Excel To Access: Intro To Access For Excel Users

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This course is designed for those interested in learning about how to use Microsoft Access with Excel.

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About This CourseBeginner

Learn more than the basic structures in Access. Learn the concepts underneath and how they relate to and work with Excel. Learn Access from an instructor with years of experience teaching Access and creating custom databases for businesses.

You will build a strong foundation in Access by understanding the logic behind its structure:

  • Create tables and learn how to properly structure them.
  • Extensive Training on ALL types of queries.
  • Create reports from scratch instead of relying on wizards.
  • Learn how to create advanced reports based on queries.
  • Learn everything you need to know to build powerful and attractive forms.
  • Build subforms and learn how to move in and out of them.
  • Learn about simple macros.
  • Make basic command buttons in forms.
  • Learn a simple way to make multi-value lookups on forms.

By learning how to use Access WITH Excel, you will rise to a level of skill that few others have. Learning Access gives you incredible power over your data, no matter how large your data files are. Nightmare editing tasks will no longer bother you as you use your knowledge of queries to update thousands of records in minutes! Employers are waking up to the power of Access and those who have this knowledge will be in high demand with your current employer or other businesses. The practical skills taught in this class will give you the capability to double or triple your productivity!

There is a HUGE need in the marketplace for people with these skills! This is your opportunity to break away from the pack of people who try and do everything with Excel, instead of learning that for many tasks, Access is the proper tool. This could be your shortest path to increasing your income!

All you need to do the course is basic experience with Windows programs. If you have or are using Excel, that is even better. Much of the course is presented as a comparison to Excel and explains what tasks each program is best suited for.

By the time you have finished the course, you will have done so much with Access and it will be so familiar that you will be ready to tackle your own data tasks immediately, putting your new learned skills into practical use and impressing your boss and coworkers.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to use Microsoft Access with Excel.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn how to use Microsoft Access with Excel!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Course Overview By Section

Comparing The Access And Excel Screens

Why You Need Access

Where Do We Go From Here?

Download The TABLES Database

Intro To Tables And Tabbed Vs Overlap View

Editing, Adding And Deleting Records

Sorting A Table

Basic Filters

Advanced Filters

Using Find And Replace With Tables

Create A Table And Add A Primary Key And Fields

Create Table 2 – Add The Rest Of The Fields To The Table

Create Table 3 – Why Are There So Many Numeric Field Sizes?

List Of Reserved Words

Table Properties 1 – Formats And Input Masks

Table Properties 2 – Defaults And Validation Rules

Table Properties 3 – Add Lookups To A Table

Modify Table Design – Add, Delete And Move Fields

Download The REPORTS Database

Introduction And Create A Report

Using The Report Wizard

What Are Controls?

