Ultimate Web Developer Course: Build 10 Websites From Scratch

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This course is designed for those interested to learn about web development and build your websites from scratch.

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About This CourseBeginner

Do you want to become a professional web developer and are looking for a starting place? Then this course is for you!

Build your portfolio become a professional web developer.

This is everything you need to know to jump into web development and build a successful base for building your own websites from scratch.

One of the best ways to learn is seeing examples of code being implemented and used in REAL web projects.  Applied learning, in this course we not only cover the core foundation languages of front-end web development we show you how to use them with plenty of examples.  See how they work in different projects.

One of the biggest hurdles when getting involved with web development is finding a starting point.  Explore how everything HTML CSS JavaScript can work together to build Dynamic and interactive modern websites that are ready for the real world.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the languages used to create the websites within the course, we have you covered.   Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery pick and choose what you want to learn, it’s all available for you anytime.  Need help in one area more than others, not to worry you will have access to multiple examples of the source code being put to use in a real project.

Everything you need in one place! One Massive course!  Watch it all or watch what you need to learn at the time.

Benefits of this course:

  • Supercharge your portfolio – Build 10 different real world websites from scratch.  Having a portfolio to demonstrate websites you can build as well as being able to use them as templates that can be easily customized to suit any web design need.  Not every website is created the same way, so in the course we provide you 10 examples of modern websites.  Single page websites, bootstrap websites, parallax websites, and more.  These sites are unique and custom built within the course.
  • Prerequisites don’t worry we have you covered and ready to you to learn the skills you need – We’ve included full sections explaining HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery that you can use a reference for more information about coding that is used to build websites.  No filler content, straight to the point, commonly used syntax for building modern websites.
  • Useful bonus code snippets – The stuff you need to make your website come to life.  Learn how to build a web contact form, fully functional being able to send emails from your website. Mouse events and more to make your website dynamic and interactive.   Regular updates and more content updates.
  • Resources your need – Learn how to think like a web developer and web designer.   How to start creating websites, how to plan out your web design and more.   Explore top resources and links to use to improve what you can do making websites.  Source code from during the project, and source code of the completed project is included.   This means with this course you get 10 custom templates to use within your projects.
  • Professional web development  – Have access to the resources you need,  Create your portfolio as you learn web development.  At the end of the course you will be ready to make websites from scratch.   Parachute in and get started in the business. Learn from an experienced web developer see how it’s done!  We show you the types of websites that you can build quickly and are in demand.
  • No stone left unturned this course is full of high quality content ready for you to use as needed. Whatever your skill level we guarantee that you will find value within this course.   Have it all at the ready when you need it.
  • Taught by a professional instructor with over 18 years of industry experience!   Step by step training that you won’t find anywhere else.  We guide you through learning how to create websites from scratch.  By the end of the course you will feel comfortable and be ready to start creating your own websites.  Jump in, you will be amazed at what YOU can do.  Making your dreams come to life online, with modern websites.
  • I’m here to help you learn about web design and web development, and ready to answer any questions you may have.   When you are ready, join now and start creating your own websites today.

What are the requirements?

  • Computer access
  • Desire to learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create several different types of websites
  • Understand what HTML CSS and JavaScript can do
  • Be able to make web pages dynamic
  • Create modern websites from scratch
  • Make interactive web content
  • Design and develop a website

Who is the target audience?

  • Web designers and web developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to explore modern website building
  • Anyone who wants to build a portfolio of websites

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to build websites from scratch.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about building websites from scratch.

