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The Situational Leadership Model has undergone a number of cosmetic and substantive changes since its inception in 1969. This evolution is referred to by Blanchard, Zigarmi and Nelson as “revisions that have since improved the model.”    

Special emphasis is placed on a critical review of the concepts and theoretical arguments associated with Situational Leadership II as it was promulgated by

Blanchard and Carew. Critical ongoing problems with the theory, including the absence of theoretical arguments or weak theoretical arguments for critical aspects of the model, the existence of both logical consistency and internal consistency problems in the model, and apparent conceptual ambiguity are considered.

This course will cover:

  • Theory of Situational Leadership Model
  • Components and aspects of the model
  • Leadership styles
  • The process of Situational Leadership Model
  • The advantages and limitations of of the model

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Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Situational Leadership
Introduction 00:00:00
The Evolution Of Situational Leadership 00:00:00
The Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory 00:00:00
Components Of Situational Leadership 00:00:00
Aspects In Situational Leadership 00:00:00
Leadership Style 00:00:00
Leadership Styles In Situational Leadership 00:00:00
The Developmental Level Of Followers 00:00:00
Impact Of Situational Leadership On Performance 00:00:00
Impact Of Situational Leadership On Motivation 00:00:00
Steps To Increase Follower Development Level 00:00:00
Mapping Of Leadership Styles And Development Level 00:00:00
Steps In Situational Leadership Process 00:00:00
Criticism Of Situational Leadership 00:00:00
Advantages Of Situational Leadership 00:00:00
Limitations Of Situational Leadership 00:00:00
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