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About This Course

It starts with well-meaning doctors injecting you with toxic vaccinations, and good relatives using sweets-as-rewards. Followed by the food processors adding neurotoxins to your drink or food, and farmers growing hollow foods on depleted soils. Then grocers soaking their carrots in chlorinated water to keep them clean, and teachers sterilizing every surface with antibacterials, or soap makers adding “fragrance” to your detergent, and everybody else asking you to sit, take a ride, and avoid hard work.

Toxicity, Malnutrition, Environment, and Stagnation

At some point, the immune system cracks. It begins to mistake some parts of your body as a foreign invader. Depending on a combination of factors – which nutrient is missing, which toxin has not been eliminated, which virus you contracted, and what type of stress you have endured – you develop one or more autoimmune disorder(s).

The mainstream medical mindset focuses on symptoms and their suppression. It is possible to suppress a symptom using poisons, but unless the cause is dealt with, it will return with a greater strength, or at a broader and deeper level, which will be even more difficult to deal with. It is known as “aging”, and “you’ll have to get used to that.” We don’t quite agree with this.

Toxins – heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, organochlorines, volatile organic compounds – they are all around you, in your air, water, food, clothes, beds, homes, cars, schools, offices.

Malnutrition – Is it possible to be fat and malnourished at the same time? Phytonutrients, Minerals, Enzymes, Vitamins, Microbes – the makings of healthy life are nearly absent from industrially processed food. When your food is a hollow, low nutrient density, calorie-rich, taste enhanced pretender – you can never eat enough. Even after a meal, your body says: “Feed Me!”. There is no wonder you are putting on weight.

Stagnation – All life is based on pulsating energy: inhale/exhale, shorten/lengthen, close/open, squeeze/relax. When these movements seize, you soon are dead. Your body is designed to function under load – it is in dynamic (not static) balance that we find life’s expression. Sedentary life is the antithesis of healthy function. A stagnant body if water is a swamp – rotting, decomposing, putrid smelling. If your feet stink, or your breath is bad, it is because of stagnation – you need movement.

EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Frequency. You cannot see it, but these days it is hard to find a place that is not being bombarded by signals of varying wavelengths. The shorter the wave, the higher the frequency, and the closer to affecting your health. It is used to deliver both energy and information, making our lives much more convenient, but at the same time, it is threatening our health.

In this course, you will learn more about how you got where you are and what you can do to get to where you want to be.

We have designed this course to provide you with the right knowledge, techniques, and advice to be able to get back to your natural state of Peace, Love, and Joy.

Take this course today and learn strategies to reduce inflammation.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have learned strategies to reduce inflammation.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn how to reduce inflammation!

About the Instructor:

Scott Paton

Scott Paton has been podcasting since the spring of 2005. He has executive produced and/or co-hosted over 35 podcasts. An internationally renowned speaker, Scott has presented to audiences from London, England to Sydney, Australia, from Vancouver, BC to New York, NY, from LA to Rwanda. Thousands of entrepreneurs and NGO’s have changed their public engagement strategies based on Scott’s sharing. We hope you will, too!

Scott has over 48,500 students from 168 countries taking his courses.

In late 2014, one of his clients inspired him to make a video course on Podcasting. After his course went live, Scott told his clients and many decided to make courses but needed help, so he has become a co-instructor with them, while continuing to support and build his own courses. His co-topics all include areas of life-long learning by Scott, including Stock Option Trading, Alternative Health, EFT, and Relationships.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Introduction To Pain Relief
Are You in Pain? You Are Not Alone! 00:00:00
Yes, All Pain Is The Same! 00:00:00
Acute Versus Chronic Pain 00:00:00
Histamine 00:00:00
Who Is Martin Pytela? 00:00:00
What To Expect 00:00:00
How To Get The Most Out Of This Course 00:00:00
The Four Horsemen Of Pain 00:00:00
Section 2 - Horseman One: Toxicity
Introduction To Toxicity 00:00:00
How Toxic Are You? 00:00:00
Section 3 - Horseman Two: Malnutrition
Introduction To Malnutrition 00:00:00
A Major Sign Of Malnutrition – Obesity 00:00:00
Other Signs Of Malnutrition 00:00:00
Section 4 - Horseman Three: Stagnation
Introduction To Stagnation 00:00:00
Effects Of Stagnation 00:00:00
Section 5 - Horseman Four: Energetic Distortion
Introduction To Distortion 00:00:00
Section 6 - Focus On Causes NOT Symptoms
Fixing Symptoms Do Not Solve Health Problems 00:00:00
Blocking Symptoms Doesn’t Work 00:00:00
The Monday Morning Emergency 00:00:00
Section 7 - How To Remove Toxins
Toxin Removal Process 00:00:00
Heavy Metals 00:00:00
Your Digestive System 00:00:00
Sweaty Skin Is Good 00:00:00
Section 8 - Why Eating Nutritiously Is Not Enough
Conspiracy For Cheap Food On All Levels 00:00:00
What Do You Get Out Of Your Food? 00:00:00
White Poison? 00:00:00
How Dangerous Is Meat? 00:00:00
Section 9 - Movement: Time To Get Off Your Butt
How Much Do You Sit? 00:00:00
Section 10 - Cleaning Up Electromagnetic Pollution
Dealing With Electromagnetic Pollution? 00:00:00
Section 11 - Emotional Connections To Pain
Water 00:00:00
EFT Emotional Healing 00:00:00
Section 12 - Conclusions
A Summary Of The Four Horsemen Of Pain 00:00:00

Course Reviews


19 ratings
  1. Catherine Graham

    good advice


    daring discoveries.

  2. Petra Holm

    Very interesting


    I’m glad I took the course . He is a very good speaker.

  3. Anna Stenseth

    Phenomenal Information


    A great way to learn how to help yourself and your loved ones!

  4. Robin Viveros

    Great course


    practical, helpful and insightful. I really enjoyed this course. Fast paced and accurate.

  5. rita bruno




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