About This Course

Edit photos out of your camera and turn them into professional quality images!

Maintain top quality whilst bringing the very best out of the shots out of your camera!

Bring out the best in a night image taken of an historic statue on the Quays with the iconic Custom House in the background overlooking the dark waters of the river Liffey. Global and local adjustments, cloning out unwanted details, bringing out clarity and detail in shadow areas – you’ll be editing like a pro in no time!

Then, in “O’Connell Street Bridge Light Trails”, I show you how to combine several traffic trail shots from the world famous O’Connell Street Bridge into a spectacular final composite image which will get admiration from everyone who sees such an image.

This class takes you through an easy to follow, structured set of editing steps to turn a typical sunset photo into an image of professional quality.

We edit the shot adjusting exposure, apply some quite complex adjustments to the bridge to brighten it up against the background and use radial filters to bring out specific areas of the shot which need localized brightening.

Although I use Adobe Lightroom CC 2015, the techniques can be applied using any photo editing application, and I’ve split out each different technique into separate sections so they can be watched and applied more easily. Why not watch the class with your own photo open in your own editing application and follow along, applying the techniques I show to your own image? It’s really easy – go on – have a go!

This class takes you through a detailed landscape image edit, covering almost all of the various Develop module tabs in detail.

You will learn how to crop to panoramic ratios, apply global and selective edits, and end up with two very different versions of the original shot – one in color, the other a dramatic black and white.

Anyone can follow and benefit from this class – no prior knowledge required!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge about photo-editing.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn about photo editing.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Navvy On The River
Introduction 00:00:00
Fix Verticals Using Transform 00:00:00
Crop Out Distracting Elements 00:00:00
Tonal Range, White And Black Points 00:00:00
Decisions About Clarity 00:00:00
Localized Adjustments Using The Radial Filter 00:00:00
Localized Adjustments Using The Clone Tool 00:00:00
Localized Brightening Using The Adjustment Brush 00:00:00
Localized Adjustments – White Balance 00:00:00
Final Edits – Subject, Background, Corners 00:00:00
Section 2 - Beckett Bridge At Sunset
Introduction To Our Image – Beckett Bridge At Sunset 00:00:00
Reading The Histogram 00:00:00
Creating The HDR merge 00:00:00
Sorting Our Images In Grid View 00:00:00
Using Survey Mode (N) To Compare Images 00:00:00
Keywording Our New Image 00:00:00
Editing – The Basic Tab 00:00:00
Editing – The Transform Tab 00:00:00
Editing – Sharpening 00:00:00
Editing – Radial Filters 00:00:00
Editing – Adjustment Brush 00:00:00
Editing – Final Tweaks 00:00:00
Section 3 - Light Trails On O'Connell St Bridge
Introduction To Our Image 00:00:00
Selecting The Images To Export Into PhotoShop 00:00:00
Combining Our Images In PhotoShop 00:00:00
Finding The New Merged File In Lightroom 00:00:00
Editing Our Merged Image 00:00:00
Edit – Fixing Verticals With The Transform Tab 00:00:00
Edit – Changing The Crop 00:00:00
Edit – Basic Panel Adjustments 00:00:00
Edit – Tone Curve And Sharpening 00:00:00
Final Touches – Edit Like A Pro! 00:00:00
Section 4 - Castletown Stately Home
Introduction To Our Image – Castletown Stately Home 00:00:00
Keywording 00:00:00
Editing Metadata Pre-Sets 00:00:00
Setting The Crop 00:00:00
Adjusting Tonal Range Using The Histogram 00:00:00
Highlights, Shadows, Whites And Blacks 00:00:00
Clarity, Vibrance And Saturation 00:00:00
Adjusting Contrast Using The Tone Curve 00:00:00
Adjusting Hue, Saturation And Luminance 00:00:00
Sharpening And The Detail Tab 00:00:00
Lens Corrections 00:00:00
Tweaking Verticals With The Transform Tab 00:00:00
Applying A Vignette In The Effects Tab 00:00:00
Using Camera Calibration For Different Looks 00:00:00
Bring Out Shadow Details With Radial Filters & Adjustment Brushes 00:00:00
Cloning Out Distracting Elements 00:00:00
B&W Using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 00:00:00
Section 5 - Houses Of Parliament Afternoon
Setting Up The Develop Tab 00:00:00
Correcting Perspective 00:00:00
Applying A Panoramic Crop 00:00:00
Global Edits Using The Basic Tab 00:00:00
Selecting The Sky 00:00:00
Adjusting The Building 00:00:00
Cleaning The Clock Faces 00:00:00
Seeing The Before And After 00:00:00
Section 6 - Bonus Class
Welcome To The Night 00:00:00
Tip 1 – Use A Good Tripod 00:00:00
Tip 2 – Use A Remote Release 00:00:00
Tip 3 – Use A Torch 00:00:00
Tip 4 – F13 Gives Starbursts 00:00:00
Tip 5 – Low Iso’s For Clean Blacks 00:00:00
Tip 6 – Wrap Up Warm! 00:00:00
Tip 7 – Brilliant Traffic Trails 00:00:00

Course Reviews


1 ratings
  1. great little course


    Very easy to follow. This is the first course I did not skip around in the lessons. He presents well.

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