How To Hire Virtual Assistants To Outsource Content Creation

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This course is designed for those interested in learning how to outsource content creation.

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About This Coursebeginner

Do you need to outsource content creation and article writing tasks?

In this course, I walk you through everything you need to know about hiring article writers and virtual assistants to create content for you or your clients.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Why you should hire virtual assistants
  • How to free up your own time by outsourcing content creation
  • How to train your virtual assistants to publish content for you
  • Where to hire virtual assistants and article writers
  • How to find the right type of people to work with long-term
  • How to hire a content manager to create bulk content for you or your clients
  • Lessons I’ve learned from spending over $1000+ a month on outsourcing articles with virtual assistants

I’ve structured this course in such a way that you will learn all of the tools I’ve used to train and work with content creators. Then I show you where to hire them, how to train them and create long-lasting relationships with a team of writers.

If you need to outsource article writing, this course will teach you everything you need to know!


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By the end of this course, you will have learned how to outsource content creation.

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Get started today and learn how to outsource content creation!

About the Instructor:

John Shea

I run the online blog where I share what’s working for me in the world of online marketing.

I started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

I have experience with Amazon, eBay, eCommerce, Social Media, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Podcasting, Lead Generation, Landing Page Design, WordPress & More.

I have created all kinds of courses on different topics such as Amazon, SEO and starting your own Podcast.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

What To Expect From This Course

Why You Should Hire A VA

Your Time Is Valuable

Price Insights On Outsourcing Content Writing

Training Your VA To Publish On WordPress Sites

Using Recording Software Such As Camtasia

Example Training Video

Editing Content

Finding The Right People To Work With





Leaving Positive Feedback

Making Referrals

Hiring A Content Manager To Manage A Team Of Writers

Lessons Learned From Working With Ineffective VA’s

Conclusion To The Course


2 student reviews
  1. Gina Pacheco says:

    Super informative
    This is by far the best course I've seen so far. The presenter had a good clear speaking voice and showed examples on his screen. He gave real life recommendations of current existing companies and people. Overall I can honestly say I walked away from this course having learned a good deal of information and tips and am very appreciative. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hematie Kishan says:

    Ideas, examples from experience, wins and fails = good class.