The Complete Web Developer Masterclass: Beginner To Advanced

About This Course

This course is designed for you no matter where you are in your web development journey! We put you in the fast lane and get you working with real world examples from scratch!

Whether you’re an expert developer or novice coder – here you’ll find everything you need to get up and creating beautiful interactive websites—fast.

This course is one perfectly-packaged, super-convenient online solution.

Here are all of the Frameworks you will learn in our Master Class Course!

  • HTML & CSS
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Bootstrap, Bootstrap 3, and Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP & MySQL
  • WordPress
  • AJAX
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • And So Much More!

With the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings in this course, you will begin to move towards mastering creating your very own amazing websites from scratch using more than 15+ frameworks!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to create interactive websites using different platforms and languages.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn about how to create interactive websites – fast!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Course Benefits: How To Use This Course To Its Full Potential!

How To Use The Simple Notepad

Downloading And Using Notepad++

How To Download And Use The Sublime Text Editor

Intro To The Emmet

Using Emmet In Working Mode

Matching With Emmet

Numbering With Emmet

Emmet In CSS

Introduction To HTML And CSS



HTML Syntax


White Spaces And Preformatted Tag

HTML Lists

Text Formatting

Description Tag

HTML Entities



Table Attributes

Nested Table


Back And Sub Directory

Target Attributes And Bookmarking


Introduction To CSS

Inline CSS

Internal And External CSS

CSS Selectors

Anchor States

How To Use The Div And How It Works

Web Page Dimensions

CSS Box Models

CSS Background

Float And Clear

CSS Text

CSS Fonts

CSS Tables

CSS Lists

CSS Navigations

HTML Forms

Applying CSS On Forms

A Beautiful Form

The Web Page Layout

The Complete Header

The Middle Area

The Complete Middle Area And Footer

HTML & CSS Source Code

Introduction To HTML5

HTML5 Basic Syntax

Completing The Semantic Layout

HTML5 New Elements

HTML5 Multimedia

Introduction To The CSS3

CSS3 Borders And Gradient Background

CSS3 Shadow Effects

CSS3 Text

CSS3 Transformation

CSS Transition

CSS3 Animation

CSS3 Columns

CSS3 Filters

Creating HTML5 And CSS Form

HTML5 New Input Type

HTML5 Attributes, Tags And Validator

Simple Website Project Using HTML5 And CSS3

Creating Header

Creating Middle Area

Creating Middle Area 2

Creating Middle Area 3

Completing Middle Area And Footer

Adding Animation To The Project

HTML, CSS, HTML5 And CSS Section Summary & Final Website Project!

HTML5 & CSS3 Source Code


How Canvas Works And A Simple Rectangle

Draw A Line / Matching With Emmet

Applying Different Method To The Line

Drawing A Circle In A Canvas

Creating Quadratic Curve

Bezier Curve

Creating Paths


HTML5 Canvas Source Code

Introduction To Bootstrap

How To Download Bootstrap And JQuery And Their CDNs

How Bootstrap Works

The Grid System


Bootstrap Text Styles



Bootstrap New Components

Glyphicons & Fontawesomes

Navbar And DropDowns

Tabs And Pills

List Groups




Paginations, Pagers And Breadcrumb



Styling Forms

Form Kinds

Form Validate Input

The Tooltip And The Popover

The Complete Bootstrap Project Beginning With The Header

The Complete Bootstrap Project: The Landing Page

The Complete Bootstrap Project: Creating The Gallery Page

The Complete Bootstrap Project: Creating The About Us Page

The Complete Bootstrap Project: Creating The Contact Us Page

Bootstrap Section Summary

Bootstrap, Bootstrap3, and Bootstrap4 Source Code

Introduction To The JavaScript

Creating A Sample File

Adding Comments

JavaScript External File

The Variables

Data Types


HTML Inside JavaScript

Arithmetic Operators

If Condition And Comparison Operator

Comparison Operators

If, Else Or Else

Nested If Else

Switch Statement

For Loop

While And Do While Loop

Break And Continue Statements


Functions In Details

Local And Global Variables


String Functions


Arrays Function


JavaScript Section Summary

JavaScript Source Code

Introduction To jQuery

Download And Implement jQuery

Basic jQuery Syntax

jQuery Events

jQuery Selector

This Selector

Selecting Advance

jQuery Effects

jQuery Animation Effects

Stop Effects And Effect Timing

Call Back Function

Chaining Method And Advance Animation

Getting And Setting The HTML And Text

Get And Set The Attr And The Image Changer

Adding New Elements

Removing Elements

jQuery CSS Method


Adding Removing CSS Classes

Downloading And Installing jQuery UI

Coding First jQuery UI Script





Auto Complete

Project: Creating CSS Generator (1)

PROJECT: Creating CSS Generator (2)

