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Become A Celebrity Fashion Stylist
4.9( 72 REVIEWS )
2h 14m

Looking to become a celebrity fashion stylist? Unlock your potential with expert guidance and industry insights. Start your journey today!

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About This Course

Are you ready to explore becoming a fashion stylist?

A common misconception is that you need a fashion degree to work in the industry but Amber Renae will show you how to be successful in the fashion industry without any formal degree in fashion. She’ll show you the ins and outs of the industry that led her to appear on Project Runway Australia and styling celebrities such as Paris Hilton.

She has packaged up more than a decade of experience teaching in fashion schools, styling celebrities and dressing thousands of everyday people into this useful series of tools, tips, and techniques for creating and managing a successful styling business.

If you have a passion for fashion, dreamt of styling the rich and famous, and want to make a real career out of your love of clothes – this course is for you!

In this course, Amber will reveal all of her secrets for getting to the top of the game faster. More than just sourcing clothes and styling a shoot, this is a practical guide to setting up and running a profitable styling business.

In this course Amber will reveal her deepest secrets for getting to the top of the game, things like:

  • The difference between the 6 Main types of styling, the skills required for each, the expected rates of pay and more importantly how to get started today!
  • Important terminologies that you need to understand.
  • The MUST-KNOW resources that will get you up and running quicker than your competition.
  • The secret marketing technique that Amber used to make her memorable.
  • How to create a website with the ‘WOW’ factor for under $100!
  • How to get networked and start earning $$$$ quickly.
  • How to quickly secure a killer internship.

Included in this course are video lectures, demonstrations, exercises and templates to get you ready to start your career as a fashion stylist today!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of how to become a fashion stylist.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and start your career as a fashion stylist!

About the Instructor:

Amber Renae

Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Editor, TV Presenter, Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur, Amber Renae is a celebrated style icon who draws on her vast life experience to motivate, enlighten and entertain her audiences.

A qualified Civil Engineer, Amber transitioned from constructing roads to constructing dresses when she started her own fashion label in 2002. The label earned industry acclaim and achieved retail success in high-end boutiques across Australia, Japan, France, New Zealand and the United States. Closer to home, Amber’s collections were snapped up by Australian retail heavyweight Myer and its appeal among celebrities including Paris Hilton ensured the label’s editorial success in Madison, Shop till you Drop, and Cosmopolitan magazines.

A celebrated style icon, Amber has been recognized with her appointment to the board of the inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, was selected to discuss ‘Innovation in Fashion’ with the Australian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, and featured in the second series of the highly successful Arena TV production of Project Runway.

This phenomenal success led to her appointments as Fashion Editor for Australian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, the resident stylist for Australia’s largest media network, Southern Cross Austereo, and her role as the resident fashion presenter on Foxtel’s Fashion TV where she has interviewed leading international designers and celebrities including Andie MacDowell, Melissa George, Mel B, Megan Gale, Alex Perry, Camilla and Marc, and Dion Lee.

Celebrity-wise, Amber has styled clients including Michelle Bridges, Firass Dirani, and Deborah Mailman for red carpet events such as The Cannes Film Festival, the TV Week Logie Awards, the AACTA Awards, the GQ Man of the Year Awards and the IF Awards.

On a more personal level, Amber has worked with hundreds of everyday Australians to transform their personal image and build confidence through knowledge. Her approach is to educate people about the foundations of dressing for their unique body shape and skin tone. Amber’s passion is in helping people to overcome body image issues and feel confident in their own skin.

Course Curriculum

INTRODUCTION: How I got to where I am now, WITHOUT a formal Fashion education 00:00:00
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: The Advantages vs the Disadvantages to studying fashion 00:00:00
SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Discover the essential skills needed to make it as a Stylist 00:00:00
JOB SPECIFICATION: Where you’ll work/Hours expected 00:00:00
TERMINOLOGY: Industry terms you’ll need to use everyday to appear knowledgable 00:00:00
Section 2 - DIFFERENT TYPES OF STYLING: We dissect the 6 main areas of styling
EDITORIAL STYLING: Brief, Skills Required, Expected Pay, Getting started 00:00:00
COMMERCIAL/ADVERTISING STYLING: Brief, Skills Required, Expected Pay, Started 00:00:00
PERSONAL STYLING: Brief, Skills Required, Expected Pay, Getting started 00:00:00
CELEBRITY STYLING: Brief, Skills Required, Expected Pay, Getting started 00:00:00
SHOW STYLING: Brief, Skills Required, Expected Pay, Getting started 00:00:00
WARDROBE STYLING: Brief, Skills Required, Expected Pay, Getting started 00:00:00
EXERCISE : How to Tape Shoes (the most efficient way!) 00:00:00
HOW TO SOURCE PRODUCTS: Ingenious methods for sourcing designer product 00:00:00
STYLIST KIT: The key must-haves as well as a few extras that will win friends! 00:00:00
MUST-KNOW RESOURCES: Resources to get you started as a stylist this week! 00:00:00
FOLIO PRESENTATION: How to best display your work in order to get you more work 00:00:00
INTERNSHIPS: Learn how to secure one immediately 00:00:00
EXERCISE: How to Steam Clothes (Yes there is a whole lecture on this!) 00:00:00
WHAT HAPPENS NOW?! Lets get you out there and working! 00:00:00
ADVICE FOR AN ASPIRING STYLIST: Some extra tips to get you to the top! 00:00:00

Course Review


72 Ratings
  1. Anonymous



    I always liked everything about fashion and modeling. I have applied many times to be a model for men’s fashion clothing. I have also dabbed here and other places to get into the designer part of the business. It’s not easy. Number one issue is finding people that will buy your name brand. Then it’s always revolving from there. Last thing I want to say In my review is to the instructor. You’re Beautiful. Your blue eyes shine. Good luck and thank you for this course.

  2. Anonymous

    Pleasantly surprised


    I didn’t know what to expect, but this was actually quite a lot of great, practical information from someone who is ACTUALLY an expert in what she’s talking about. I learned a lot!

  3. Anonymous

    Informative and insightful


    I learned so much from this course.
    Really put things into perspective

  4. Anonymous

    Not worth 200 bucks get on discount


    This instructor seems lovely however this course is in no way worth 200 dollars. This is as basic as it gets information wise, comparable to free videos you can find online. If you are interested in the very basics of how to become a stylist then do what I did and use a coupon and do not pay more than 10 bucks. Also, many of the units I felt were too short, under 5 minutes which is why the course feels so bare and uninformative in my opinion. Also some of the units I feel the tips were not impressive at all. An example of this is the unit ” Ingenious ways to source designer products” I was looking forward to some insider stylist tips but instead I was told to use my own closet, my family and friends closet or to order stuff online, use it and return it, not really ingenious in my opinion. So sorry for the three stars but I am rating it based on the original course price.

  5. Anonymous

    Really interesting course


    Learned a lot of interesting things amazing course!


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