Access To Excel: Instant Excel Reports And Excel Pivot Tables

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This course is designed for those interested to learn about how to link Access tables to Excel spreadsheets.

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About This CourseBeginner

Learn How to Link Access Tables to Excel Spreadsheets, then Update the Data Instantly!

This course shows you how to link Access to Excel so you can run a query for any time period and have it instantly update when you refresh ALL of your linked data in multiple Excel sheets. Using the techniques from this course will save you hours of time every time you create your reports!

Course content also covers an alternate method for linking to Excel and creation of Data Slice Tables and a Pivot Table in Excel. FIVE reports in the Excel file and they can all be updated from Access in a matter of seconds!
The method uses queries and macros, but NO PROGRAMMING, so anyone with just a very basic knowledge of Access and Excel can easily accomplish all the tasks in the course.

  • Videos show you every step from the initial Access tables to finished Excel report!
  • There is no fluff!

Think of how much time this will save you! Any reports you do on a regular basis can be setup with this method and you can save many hours every month!

This is especially helpful if you have to recreate a report for some past time period. Since Access can hold many years of data, you can recreate monthly reports for any time period – instantly!

And remember – you don’t have to know anything more than the bare basics of Access and Excel to learn how to instantly send data from Access to Excel!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will learn how to link Access tables to Excel spreadsheets.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and develop your Access to Excel skills!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections


Link To Database File

Inspect The Tables And Export A Query To Excel

How About Exporting A Report?

Access To Excel – Course Materials

Just Before We Start

Create The Data Table

Add Two More Columns To Our Table

Create Macro To Run The Queries And Test It

Create The New Database And Import The Report Table

Link To The New Database And Test The Macro

Create The Excel File And Link To The Data

Test The System And Remove A Potential Problem

Add A Sheet To The Excel File For Customer Totals

Create Queries To Get The Report Dates And Add To Our Macro

Create The Customer Totals Table Using The Same Dates

Final Modifications To The Customer Totals Table

Add The Customer Totals Table To The External Database

Create An Excel Data Connection To The Customer Totals Table And Final Test

Overview Of What We Will Accomplish

Link To New Access And Excel Files

Review Of Tables In The New Database

Build A Query To Show The Top Ten Customers

Link Five Tables In A Query To Build The Order Summary Table

Add The New Queries To The Access Macro And Turn Off Warnings

Edit The Sheet Headers And Date Formulas

Create The Data Connection From Excel To Access For Multiple Tables

Import All Four Of The Access Tables And Create Totals

Add Data Slicing To Our Order Summary Report

Create The Pivot Table And Learn How To Modify It

Modify The Order Summary Query And Test The Data Update

Save Excel File For Sending And Remove The Connection

Conclusion And A Reminder

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1 student review
  1. Robert Crist says:

    Excellent and Efficient Instruction!
    Bruce demonstrates a very unique ability to simplify some very complex and complicated tasks. I have completed a couple of his courses on Access and have found his technique easy to understand and very valuable to my skillset. I have taught myself to use Access over the past 10 years and was using a whole lot of programming code developing Access programs for several different departments at the agency where I am employed. The current department I work in uses Excel for all our reports so this course was extremely beneficial for me and has taught me new and efficient ways to combine the use of Access with Excel. Bruce has introduced me to several simplified and powerful techniques that will tremendously reduce the amount of coding I have been doing all these years and will have a profound impact on my career. I look forward to completing more courses and I highly recommend any course Bruce has to offer. You will not be disappointed and will learn new tricks and techniques that are beneficial to any business.