Project: Creating CSS Generator (3)

jQuery Section Summary

jQuery Source Code

Introduction To PHP

PHP Basic Syntax

Integers And Strings

Embedding HTML And PHP Inside Each Other And The PHP Comments

All About Variables And Concatination

Arithmetic, Assignment And Increment, Decrement Operators

Conditional Statements And Comparison Operators

Comparison And Logical Operators

If And Else

Switch Statement

While Loop

What Are The Functions

Functions In Detail

Static Keyword

String Functions

HTML Specified Functions


Printing Arrays Using For And Foreach Loop

Creating Variables In The URL

Include And Require

Getting Form Data In PHP Using GET And POST Method

PHPMyAdmin, Database And The Table

Database Connection

Retrieving Data From Database

Creating Complete Form And Applying Bootstrap For Inserting Data – Part 1

Creating Complete Form And Applying Bootstrap For Inserting Data – Part 2

Deleting Row From Table Using PHP

Editing Rows From Table Using PHP – Part 1

Editing Rows From Table Using PHP – Part 2

PHP Section Summary

PHP & MySQL Source Code

Introduction To AJAX

How Ajax Works

Retrieving Data From PHP Page

Document Status And HTTP Status

Retrieving An Array

URL Variables And AJAX

Input And Output


Creating Database And Table

Styling The Project

Making The Form In The Modal

Retrieving Data

Processing The Form In Ajax

Adding New Data And Some JavaScript Techniques

Deleting Data From Database Using Ajax Methods

Getting Dynamic Result In The Bootstrap Modal

Creating Edit Modal 1

Creating Edit Modal 2

Creating Edit Modal 3

AJAX Source Code

Introduction To Our Multiple Framework Big Project From Beginner To Advanced

Creating Single Item

Completing The Main Page

Making Includable Files And Product Page

Creating Product Page Left Area

Creating Product Page Right Area

Adding Related Items Area And Adjusting The Page Grids

Creating Shopping Cart Page

Creating Proceed Modal

Creating Database, Username, DB Connection And Inserting A Row

Fetching Home Page Data From The DB

Fetching Data To The Item Page

Creating Category Table, Category Age And Maintaining The Breadcrumb

Creating Related Post Area

Checkout Page Basic Logic Creating Checkout Page Table And Sessions

Joining Items Table And Checkout Table To Fetch Items

Creating Buy Process Page And The Ajax Request To Retrieve

Creating Delete Request

Updating Quantity Using Ajax Technique

Updating Some Features

Creating The Proceed Form And The Order Table

Creating The Includes File

Creating The Item List Table

Fetching The Items From Items Table

Making Add New Item Form And Its Modal

Submitting The New Item To The Database

Applying PHP To The Submission And Validating The Form

Deleting The Item Using Ajax Method

Editing The Item Using Ajax Method

Completing The AJAX Conversion

Creating The Order List Page And Applying The AJAX Method

Making Order Status Changer

Making Return Status Changer

Getting The Checkout List On Order Page

Multiple Framework Source Code

Understanding The Web Hosting

Creating Live Files Using File Manager

Uploading And Downloading Web Project On Web Hosting

Uploading The Website Using The FTP

Setting And Installing WordPress Using The Host Installer

Admin Panel Walk Through

Adding, Edit And Delete Posts

Inserting Media, Creating Categories And Tags

Creating, Editing And Deleting Pages

Inserting Videos


Changing And Installing Themes

Customizing The Theme

Creating Menu And Widgets

Installing Plugins

User Area


Permalink Settings

WordPress Section Summary

Intro To Node.js

Installing Node.js And How Node.js Works

Downloading, Installing And Configuring The IntelliJ IDEA And Setting Up

Node.js And JavaScript Elements

JavaScript Practices In Node.js

Require, Export, Modules And Some Other Techniques


Adding HTML File

Adding If Else And 404 Error

Connect Framework

Using Connect In More Advance Way

Source Code For NodeJS Section

Intro To AngularJs

Downloading And Implementing Angularjs



Different Directives

Modules And Making Your Own Directive







Select Data From DB


ToDoList Project – Part 1

ToDoList Project – Part 2

ToDoList Project – Part 3

ToDoList Project – Part 4

AngularJs Section Summary

Source Code For AngularJS Section

About The Instructor


Joe is a certified life coach, professional motivational speaker, entrepreneur, licensed psychology teacher and head basketball coach for USA Basketballs Pilot Program.His main areas of expertise are teaching, coaching, public speaking, personal development, personal transformation, the human mind, maximizing human potential, motivation and goal setting.Joe has his bachelor’s degree from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. He was a four-year varsity letter winning college athlete in the sport of men's basketball. He is also a coach for USA basketball.He is a Licensed Psychology, History and Government teacher for grades 5-12. He has been teaching High School for the past three years.Joe is also a licensed and certified professional life coach and motivational speaker from the Fowler Institute.Business:Joe has spoken and taught his courses in numerous high schools in the United States and continues to travel around the country inspiring students of all ages.


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