The Complete eBay Course: eBay From Beginner To Advanced

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This course is designed for those interested in learning about how to sell items on eBay and start a home-based eBay business.

The Complete eBay Course: Beginner To Advanced


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About This Coursebeginner

A recent Nielsen Research study (done for eBay) revealed that the average household has $3,100 worth of unsold merchandise just laying around the house!

How would you like to turn your common, household items into CASH by selling them on eBay, and then start making some real money by turning eBay into a business that you run from home?

This course is designed to take you from absolute eBay beginner and turn you into an eBay superstar, by walking you, step-by-step, through several modules.

This course walks you through some of the most advanced eBay listing strategies – these are advanced eBay strategies that will dramatically improve your sales, profits and eBay search engine rankings.

In short, you will be able to dominate your competition on eBay with these little-known tips, tricks, and strategies. In fact, many of these tricks will be demonstrated for you, step-by-step, right inside eBay, so that you can easily duplicate my results.

You’ll discover eBay tricks that even the top eBay Powersellers do not know!

This course shows you some of the most amazing ways to find incredible bargains on eBay, Amazon and the Internet.

I’ve helped over 300,000 people, just like you, to make money on eBay, and I look forward to helping you!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to sell items on eBay and start a home-based eBay business.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about how to build a home-based eBay business!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Introduction To The eBay Apprentice Program – What You’ll Get

How To Determine The Value Of Items Before You Sell

Be Sure To Download The Slides In PDF Format In The Last Section

Should You List In An Auction Listing Or Buy It Now Listing?

When Should You Use An Auction Format Listing?

When Should You Use A Fixed-Price, “Buy It Now” Listing?

How To Determine The BEST Place To Sell Each Item – Introduction

Walkthrough The Value Pyramid – In Detail

How To Source Additional Products To Resell For High Profits

Strategies For Getting Incredible Deals At Flea Markets

Incredible Negotiating Strategies Which Will Get You Incredible Deals

Thrift Store Strategies – How To Use Your Cell Phone To Make Money

Craigslist Strategies – How To Find High-Profit Items On Craigslist

Additional, Creative Ways To Find Tons Of Great Merchandise To Sell

Introduction To Elements Of A Successful Listing

Detailed Listing Strategies – How To Apply Elements Of A Successful Listing

Step-By-Step To Listing Your First Item On eBay – Live Demonstration

All About Packing & Shipping For Safe Delivery Of Your Items

How To Ship An Item Using eBay Shipping – Step-By-Step Demonstration

Simple, Advanced Strategies For More Effective / Efficient Listing Processes

Introduction To Advanced Listing Strategies

What Makes An eBay Listing Really Sell?

How To Create A Great Listing Title For Best Results

How To Find The Best Keywords To Use In Your Titles

A Great Tool To Use To Discover Keyword Ideas For Your Titles

Use This Little-Known Keyword Hack To Improve Your Sales

The Image Optimization Hack – How To Make Your Images POP For More Sales

Use These Merchandising Hacks To Crush Your Competition

The Clean, White Backgrounds Hack (For Amazon And eBay)

The “Images Inside Your Listing” Hack, How To Add Images Inside Your Description

The “Best Offer” Hack

Writing A Killer Product Description

How To Add Your Positive Feedback Screen Shot To Your Description

Value-Adding Hacks – How To Add Value To Your Products To Beat The Competition

Cross Selling Hacks – How To Turn Your Listings Into Ads For Your Other Listings

The Principle Of Slight Edge

Welcome To The Deal-Getting Hacks Course!

How To Determine The Demand For An Item On eBay

Finding Mis-Listed Items For Fun And Profit – Introduction

How To Find Mis-Listed Items – Demonstration

The Special Tool For Finding Mis-Listed Items

How To “Spy” On PowerSellers To Find Out Their Best Selling Products

How To Improve Your Listings By Emulating Top PowerSellers

How To “Snipe” Fixed-Price Listings As Soon As They’re Listed For Big Profits

The Cool Tool That Alerts You When Your Killer Deals Come Up For Sale On eBay

Another Cool Alert Tool That Helps You Find Deals

The Amazing Ninja Strategy For Finding Killer Deals All Over The Internet

The Amazing Ninja Strategy Conclusion

EBay Apprentice Program Downloadable PDF Of All Slides

Listing Hacks Downloadable PDF

The “Deal Getting” Hacks Downloadable PDF


7 student reviews
  1. Christopher Cole says:

    Ebay for beginners
    Covers a lot of ground well .......

  2. Alexander says:

    ebay course
    Some good hacks for buying then selling on eBay.

  3. Suzanne Allkins says:

    Great Course
    This course is very informative and is full of so much information to help anyone wanting to pursue a business through eBay. Whether a novice or more experienced, the units are designed to break down advice into really clear and helpful sections. I learned so many new techniques, which I would not have discovered by myself! Highly recommended!

About The Instructor


When it comes to online marketing and selling, I believe you have found the right mentor in me. Most people like the lively and encouraging teaching style that I convey as well as how I get right to the point and walk you, step-by-step through proven, real-world, proven strategies. Here's a little background on my experiences, so you can get a sense of who will be teaching & mentoring you: A lifelong entrepreneur, I've been marketing online since 1999, and have owned over 30 websites, marketing across most platforms, including online, offline, TV, podcasts, webinars, webcasts, social media and radio. (You name it, I've done it!) I've been teaching business strategies via live seminars/webinars since 2000, and then through video training courses since 2001. For 11 years, I hosted my own TV show where I introduced millions across America to the benefits of selling online. My show was seen on CNBC, Fox Business, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel and most other major cable networks. With over $140 million of my video training products sold via TV and Online, I am honored to be your mentor and guide and I'm looking forward to helping YOU reach your goals through the wonderful business of online marketing!