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Introduction To Course

How To Use This course

Course Resources

Course Resources Online

Getting A Website

What Is HTML CSS And JavaScript

Resource List

Introduction To learning HTML

Basics Of HTML

How To Create A Basic HTML Template

Basic HTML Template Source Code

Headings Paragraphs And Line Breaks Content Structuring

Adding Images Into HTML

Ordered Lists Unordered Lists

Hyperlinks Relative Paths Vs Absolute Paths

Divs And Spans, Tel And Mailto

HTML5 Semantic Elements

Transfer Build Content To Editor

Basic HTML Page Structure Sample

How To Create HTML Forms

HTML5 Input Types

Additional Form Elements

Form Resources

HTML Conclusion

Introduction To CSS

CSS Selecting Elements From HTML

Working With CSS Colors

CSS Background Options

Adding Fonts

Pseudo Classes And Design Patterns

Using The Float Property

Box Model Margins

Box Model Padding Shorthand

CSS To Create A Navbar

Display Properties CSS

CSS Overflow Handling

CSS Positioning Elements

CSS Tweaks And Updates

Media Queries Making Your Website Responsive

HTML CSS Summary

Source Code HTML And CSS

CSS Conclusion

Introduction To JavaScript Overview

What Is JavaScript

How To Add JavaScript In Web Pages

Basics Of JavaScript Dev Tools – How To Comment And More

Introduction To Variables Within JavaScript

Understanding Variables

Variables Source Code

Arrays And Objects

Working With Arrays And Objects

Using And Updating Array Values

Array And Object Source Code

Introduction To Functions

Local Global Variables In Functions

Source Code Functions

Ternary Comparison

Conditional Statements

Switch Statements

Source Code Statements Conditions

Introduction To Looping

JavaScript For Loops

Source Code Loops

Introduction To The Document Object Model

Accessing Page Elements From JavaScript

Selecting Elements Via JavaScript

Source Code Selecting

Updating CSS With JavaScript

Source Code CSS

JavaScript Events

Event Listeners Selecting Elements

Source Code Listeners

addEventListener More Events Trigger Options

Source Code addEventListener

What Can You Do With JavaScript

JavaScript Overview Conclusion

Introduction To Using jQuery

What Is jQuery And Why Do We Use It

Getting Started With jQuery

jQuery Selectors

Each Value From Multiple Selector Elements

Updating Elements Via jQuery

Source Code Selectors HTML

CSS Selectors And jQuery Selectors

Introduction To Event Binding

Event Listeners jQuery Mouse Events

Event Source Code

Keyboard Event Triggers

Source Code Keyboard Events

Resize And Scroll Event Listeners On Window Object

Source Code Windows Object

Finding Input Values From Form jQuery

jQuery Traversing Elements

Select Elements From HTML Content

Source Code Selection

jQuery Working With CSS

Source Code CSS

Hide And Show Page Sections

jQuery Effects Fading

jQuery Effects Source Code

jQuery Sliding Effects

jQuery Animate

Source Code

jQuery AJAX Made Easy JSON And More

Loading Data Into HTML Via jQuery

jQuery AJAX Get getJSON

AJAX With jQuery

Source Code

jQuery Conclusion

Resources jQuery

Using Map And Each Within jQuery

Source Code Map And Each

Introduction To Using Bootstrap

What Is Bootstrap And How Do You Use It

Bootstrap Containers

Basic Bootstrap Template

Bootstrap Grid System

Grid System Source code

How To Practice And Learn The Bootstrap Grid

Bootstrap Containers Jumbotron

Bootstrap Typography

Amazing Bootstrap Table Styling Options

Bootstrap Table Source

Bootstrap Form Inputs

Button Options With Bootstrap

Button Source Code

Typography Options

Bootstrap Images And Alignments

Images Source Code

Bootstrap Alerts

Bootstrap Navbar

Responsive Navbar Bootstrap

NavBar Source Bootstrap

Carousel Image Slider With Bootstrap

Bootstrap Carousel Indicators

Carousel Source Code

Building A Modal Within Bootstrap

Creating A Modal Complete

Modal Source Code

Bootstrap Utility Classes

Source Code Bootstrap Utility Classes

Bootstrap Conclusion Resources

Bootstrap Resources

Conclusion To Bootstrap Section

Bootstrap 4 Beta Update

Website 1 Introduction

HTML And WireFrame

Build HTML Structure

HTML Structure Source Code

Add Placeholder Content

Add Styling To HTML Structure

How To Turn Unorderd List Into A Navbar

Source Code Navbar

Media Screen Sizes: Make It Responsive

Responsive Columns

Clear Floating Move Around Sections

Google Fonts And Customizing

Source Code HTML

Course Code CSS

Website 1 Conclusion

Introduction Website 2

Create A Wireframe Of Website

Build HTML Page Structure In Prep For Styling

Build Navigation Menu And Page Content

Build HTML Tags Nesting Of Semantic Elements

Adding Styling To Your Webpage

Linking To Libraries Google Fonts And More

Sticky Headers Section Styling

Build A Navigation Bar With CSS

Add Background Images

Section Text rgba

CSS Media For Responsive Web Design

Update Menu To Be Responsive On Resize

Introduction To JavaScript And jQuery

Add Click Events: Create Interactions For Users

Use jQuery To Get Pixel Position Of HTML Elements

Scroll Webpage Dynamically

Hide Menu When Clicked On Small Screen

Final Fix Of Issues Completed Website

Source Code Single Page Website HTML

Source Code Single Page Website CSS

Conclusion website 2

Website 3 Bootstrap Introduction

Website Structure

Add Styling To Sections

Building A Navigation Menu

Navbar With Bootstrap Easy

Adding Buttons To Elements

Rows And Columns Images Made Responsive

Contact Form Using Bootstrap For Styling

Add Background Images

jQuery Scrolling Effect

Adding Modals


