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About This Course

This course has been carefully designed to provide you with all the necessary information so you are able to set up your own business as a Professional Life Coach helping others to improve their lives and to reach their full potential.  

Many people feel uncertain or overwhelmed at some stage in their lives. They are faced with a myriad of choices and obstacles to overcome and will often struggle to find clear direction so to achieve their personal or business goals so work is certainly varied.

Life coaching is a profession that offers much scope. Clients will seek out your services for a variety of reasons and you will be able to help them overcome the following:

They are uncertain of their direction in life
They doubt their own potential
They want to succeed but don’t know where to start
They feel ‘lost’ or confused
They have too many problems
They are stressed
They are unhappy with life
They feel undervalued
They long to work for themselves
They feel disorganized, unfocused and uncertain etc.

The modules include:

  • Life Coaching Attributes & Methods
  • What is Life Coaching?
  • Identifying Needs
  • Benefits & Goal Construction
  • Building Rapport
  • Obstructions
  • Types of Coaching
  • Anchoring
  • Life Coaching Tools

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone with an interest in life coaching who may want to learn the skills for themselves, start or expand their own therapy business.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned life coaching techniques.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about life coaching techniques.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Professional Life Coaching Course
Introduction To Your Life Coaching Course 00:00:00
Module 1: What Is Life Coaching? 00:00:00
Module 2: Life Coaching Attributes And Methods 00:00:00
Module 3: Identifying Needs 00:00:00
Module 4: Benefits And Goal Construction 00:00:00
Module 5: Building Rapport 00:00:00
Module 6: Obstructions 00:00:00
Module 7: Types Of Coaching 00:00:00
Module 8: Anchoring 00:00:00
Module 9: Life Coaching Tools 00:00:00
Module 10: Final Assessment And Summary 00:00:00

Course Reviews


6 ratings

    Simply the best. Thank you.


    Dr. Wells is about the best there is when considering a trainer or teacher. I’ve taken several of her courses with great satisfaction. She always has thorough knowledge of the subject matter with clear explanations of the concepts involved. Her delivery style is honest & engaging, keeping the student interested & involved. She provides numerous articles, resources & workbooks with her courses, as well as many opportunities to apply what we’ve have learned. Simply the best. Thank you.

  2. Great course!!


    This is a great course i highly recommend

  3. Aniko Barna


    I loved this course, very easy to understand, even as English is my 2nd language. The instructor is very knowledgeable and kindly give details and directions. With the manual together is an absolute great course, I`m so glad I signed up for it.



    Excellent course… Excellent instructor… Thank you…

  5. Rachelle Ott

    Life coaching


    This was a very good course, I love the instructor she is amazing and she always provides PDFs and guide books! Very detailed and a great source to have.

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