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Day Trading And Swing Trading Futures With Price Action
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5h 17m

Learn how to minimize the risk of day trading futures, swing trading futures, or any financial trading with the use of price action.

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5h 17m


Working in the oil exploration industry for many years made me see many ups and downs in this business. Oil prices are a Russian roulette, each time they fall to the red zone of production cost, companies fire employees left and right, leaving a lot of people suffering. As a witness of this situation, I always looked for additional sources of income, and I found one trading the Emini S&P 500. Nowadays, after a lot of work and dedication, I managed to understand price action (the language of the

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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone interested in improving their trading plan for reducing risk
  • It should be taken by traders looking to expand their knowledge about trend detection, risk analysis and money management
  • Any student looking to reach better levels of profitability

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to acquire the skills to achieve higher levels of trading mastery
  • How to improve your Risk and Money Management Plan
  • How to upgrade your trading methodology to read price action correctly
  • How to make high probability trades with minimum risk at any time frame


  • Basic concepts of futures, Law of Supply and Demand, and Candlestick Charting
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

I have designed this course with the best intention of helping people who want to get involved in the world of trading, but first of all, I need you to understand and accept a survival rule in this business: “NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE MARKET, PEOPLE ONLY HAVE SLIGHT IDEAS”. 

Markets are driven by trends and psychology in the short-term. The truth is, no one knows how far the market will go up or down. No trader has ever had complete clarity about when the path markets will take over the short to intermediate term. There are far too many variables at play to know what will happen with anything approaching certainty when it comes to market psychology. It is extremely important that you internalize it so that you can positively advance in the process of making profits trading in the financial markets. I hope you accept and agree with that. Let’s move forward.

There are two emotions at play when trading the markets; “FEAR and GREED”. Fear and greed are emotions that powerfully influence a trader’s mind. But especially fear is a feeling that becomes an impenetrable barrier for many people who have been bitten by the markets. All human emotions play a huge role in the final outcome of this business endeavor. Greed and fear are powerful enemies not easy to control when there is real money involved. News, colleague’s comments, TV experts, and even family members can supply additional doses of adrenaline that can make you make wrong trading decisions. After a series of bad trades and some money lost, you become ill, and this illness is called “Fear of Losing.” What happens next? You are afraid of pulling the trigger to make a new trade again.

There are differences between Day Trading and Swing Trading, which are very important to know and can make the difference between living or dying as a trader. Day trading means competing in a world of nanoseconds with supercomputers located near the exchange houses, which for a human being is very difficult. High-frequency trading nowadays generates an amount of noise in intraday data that is complex to handle and only very astute traders can compete at this level. If you don’t understand how the integration between risk, day trading and swing trading works, this will put the odds against you.

If a person who aspires to be a trader is not able to control risk efficiently and does not have an edge that allows him to read the price action in the markets, then that person will be condemned to enter a cycle of good and bad trades where generally losses outweigh gains leading this to doom.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to read price action correctly. 

10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. 

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Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Preparing For Risk Assessment
Risk Disclosure Statement 00:00:00
Introduction 00:00:00
What Do I Expect To Give You? 00:00:00
Discover A Key Component Of A Successful Trading Method 00:00:00
The Right Balance 00:00:00
Concepts To Understand Risk Properly 00:00:00
Day Trading, Swing Trading And The Subject Of Risk 00:00:00
Main Concepts To Master Trend Detection For Reducing Risk 00:00:00
The Trend, A Fractal Phenomenon, And Risk Implications 00:00:00
Theory For Evaluating Your Trading Method To Reduce Risk 00:00:00
Quick Affirmations About Trend Detection 00:00:00
Words From Humberto 00:00:00
Summary Of Section 1 00:00:00
Section 2 - All In One: Risk And Money Management Plan And Trade Log
Introduction: A Good Risk And Money Management Plan, A Trader´s Lifesaver 00:00:00
My All In One Risk And Money Management Plan Plus Trade Log Included (Bonus)! 00:00:00
Describing Step By Step My Risk And Money Management Plan 00:00:00
Calculating Position Size Based On Present Risk And Capital 00:00:00
Outcome Estimation Using The Trade Calculator 00:00:00
Use A Trading Log With Revealing Statistics 00:00:00
Annual Statistics, Drawdowns And Capital Growth Chart 00:00:00
Words From Humberto 00:00:00
Summary Of Section 2 00:00:00
Section 3 - Market Trend Analysis: A Specialized Skill For Price Discovery
Introduction 00:00:00
A Note About Charts 00:00:00
Setting Up Clean Charts For Trading 00:00:00
How Do You Determine The Trend Before It Happens? 00:00:00
Price Resolution And The Trend Fractal 00:00:00
Detect The Most Recent Trend To Make High Probability Trades For Reducing Risk 00:00:00
Detect The Long Term Trend For Swing Trading 00:00:00
Learn How To Find Trading Ideas, Sweet Spot For Entries 00:00:00
Swing Trading Find The Sweet Spot For Entries 00:00:00
Every Trend Ends, How To Find The Sweet Spot For Exits 00:00:00
Swing Trading, How To Find A Sweet Spot For Exits 00:00:00
Swing Trading And Price Action: Turning Points 00:00:00
Understanding Price Extremes 00:00:00
Candlesticks Patterns And Price Action Explained 00:00:00
My Day Trading Method Flashcard, Do Not Miss It 00:00:00
My Day Trading Method And Price Action, Explained Step By Step 00:00:00
Words From Humberto 00:00:00
Summary Of Section 3 00:00:00
Section 4 - Put It All Together, Integration For Success
Introduction: The Swing Trading Methodology 00:00:00
The Method And Volatility 00:00:00
Step 1: Preparing For The Trading Day 00:00:00
Step 2: Entry How To Place Your Trade 00:00:00
Step 3: Risk Management On Your Trade 00:00:00
Step 4: Detecting Valid Support And Resistance Levels 00:00:00
Step 5: Scaling Out Your Position 00:00:00
Step 6: The Circle Of Victory 00:00:00
Real Time Trade “Tight Risk Control” 00:00:00
Words From Humberto 00:00:00
Summary And Last Words Of Advice 00:00:00
Section 5 - Bonus Lectures - Real Time Trades
Introduction 00:00:00
The Top-Down Analysis And Pullbacks 00:00:00
Apply A Flexible Strategy As Anything Can Happen 00:00:00
Learn To Avoid A Not Attractive Risk-Reward Ratio 00:00:00
Managing Risk Dynamically 00:00:00
Take Your Chances, You Never Know How Far The Tide Will Take You 00:00:00
Capitalize On Variations 00:00:00
Shorting Inside An Uptrend 00:00:00
The Price Collapses 00:00:00
In The Middle Of The Range 00:00:00
The King Of The Universe 00:00:00
Risk On A Lish 00:00:00
Adapt To Market Behavior 00:00:00