Website 3 Conclusion

Website 4 Introduction: Responsive Navbars

Website Wireframe Plan

Build HTML Structure Layout

HTML Structure Source Code

Floating Elements

Update Header Elements

Build Nav Menu CSS

CSS Positioning And Nav Menu Source Code

Margins Padding Logo Area Update

Source Code

Source Code CSS

Update Styling Nav Menu Updates

Main Wrapper Update Set Selected Item In Menu

Use jQuery To Get URL Page Value

jQuery Dynamic Classes

Source Code

Add Web Fonts Google Fonts To Website

Select Page Styling

Images Products Resize

Section Summary

Source Code HTML

Source Code CSS

Source Code JS


Website 4 Conclusion

Website 5 Columns Introduction

Website Planning Design Sketch

Building HTML Structure

HTML Adding Placeholder Content

Source Code HTML

Create Styling For Webpage

CSS Course

Header Positioning With CSS

Create A Navigation Menu Bar

Quick Fixes Image And Nav

Making A 2 Column Website

Quick Tweaks Of CSS

3 Column Fat Footer Styling

Source Code HTML And CSS

Making Your Website Fully Responsive

Updating Media Sizes

Create Additional Web Pages

HTML Index.html Page Source Code

CSS style.css Source Code

Website 5 Conclusion

Bootstrap 4 Changes From Bootstrap 3

Website 6 Introduction To Bootstrap Navbars

Website Planning

Building HTML Page Structure

Adding Bootstrap To A Website

Adding Placeholder Content

Source Code HTML

Adding Default Styling

Update Logo Slogan Section

Create A Navbar With Active Element

Index Page Welcome Message

Source Code

Create A Two Column Content Area

Create Footer Element

Make It Responsive

Setting Up Font Awesome

Update Navbar To Be Responsive

JavaScript To Hide And Show Elements

Source Code First NavBar

Create Another Responsive Navbar

Source Code Second NavBar

How To Add Bootstrap JavaScript Library

Add Bootstrap Menu NavBar

Bootstrap Menu Navbar

Source Code Bootstrap

Create Website Pages

Online Code Editor

Links And Resources

Website 6 Conclusion

Website 7 Parallax Backgrounds Introduction

Create Wireframe Of Website

HTML Structure Create Nav Menu

Creating HTML Sections

Basic HTML Source Code

Placeholder Content


How To Create A Navbar From UL

Full Page Size Sections And Background Defaults

Add Background Images

Make Your Text Standout

Tweaking The Navbar For Responsive Effects

Responsive Updates And Fixes

Navbar For Small Screens

Adding Footer And Updating Sections

Source Code HTML And CSS

Adding jQuery Create Event Triggers

jQuery Binding Window Events

Adding Icon Library

Animate Scrolling With jQuery

Slidemenu Up jQuery

Add Parallax Effect

Create A Contact Form

Single Page Parallax Site Summary

Source Code HTML jQuery

Source Code CSS


Website 7 Conclusion

Website 8 Introduction

Website Plan Wireframe

Web Design HTML Structure

Adding Placeholder Design Content

Setup Content Sections 100%

Position Navbar

Create Floating Navbar Indicators

HTML And CSS Course Code

Quick Introduction To jQuery

jQuery To Select Elements With Hash

Animate Scroll jQuery

jQuery Scroll Window And Mapping Of Section Info

Calculate Which Section: The Window Is Currently In

Change Calls To Active On Scroll

Source Code HTML jQuery

Source Code CSS

Website Tweak

Making It Responsive

Update Section Content

Pseudo Elements Setup Sections

Final Adjustments On Design

Source Code Conclusion

Source Code Project

Website 8 Conclusion

Website 9 Introduction: Multiple Page, Multiple Column

Website Planning Wireframe Design

Create Parent Elements HTML Structure

Add Resources And Dummy Placeholder Content

Apply Styling To HTML Top Level Elements

Creating A Content Wrapper

Navbar Setup And Styling

Creating A Header

Source Code HTML And CSS

Setting Up Sections Sidebar And Footer

CSS Tweaks And Fixes

Add Media Queries Make It Responsive

Add Additional Media Queries

Source Code Media Queries

Setup Responsive Navbar

Setup Menu For Toggle Of Class

Source Code HTML And CSS

Add jQuery Event Trigger

jQuery Source Code

Setting Classes On The Fly

Page Tweaks And Options

Source Code With jQuery

Create Additional Pages For Website

Update Contact Form

Source Code

Website 9 Conclusion

Introduction Website 10 HTML CSS jQuery Together

Wireframe Planning Of Website

Web Design HTML Page Structure

Add Placeholder Content To Prepare For Styling

Setup CSS Defaults

Create A Sticky Footer Position It At The Bottom

Source Code

Navbar Coding Options For Styling

Navbar Options Code

Add Styling To Sections

Source Code Sections

Add Section Background Covers

Image Tweaks And Adjustments To CSS

Header Update Style

Contact Form Styling

HTML CSS Source Code

Add jQuery To Website

Animate Scrolling Of Webpage

Update Classes On Scroll

Source Code With jQuery

Google Fonts And Background Shadows

How To Add Social Icons

Resources To Update CSS And Customize

Final Updates

Source Code

Website 10 Conclusion

Introduction To Making A Contact Form

Create HTML Bootstrap Structure

Create Form Structure

Add PHP Session Holder

Source Code Contact Form

PHP Get Post Data

Anti Spam Check Using PHP

PHP Send Email

Upload File And Send Email To Email Address

PHP Form Fixes

PHP Form Mail Source Code

jQuery Form Check Setup

jQuery Toggle Error Messages

Web Contact Form Live Test

Web Contact Form Tweaks And Adjustments

Complete Web Form Source Code

Code Snippets Introduction

Popup Images Using JavaScript

Source Code Popup Images

Mouse Event Listeners JavaScript

Source Code Mouse Event Listeners

Complete Websites Conclusion


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