Home Business: Amazon FBA: How To Turn $10 Into $15,737

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This course is designed for those interested in learning how to sell on Amazon using Amazon FBA.

Home Business Amazon FBA: How To Turn $10 Into $15,737


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About This Coursebeginner

Did you know that 40% of items sold on Amazon are actually not Amazon’s inventory, but are from small people, one person businesses, just like you and me? Amazing – but true!

2 million people, people just like you from all over the world, use the secrets of Amazon “FBA” to make astonishingly easy money.

As a business journalist, I’ve interviewed many of these people and can now share their secrets with you.

Start up your own business – with no inventory, no customers to deal with, no payments or transactions to handle – Amazon does EVERYTHING for you.

Amazon “FBA” really is a dream home-working part-time business plan come true.

Yes, this works all over the world, no matter where you live!

You keep no inventory, you never deal with customers or payments – Amazon does it all for you!

Yes, that’s right! You never see, handle, touch or deliver the items – this amazing “start-up your own business” course shows you how. Amazon does everything for you.

You just choose the items which interest you and Amazon even sets up the web pages for you, takes the orders, collects the payment, delivers them – and, every 2 weeks, sends you your massive profit!

Look at the items for sale on Amazon, there are millions of them, all from people, people just like you and me, making money!

Would you like 1/3rd of that sales price sent automatically to your bank or ATM every 2 weeks? With Amazon FBA and this easy-to-follow course as your constant guide, you can start this very week!

I show how you can turn a few dollars in $15,737 – and how to do this month after month after month, for a mere hour or two’s work.

Is this you:

  • Need a bit of extra money?
  • Need to replace a full or part-time job?
  • Got a family to support?
  • Got a low income?
  • Just need more money?
  • Want to get involved with a big, secure Company like Amazon?
  • All of the above?

Amazon FBA was set up by Amazon – just for you! It’s a perfect work at home business! You do everything, easily, online.

Your own instant business, yet with no dealing with customers, no packing, no mailing, no dealing with payments, no selling, no marketing, no website, no shipping – you never even see the inventory!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to start selling using Amazon FBA.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn how to make money from Amazon FBA!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Amazon FBA Explained – Why You’ll Need To Spend $10 (ONLY!)

What To Spend Your $10 On

How You Turn Your $10 Into $15,737

Introduction: How to Succeed With Amazon / How To Study This Course

FBA? What Is That? Why Amazon.com?

Getting Your Profits

Getting Paid By Amazon To Your Bank Account

Getting Paid By Amazon Anywhere In The World – Easy!

How To Get A US Bank Account And MasterCard For Your Amazon Profits

700,000 USA Suppliers Here!

Kitchen Goods Examples

How To Get Wholesale Prices

Finding The Secret Suppliers

How To Find The Wholesalers For A Specific Product

How To Easily Find The Best Selling Products

The Most “Wished-For” Items Revealed!

Top Reviewed Items

Finding Current Trending Items

New Products That Are Selling Like Crazy

What Are The Products Which Are Most Ordered As Gifts?

How To Get A Message As Best Sellers Etc Update

How To Choose Your Niche

Everything You Sell Should Be CRAP! (OK, It’s An Acronym!)

How To Price Your Items – You May Be Surprised…

How To Instantly Work Out Your Profits

White Labelling And Why You Should Do It

Which Amazon FBA Account Should You Choose?

How Will Amazon Customers Find Me?

How To Register At Amazon Seller Central

Simple Automated Delivery To Amazon

Barcodes – An Introduction And Background

Barcodes And PDF Labels On Amazon

How To Learn From Amazon!

Brilliant Example Of How To Sell On Amazon

Study Their Reviews And Descriptions!

How To Beat Your Competitors – It’s Just So Easy!

Watch Your Competitors’ Mistakes! (OR: “How Not To Sell Kitchen Equipment”!)

Duties And Taxes

The Really Easy Way To Keep Track Of Taxes!

Emailing Your Customers Via Amazon – For Even Greater Success!

Getting Good Reviews – The Easy Way!

Branded or Not? How To Tell!

Get Amazon To Collect For You In The USA

Delivery To Multiple Amazon Warehouses?

Getting Quality Photographs

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon FBA Checklist

Course Reminders


14 student reviews
  1. Barbara Simoneau says:

    Loved it!
    This is a great course! I really appreciate how in depth he went into each subject. This is not just another fluff course. I cannot wait to get started with my new business! Watch the volume control, some of the videos are much louder than others, that is my only complaint!

  2. Jim Cox says:

    Straight forward and helpful
    Easy to follow and very informative session.

  3. john young says:

    learned alot. thank you

About The Instructor


I’ve now spent over 40 years running businesses, whilst also interviewing and working with some of the most famous business people in the world. I’ve run and managed many hugely successful businesses – all whilst also producing hundreds of radio and TV broadcasts, articles and videos, explaining businesses to start-ups and established businesses alike. I now travel the world each month, talking to groups large and small about my experiences. I also sell my courses on business to over 80,000 individuals. These cost between a few dollars and $10,000 each (and these alone make me over a quarter of a million dollars each year). I have interests in many businesses, including YouTube (where I’ve already made over a million dollars), Amazon and publishing. My business books are available at bookshops worldwide and on Audible. My Twitter accounts have over 60,000 ardent followers. I’ve discovered success the hard way – through personal experience… …and you can now learn from these successes from my books and courses.