian Scale

Lecture 25 – Learning Scarborough Fair

Lecture 24 – Learning E Minor

Lecture 26 – Learning When the Saints Go Marching In

Lecture 27 – Section Wrap Up

Lecture 28 – Introduction

Lecture 29 – Learning Love Me Do

Lecture 30 – Learning The Can Can

Lecture 31 – Learning Yankee Doodle

Lecture 32 – Learning Amazing Grace

Lecture 33 – Learning Autumn Leaves

Lecture 34 – Learning Love Me Tender

Lecture 35 – First Three Positions

Lecture 36 – Overview of 12 Positions

Lecture 37 – Bending Hole 1

Lecture 38 – Bending Holes 4, 5 and 6

Lecture 39 – Bending Hole 2

Lecture 40 – Bending Hole 3

Lecture 41 – Wrapping Up

Lecture 42 – Introduction

Lecture 43 – Improvising with C, G and F Major Pentatonic Scales

Lecture 44 – More on Major Pentatonics

Lecture 45 – Third Position D Minor

Lecture 46 – E Minor Pentatonic Scale

Lecture 47 – A and B Pentatonic

Lecture 48 – Converting Minor Pentatonic Scales into Blues Scales (Dm to D Blues)

Lecture 49 – Converting Minor Pentatonic Scales into Blues Scales (Em to E Blues)

Lecture 50 – Converting Major Pentatonic Scales into Blues Scales (Gm to G Blues)

Lecture 51 – How to Start Constructing a Solo

Lecture 52 – How to Approach Going to a Jam Session

Lecture 53 – Roles for the Harmonica Player at a Session

Lecture 54 – Wrapping Up

Lecture 55 – Introduction

Lecture 56 – How to Hold Your Harmonica for Blues

Lecture 57 – Breathing, Tone and Chords

Lecture 58 – Meet ‘Fat Tone’

Lecture 59 – Exploring the Resonant Cavity Within

Lecture 60 – Embouchure, Aperture, Using the Tongue

Lecture 61 – More on Tongue Blocking

Lecture 62 – Figuring Out the Chords on your Harmonica

Lecture 63 – Chordal Tunes

Lecture 64 – 12 Bar Blues

Lecture 65 – Chugging the Blues Away

Lecture 66 – Sonny Terry Chugging

Lecture 67 – More Complex Chugging

Lecture 68 – Wrapping Up

Lecture 69 – Introduction

Lecture 70 – How the Harmonica Arrived and What is an Embouchure

Lecture 71 – Rhythms of the Trains

Lecture 72 – Decorating Your Sound Like a Pro

Lecture 73 – How to Get All 20 Single Notes

Lecture 74 – Bending Hole 1 and Learning the Doh Re Mi Scale

Lecture 75 – Cool Modal Moods

Lecture 76 – Bending Hole 4 and Clever Box Patterns

Lecture 77 – Bach Menuet Jazzed Up

Lecture 78 – Playing Silent Night with the Band Backing Track

Lecture 79 – Starting to Improvise with 5 Notes

Lecture 80 – Playing Blues with a Latino Groove

Lecture 81 – Bending Hole 6, Blues Impro

Lecture 82 – Wrapping Up

Lecture 83 – Introduction

Lecture 84 – How to Improvise in 7 Modal Keys without Bending Notes

Lecture 85 – How to Get Draw Bends on Holes 1, 4 and 6

Lecture 86 – How to Improvise in 7 Keys without Bending Notes using Pentatonic Scales Only

Lecture 87 – How to Draw Bends on Holes 2, 3 and 5

Lecture 88 – How to Get Blow Bends on Holes 7, 8, 9 and 10

Lecture 89 – Overview of Overblows and Overdraws

Lecture 90 – Tongue Blocking the Blues

Lecture 91 – How to do Sonny Boy Williamson Tongue Block STyle

Lecture 92 – How to do Tongue Block Split 3, 4 and 5s

Lecture 93 – How to do Tongue Switching and the Rolling Block

Lecture 94 – How to Use a Metronome and Tuner to Help Your Playing

Lecture 95 – How to Play Some More Sonny Terry Licks

Lecture 96 – Wrapping Up

Lecture 97 – Introduction

Lecture 98 – Learning Fireball Mail Part 1

Lecture 99 – Learning Fireball Mail Part 2

Lecture 100 – Learning Fireball Mail Part 3

Lecture 101 – Learning The Maids of Michelstown Part 1

Lecture 102 – Learning The Maids of Michelstown Part 2

Lecture 103 – Learning The Red Haired Boy Part 1

Lecture 104 – Learning The Red Haired Boy Part 2

Lecture 105 – Learning The Red Haired Boy Part 3

Lecture 106 – Learning Little Walter’s Juke Part 1

Lecture 107 – Learning Little Walter’s Juke Part 2

Lecture 108 – Learning Sonnyboy Williamson 2’s Don’t Start Me Talking

Lecture 109 – Learning Sonny Terry’s Sitting On Top Of The World

Lecture 110 – Final Course Wrap Up


7 student reviews
  1. I Z says:

    It is great
    It is a very fun course. I've just started my journey with harmonica. But like it a lot.

  2. john Gruver says:

    Excellent teacher. I learned a lot, and enjoyed each lesson.

  3. Madeline Johnson says:

    Love it!
    I love this guy! He has a lot of passion for teaching the harmonica. Although I am still horrible at playing, I'm having a lot of fun learning. I just finished beginner level one. Maybe I will have better luck with level two.