Mastering JavaScript Arrays

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of JavaScript arrays, the different ways to create an array and work with the elements, every trick and method for working with it and even unique ways to create them and access elements.

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About This CourseBeginner

Effectively working with arrays is critical to any JavaScript programmer. Arrays are an important data structure, and this course will provide you with the competency you need to master them.

In this course you are going to learn all there is to know about JavaScript arrays. By taking this course, you will feel more comfortable working with arrays in any coding problem you encounter, become more familiar with functional methods for working with arrays, become familiar with and use all the different methods for manipulating an array in JavaScript, and will be able to work with arrays using different techniques.

Who this course is for:

  • From beginner to advanced level JavaScript developer who wants to learn more about arrays.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Welcome And Introduction

The Nature Of JavaScript Arrays

Creating Arrays

Using Array Of To Create An Array

Using Array Fill To Create An Array

Reading And Writing Array Elements

Sparse Arrays

Working With The Length Property

Deleting Array Elements

Using Arrays As Stacks – Push And Pop

Using Unshift And Shift

Exercise 1 – Start

Exercise 1 – Finish

Iterating An Array With The For Loop

Exercise 2 – Start

Exercise 2 – Finish

Review Topic: Understanding The Prototype

Review Topic: Understanding The Ternary Operator

Should You Use The For In Loop On Arrays?

Using The For Of Loop

Exercise 3 – Start

Exercise 3 – Finish

Understanding Array-Like Collections

Converting Array-Like Collections To Arrays

Converting A String To An Array

Accessing Characters In A String

Using Split To Create An Array From A String

Gathering Arguments Into An Array

Accessing Array Values With A Statement

Converting Object Properties To An Array

Exercise 4 – Start

Exercise 4 – Finish

Should You Mutate An Array?

Reversing The Elements In An Array

Sorting The Elements In An Array

Sorting An Array Of Objects

Using The Splice Method

Copying Elements Within An Array

Understanding The Array Prototype

Cloning An Array

Method Chaining

Exercise 5 – Start

Exercise 5 – Finish

Introducing Iterating Over An Array Using Array Methods

Using The For Each Method

Using The Map Method

Using The Filter Method

Using The Reduce And Reduce Right Methods

Using The Every Method

Using The Some Method

Exercise 6 – Start

Exercise 6 – Finish

Review Topic: Arrow Functions

Exercise 7 – Start

Exercise 7 – Finish

Exercise 8 – Start

Exercise 8 – Finish

Passing A Function To Array From

Introducing Multidimensional Arrays In JavaScript

Building a Matrix


Using The Join Method

Combining Arrays Together

Extracting A Subarray From An Array

Flatten An Array

Understanding To String

Exercise 9 – Start

Exercise 9 – Finish

Exercise 10 – Start

Exercise 10 – Finish

Introduction To Searching

Using IndexOf And LastIndexOf

Checking An Array Using Includes

Review Topic: Coercion

Using More Flexible Comparisons With Find

Using More Flexible Comparisons With FindIndex

Exercise 11 – Start

Exercise 11 – Finish

Exercise 12 – Start

Exercise 12 – Finish

Introduction To Sets And Maps

Understanding The Relationship Between Objects And Maps

Creating Maps

Working With Sets

Exercise 13 – Start

Exercise 13 – Finish



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