Microsoft Word Bootcamp: Zero To Hero Training

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This course is designed for those interested to learn about Microsoft Word.

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About This CourseBeginner

In this Word tutorial course we’re going to learn Microsoft Word together. This is a project based course.

We’ll work through real world documents such as a formal business letter, monthly newsletter, a really long business report, a timetable and a visually exciting interactive PDF product document.

Projects included:

  • Creating a formal business letter
  • Creating a monthly company newsletter
  • Formatting a long business report, adding charts & graphs from Excel
  • Creating a timetable schedule using tables
  • Creating a company template using corporate fonts, colours & images
  • Creating a product overview PDF with basic interactivity
  • Creating a business form
  • Printing personalised letterheads & envelopes for client lists

This course is for beginners. You don’t need any previous knowledge of Word or any desktop publishing experience. We will start right at the basics but quickly get into working with up to date modern features.

You’ll work with images, logos & specific company colours. You’ll create corporate templates and reusable styles – automatically personalizing them using Mail Merge.

You’ll learn to make a monthly newsletter with links & videos ready for sharing & commenting. You’ll learn how to take charge of long documents; cleaning them up and adding professional graphs, infographics and tables.

So my friend, now is your time to go from Word Zero, to Word Hero and for you to become the Microsoft Word professional in your office!


What are the requirements?

  • This course is for absolute beginners
  • You’ll need a copy of Microsoft Word 2016.
  • No previous Word or desktop publishing skills are necessary.

What am I going to learn from this course?

  • How to work with your specific company fonts & colours.
  • Format text like a professional.
  • Work with various images, styles and implementations.
  • Save documents to older versions of Word.
  • How to save as a PDF.
  • How to make an interactive form.
  • Where to get inspiration for your design.
  • How to install new fonts.
  • Work with multiple column layouts.
  • How to personalise letters & envelopes from a list.
  • Adjust heading styles.
  • Work with really long text documents.
  • How to create a table of contents automatically.
  • How to work with bullets & numbering.
  • How to master tabs.
  • Create beautiful graphics & diagrams.
  • How to make an infographic.
  • How to work closely with Microsoft Excel.
  • How to work with comments & changes.
  • How to share your documents with others.
  • How to build your own company templates.
  • How to work with tables.
  • How to add videos to your documents.
  • You’ll get a cheat sheet, shortcuts and much, much more…

Who is the target audience?

  • Yes: This course is for people who need to learn Microsoft Word for work.
  • Yes: This course is perfect for people who need to upgrade their skills for their CV and job applications.
  • Yes: This course is for complete beginners and for people who know the basics of Word already.
  • No: This course is NOT for people who have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word.
  • No:This is for PC version of Word 2016. (While 90% of this course will work on a Mac and in early versions of Word no guarantees can be made.)

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned about Microsoft Word.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and develop your Microsoft Word skills!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Introduction: Microsoft Word 2016

How To Make A Formal Business Letter

How To Change Inches To Cm

Text Formatting Text Like A Pro

How To Put Text Next To Each Other In Microsoft Word Using A Text Box

How To Add Images

Final Formatting For Business Letterhead

Saving For Older Versions Of Microsoft Word, Saving Pdf Files And Printing

Beautiful Design Inspiration For Your Next Word Doc

Creating A Monthly Company Newsletter

Adding And Cropping Images

Adding Your Corporate Colors To Word As Default

Fixing And Coloring Images

Installing New Fonts Into Word 2016 From Google Fonts

How To Set Your Default Fonts

How To Change Line Height, Lines Spacing And Space After

Add A Drop Cap Or Big First Letter

Adding A Colored Column Or Text Box

Creating A 2 Column Layout On The Second Page

How To Change Heading 1 Style

How To Make Our Own Custom Style

Adding Images That Don’t Move Along With The Text

Adding A Pull Quote

How To Put Text Around The Edge Of A Circle – Type On A Path Word 2016

Formatting A Long Business Report

Creating A Company Template In Word 2016 Using Style Sets

Remove Double Returns, Double Line Spacing And Double Line Breaks

Start Page Numbers On Page 2 Or Page 3

How To Add A Page Break And Column Break

Adding Headers To Certain Pages Only

Word 2016 Table Of Contents Tutorial

How To Create Bulleted List And Numbered Lists

Create First Paragraph Indents

How To Use Tabs

Adding A Graph

Linking An Excel Spreadsheet

Creating An Infographic Or Flowchart Or Diagram In Word 2016 – Smart Art

How To Save And Reuse Snippets Of Text In Microsoft Word 2016 – Quick Parts

How To Add And Adjust Comments

How To Create A Company Template

Creating A Timetable Schedule Using Tables

How To Use Track Changes

Adding Text On Top Of An Image

Adding Hyperlinks And Turning Off Automatic Hyperlink

How To Add Youtube Or Vimeo Video To Word

Creating An Interactive Pdf

Sharing Word 2016 Documents With Others

How To Make An Interactive Form

Creating Personalized Letters In Word Using An Excel Spreadsheet – Mail Merge

Microsoft Word 2016 Shortcuts And Cheat Sheet


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    Good Understanding
    Really Good Information, thanks

  2. Kaydriel Raye says:

    Great job presenting Word but really needed notes would look back on for future reference. Lot of information to absorb. Awesome job Dan!