Thinking Like A Venture Capitalist

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of thinking like a Venture Capitalist and how to understand if you are talking to the right investor.

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About This CourseBeginner

Can You Think Like a VC?

If you are an Entrepreneur and you are thinking about raising Capital, then this question is critical to you!

Discover how VCs think about the Investment Process – and prepare yourself to think like a VC!

In this course you will discover and come to understand:

  • How VCs evaluate deals
  • The Critical Factors which are important
  • How VCs look at Valuation
  • How VCs value startups
  • How VCs value Series A Investments
  • What VCs think about your product or service
  • How VCs evaluate a market?
  • What VCs think about You and your Management Team
  • Why Exit strategies are so important to VCs
  • Why VCs look at Barriers to Entry?
  • How VCs evaluate your Competition?
  • What financial information is important to VCs
  • How to understand the typical VC decision making process
  • Understand a VCs Decision Making Tree

Who this course is for

  • Any founder who is considering seeking venture capital finance
  • Any entrepreneur who wants to learn more about the venture capital funding market
  • Any student of finance who wants to understand the key issues in venture capital finance

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned to think like a Venture Capitalist

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Get started today and learn more about the ways to think like a Venture Capitalist

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Downloadable Materials

The Venture Capitalist Perspective: How Do Venture Capitalist Evaluate Deals

What Factors Are Important To Venture Capitalists?

Considering Valuation From The Venture Capitalist’s Perspective

How Do Investors Value Startups?

How Do Investors Value A Series A Investment?

How Do Venture Capitalist Evaluate A Market?

What Do Venture Capitalist Think About Your Product Or Service?

How Do Venture Capitalist Evaluate You And Your Management Team?

Why Is Exit Strategy Important To Venture Capitalist

Why Are Barriers To Entry Important?

How Do Venture Capitalist Evaluate Your Competition

What Financial Information Is important To Venture Capitalist

What Is The Typical Venture Capitalist Decision Making Process?

Project Evaluate Your Startup


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