MATLAB Application Designing: The Ultimate Guide For MATLAB Applications

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of MATLAB application designing and who wants to learn how to create applications out of it.

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About This CourseBeginner

This course is on creating applications in MATLAB using its graphical user interface utility called GUIDE. The GUIDE provides essential graphical components for converting your code into a meaningful software. The graphical components include radion buttons, tables, check boxes, sliders and many others.

The main motivation for adding this segment is the observation that students and people put a lot of effort in writing the code but little on its appearance. By completing this segment of creating apps in GUIDE, you will easily transform your code into a well understood piece of software that the users will find useful to interact with. 

The segment contains 2+ hours of recorded lectures. Every lecture contains a demonstration of the concepts and the codes are included with the course.

The following is the outline of the course:

Segment 1: Basics Of The GUIDE

Segment 2: Linking The Code With GUI

Segment 3: Advance Techniques For GUIDE

Segment 4: Sample Projects With GUIDE

Segment 5: More Useful Tricks And Examples With GUIDE

At the end of this course:

You should be able to work with graphical user interface controls such as text boxes, buttons, check boxes and others to make GUI for your code.

You are a confident user of the MATLAB utility called GUIDE for making GUI for your programs.

You will be able to create your GUI’s. If you have any problem I will help you.

You will get complete source codes of lectures.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned about creating applications using MATLAB .

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about MATLAB application designing.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Downloadable Materials

Introduction To Course And Instructor

Accessing Guide And The Available Controls

Available Controls With Their Types And The Generated Files

Properties Of Controls – Initial Values And Tags

Positioning And Aligning Controls

Grid And Lines

Customizing Tabbing Behavior

The Created Functions In The .m File

The Set And Get Functions

GUI For A Simple Product Program

Including Tables In GUI

Working With The Slider And Including Graphs

Setting Up A Background Image Of A Button

Setting The Menu

Changing The Backgrounds Of A GUI

Button Group And Radio Buttons

Using Check Boxes

Reading A Text File And Displaying Its Contents

Explaining Toggle Buttons

Pop Up Menu And List Boxes

Hobject And Handles

Passing Values Between GUI’s

Passing Values Between Two Call Back Functions

How To Pass Command Line Arguments To The GUI

Differences Between Guide And Application Designer

Sample Project 1- Building A Calculator (Part 1)

Sample Project 1- Building A Calculator (Part 2)

Sample Project 2: Image Processing (Part 1)

Sample Project 2: Image Processing (Part 2)

A Trick With The Visibility Option Of Text Box

Simple String Manipulation And User Notification

Deleting Elements From A List Box One By One Programatically

Adding Elements To A List Box Programatically

Selection Determination And Counter

User Notifications During Processing With A Push Button

Interacting With GUI From Keyboard

List Box Choice Restriction

The Design View And Code View

Briefing On Available Controls

Alignment And Arranging Options

Spacing And Resizing

Grid Lines

Error Detection And Correction Mechanisms Of Application Designer

Useful Shortcuts 1

Useful Shortcuts 2

Dragging Components With Control Key

Notes Before Starting To Code With Application Designer 1

Notes Before Starting To Code With Application Designer 2

Simple Addition Program

Slider And Graphs

Label And Text Area

List Boxes

Drop Down Menu

Radio Buttons

State Button And Spinner

Working With Different Types Of Switches

Opening A File And Displaying Its Contents

Working With Tables


Working Of Tabs

Gauges: A Speedometer Example

Knobs And Discrete Knobs

Passing Values Between Two Call Back Functions

Passing Data Between Two GUI’s

Adding A Custom Built Private Function

Adding A Custom Built Public Function

Including Backgrounds Image

Calling Multiple Applications From A Script

Package Your Application

Sample Project 1: Building A Calculator (Part 1)

Sample Project 1: Building A Calculator (Part 2)

Sample Project 2: Image Processing (Part 1)

Sample Project 2: Image Processing (Part 2)


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