Report View And Layout View

Modify The Report Design And Selecting Controls

Entering Formulas Into Text Boxes

Sorting And Subtotals In Reports

Conditional Formatting

The Properties Box

Using The Properties Box

Conclusion And Why We Need Queries

Download the SELECT QUERIES Database

Overview of Select Queries Database

Intro To Select Queries Preview

Sorting In Select Queries

Using Criteria In Queries – And Vs OR

Using Criteria In Queries – Wildcards

List Of Query Wildcard Characters

Using Criteria In Queries – Formulas In Criteria

Calculations In Select Queries

Multiple Tables In Queries

Parameters In Queries

A Parameter Query Trick

Review The Report Source Table Structure

Using A Select Query As A Report Source

Setting Up Date Parameters

Final Touch – A Title With Dates

Unique Value Queries – Part 1

Unique Value Queries – Part 2

TOP Queries

Total Queries – Part 1

Total Queries – Part 2

Download The ACTION QUERIES Database

Intro To Action Queries With A Make Table Query

Append Query

Delete Query

Update Qry Part 1 – Increase Prices

Update Query 2 – Add An Order Total Field

A Quick MACRO To Automate Updating The Order Totals

Download The MIGRATE1 Database

Import Problems 1 – Heading Not Removed

Import Problems 2 – Common Import Errors

A Clean Import

Download The MIGRATE2 Database

Combine Data In Excel Before Bringing Into Access

Planning Your Database – 3 Best Practices – NUMBER 1

Planning Your Database – 3 Best Practices – NUMBER 2

Planning Your Database – 3 Best Practices – NUMBER 3

Three Best Practices In Designing Table Structures

How To Print Your Table Structures

How To Use The Relationships screen

Why I Don’t Use The Relationships Screen

Why You DON’T Want To Use Analyze Table!

Download The MIGRATE3 Database

Using Queries To Create The Product Table

Create The Customer Cross Reference Table

Find The Potential Problem Customer Records

Manually Decide On How To Handle Each Duplicate

Create The Customer Table Structure And Starting Number

Populate The Customer Table And Create The Customer ID’s

Plug The New Customer IDs Into The XLData Import Table

Create The Order Products Table

Create The Orders Table Structure

Create A Query To Append Orders From XLData

Download The FORMS1 Database

Overview Of The Five Forms Sections

Overview Of The Forms1 Database Tables

How Are Forms Different From Reports?

Create The Customer Form

More On The Customer Form: Aligning Controls

More On The Customer Form: Stacking Controls

Finish The Customer Form: Tab Order And Input Masks

Create The OrderList Form With The Form Wizard

Modify The OrderList Form Layout

Add The Subform To The Customer Form

Download The FORMS2 Database

Use Shortcuts To Build The Orders Form

Create A Subform For OrderProducts

Add A Product Code Lookup Combo Box

Populate The Product Name And Total Fields

A Tiny Bit Of VBA – ProdCode AfterUpdate

Create A SubTotal Field For Form

Add The OrdProdList Subform To The Orders Form

How To Handle The Subtotal And Total Problem

Download The FORMS3 Database

Add A Customer Button To The Top Of The Orders Form

Fix The Filter Problem And Close The Orders Form

Add An Order Button To The OrderList Subform

Using Filters To Find Records

Download the FORMS4 Database

Add A New Customer Using A Button

Add A New Order Step 1 – Make A Query

Add A New Order – Step 2 – Add A Button

Download The INVOICE Database

Remove The Subtotal And Total Fields

Create The Invoice Query

Initial Layout Of The Invoice

Format The Invoice Header

Format The Product Area

Add The Calculated Fields

Create The Macro And Tie To A Button On The Orders Form

Fix The OrderList Form Subtotal And Total

Automate Opening The Orders Form And Exiting The System

DOWNLOAD The Tabs database

Add A Tab Control To The Customer Form

Add, Reorder Or Remove Tabs And Build A Data Indicator

Copy Tab Controls Between Forms

Conclusion And Next Steps

Access To Excel Course Overview

Access To Excel To Outlook Course Overview

Access VBA For Non Programmers Overview


2 student reviews
  1. Bryan Foot says:

    5 star course
    Really good course so I signed up to the following three courses from the same author. MICROSOFT ACCESS TO EXCEL TO OUTLOOK COURSE - completed 4 stars MICROSOFT ACCESS VBA FOR NON PROGRAMMERS - course not started yet MICROSOFT ACCESS TO EXCEL COURSE - course not started yet

  2. Jazino Odak says:

    Great Class
    The class pace and instruction was great. I was able to learn a lot from it and I am ready to take more classes from Bruce - the instructor. I now about to embark on creating my database, even though mine is service based, and based on dates service was provided, I hope I can use the knowledge from here to make the application and database more functional. The class does not use Relationships much, which I liked a lot, unlike other classes that focus on Relationships, this made the tables still relate to each other but not in a convoluted way. So that is great. I will be taking more VBA and Excel classes especially if I know that Bruce will be teaching it, his voice is easy and patient and I think it takes the anxiety out of learning something as complicated (to most people) as Access.