Intermediate Python For Next Level Programming Expertise

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of intermediate Python programming and understanding how expert programmers work with code and what techniques they use.

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About This CourseBeginner

In this course, we will be building on top of your existing basic understanding of the Python language, and programming in general. We will cover concepts that will take you to the next level of programming expertise, which includes language constructs that are typically not covered in a beginner level course – concepts like generators, decorators, callbacks, higher order functions, context managers and more.

Moreover, we will discuss some tools that are essential to the life of a professional programmer such as logging for tracking down bugs. This course also tackles parallel programming and asynchronous programming, which are other important concepts you must understand to code in a production environment. 

What this course covers:

  • Cross-cutting Tools (logging and testing)
  • Caveats in usage of lists 
  • Intermediate Python concepts such as decorators, generators, context managers
  • Parallel programming, multithreading, synchronization, locks 
  • Asynchronous programming (asyncio) 
  • Plotting data 
  • Regular Expressions

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned intermediate Python programming.

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Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Environment Setup And Jupyter Notebook

Logging And How To Debug Code In Realtime

Testing And Test Driven Development

Testing Examples

List Mutability And Deep Copying

Generators And Memory Efficiency

Generators Case Study

Higher-Order Functions



Decorator Case Study – Memorize

Context Managers

More On Context Managers

Multithreading – Multiple Tasks Simultaneously

Synchronization Issues And Locks

Asynchronous Programming : Asyncio, Async, Await

Basics Of Functional Programming Map

Filter And Reduce, Rationale For Functional Programming

Plotting Introduction

Plotting Case Study

Pattern Matching With Regular Expressions

Modular RegExp And How Not To Have Headaches With RegExp

Extracting Matched Strings With RegExp

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