Social Media Strategist

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of social media strategy, making use of the rise of social media to develop effective content, conducting market analysis and creating your goals and policy, be able to launch campaigns to different platforms, and having the career Social Media Strategist.

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About This Coursebeginner

This course covers the path of becoming a social media strategist.

Students will learn about the rise of social media, conducting and auditing market analysis, setting goals and selecting platforms, creating the social media policy and integrating marketing strategies. They will also learn about developing effective content, popular platforms, launching successful campaigns, managing the community, customer service and measuring, analyzing and reporting. 

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By the end of this course, you will have learned social media strategy.

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Course Curriculum

Course Sections

What Is Social Media?

The Growth Of Social Media

Downloadable Materials

Need For Readiness Assessment

Importance Of Social Media Auditing

Demo – Social Listening Tools

Demo – Example Of Grading Tools

Corporate Culture And Social Media

Social Media Goals Vs. Business Goals

Types Of Social Media Platforms

Legal Disclaimer

Demo – Context For Social Media Policy

Demo –

Demo – Utilizing Content

Creative Commons

Demo – Creative Commons

Brand Marketing

Demo – Brand Marketing

Demo – Contests And Promotions

Demo – Google Keyword Planner

Tips For Keyword Selection

Demo – Where To Use Keywords

Content Marketing On Social Media

Demo – Branded Vs. General Content

Content Development

Demo – Trending Content

Overview Of Social Media Platforms

Demo – Sample Blogs

Demo – WordPress Blogs

Demo – Using Facebook

Demo – YouTube

Demo – Creating A Channel

Demo – Uploading Video

Demo – Google+

Demo – Advertising In Google+

Demo – LinkedIn

Demo – Business Side Of LinkedIn

Demo – Twitter

Demo – Advertising In Twitter

Traditional Website Advertising

Demo – Social Media Contests

Demo – Online Contests

Social Media Documentation And Schedules

Demo – Editorial Calendar Tool

Project Management Software

Demo – Performance Dashboard Tool

Demo – Social Media Management Tool

The Community Manager Role

Demo – Creating A Response Community

Importance Of Voice Consistency

Demo – Three Personality Musts

Demo – Social Media To Build Community

Demo – Pinterest

Organizational Customer Service

Demo – Examples Of Feedback

Demo – Marketing Personas

Social Media Triage (Cont.)

Online Vs. Personal Interactions

Social Media Analytics

Demo – Gathering And Analyzing Statistics Related To

Goal Value

Demo – Google Analytics

Defining Your Value


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