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Discover the I Ching 2 - More Depth On Carl Jung's Favorite Divining Oracle
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2h 36m

Learn the I Ching and ask any important life question and communicate with your own unconscious wisdom more directly.

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2h 36m


Ron Masa, Ph.D. earned doctorates in Psychology and Social Work. He retired from private practice psychotherapy and is a working artist and freelancer

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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • Graduates of Discover the I Ching Part 1. Ready to go further!!
  • People seeking self-awareness and more I Ching knowledge
  • Fans of Tarot and the Runes
  • Anyone with important questions who seeks their own inner guidance
  • Fans of Carl Jung, who introduced the I Ching to the West
  • Students of Synchronicity, Signs, and Omens
  • Helpers, Therapists, Counselors, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers and Advice givers of every sort
  • Introverts, Intuitives, Creatives, Synchronicity fans, Adventurers
  • Adventurers who want to test out Spiritual Power Tools

What you’ll learn:

  • Ask the I Ching any important life question
  • Communicate with your own unconscious wisdom more directly


  • It really helps to watch Part 1 of this class first to prepare you for this new material

Are you beginning to understand how to actually use the I Ching to improve your life? Ready to learn more about the whole process? Ready for more practical examples of how to apply your I Ching reading?

You don’t have to guess at important life choices. The I Ching has been a trusted mirror of inner wisdom for over 3,000 years because it really works.

Which job should you take? Which school is really the best for you? When is the best date to leave for that trip? And many more tough choices.

Here is Part 2 of Discover the I Ching. Dr. Ron and Debbie present the second part of their lovingly-made, practical introduction to an ancient classic. We recommend you watch Part 1 first.

This class continues all the themes from Discover the I Ching, Part 1 at their next level and adds some intermediate level issues.

This class further prepares you to appreciate and use this remarkable tool. Carl Jung introduced the I Ching as a method to discover unconscious wisdom.

Often, our best guide in life is our own intuitive wisdom or guidance from within, which the I Ching mirrors. When you recognize an unconscious truth from within, the I Ching answers click and suddenly make sense!

The I Ching (or Yijing) magnifies intuition. It’s a megaphone for the “still, small voice within.” You can get help with any question from this ancient book that has been shaped over millennia by the best minds of China.

Dr. Ron used the I Ching extensively as a Jungian psychotherapist. Together, he and Debbie do professional readings and they consult the I Ching at the beginning of every day and as their primary guide for growth and real-world decisions.

Debbie Hart (Ron’s life partner) an artist and instructor, co-teaches this unique Introduction to the I Ching. With a yin and yang theory of complementary opposites, it’s nice to have both a male (yang) and a female (yin) teacher.

Experience it yourself, and feel how it works. When you get an “Aha” of recognition or a chill of truth up your spine, you’ll know.

Receive wise help with any life questions. Get some benefits of a therapy session with the famous Dr Jung, or of an I Ching Reading with Dr. Ron and Debbie.

Take advantage of their combined 50 years of experience with this classic. They will answer your questions and help you get started with personalized guidance if you wish.

This carefully-scripted class includes gorgeous visual illustrations and animations, as usual.

Like the tarot and runes, this is a synchronicity-based oracle. The I Ching spells out its feedback. You don’t need to memorize symbols or their meanings. Once you get started, the I Ching empowers you to commune directly, and privately, with the source of intuitive wisdom, with no middleman!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have learned I Ching and be able to communicate with your own unconscious mind.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today!

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Introduction
Hello, Welcome, And What This Course Covers 00:00:00
Handout – Casting The Coins 00:00:00
A Brief Note On Chinese Pronunciations And Spellings In This Course 00:00:00
Section 2 - The Primal Forces Of Yin And Yang
Part 1 Yin and Yang Definitions and Characteristics 00:00:00
Part 2 Yin And Yang Approaches To Situations 00:00:00
Yin And Yang Assignment 00:00:00
Handout – Yin And Yang 00:00:00
Section 3 - Trigrams - Elemental Energies
Part 1 Introduction And Bagua Arrangements 00:00:00
Handout Trigram Arrangements 00:00:00
Part 2 Characteristics of the Eight Trigrams 00:00:00
Handout Trigram Characteristics 00:00:00
Section 4 - Anatomy Of A Hexagram
How Trigrams Interact Within A Hexagram 00:00:00
Line Positions Part 1 The Traditional “Rules” 00:00:00
Line Positions Part 2 A Broader View 00:00:00
Section 5 - Questions Of Many Sorts
Personal Questions 00:00:00
Group Questions 00:00:00
Annual And Recurring Questions 00:00:00
I Ching Questions Of Many Sorts 00:00:00
Section 6 - Randomizing Methods
Randomizing Methods For Generating The Hexagrams In A Reading 00:00:00
Section 7 - Dr. Carl Jung Contributes
Jung’s Contributions To The I Ching 00:00:00
Mr. Ching’s Psychiatric Exam 00:00:00
Turing Test Challenge – Can You Distinguish Human From Computer Poems? 00:00:00
Jung And Synchronicity 00:00:00
Synchronicity Quotes To Consider 00:00:00
Synchronicity Assignment 00:00:00
Carl Jung And The I Ching – Quiz 00:00:00
Section 8 - Resistance
What Is Resistance? 00:00:00
The I Ching And RESISTANCE – Our Own! 00:00:00
Working With Resistance 00:00:00
Resistance – Assignment 00:00:00
Resistance – Quiz 00:00:00
Handout – Resistance Assignment 00:00:00
Section 9 - History Of The I Ching
A Brief And Colorful History Of The I Ching 00:00:00
Section 10 - Foreseeing The Future?
Can the Future Be Predicted? 00:00:00
What About Free Will? 00:00:00
Shaman Harvey Foretells My Future And… 00:00:00
Foreseeing The Future Quiz 00:00:00
Section 11 - More Recommended Versions Of The I Ching
More Recommended Versions 00:00:00
Section 12 - Interpreting The I Ching's Answer
Applying I Ching Guidance – BIG ANSWERS To Small Questions 00:00:00
How Are I Ching Answers Like A Riddle? 00:00:00
Help Applying The Answer To Your Question 00:00:00
Tips For Interpreting Your Readings 00:00:00
Multiple Lines-Conflicting Lines! What’s A Diviner To Do? 00:00:00
Making Sense Of I Ching Answers – Many Mini-Studies 00:00:00
I Ching Made Easy: A Wealth Of Applied Examples 00:00:00
Interpreting The I Ching’s Answer – Quiz 00:00:00
Section 13 - Conclusion
Thank You And Good Luck! 00:00:00


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