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Ultimate Pioneer DJ Course Part 1 Of 2: Pioneer CDJ Course
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3h 29m

Develop, hone, and master their skills on the industry-standard Pioneer CDJ setup.

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3h 29m


Costas is a Dubai based sonic artist, music producer and consultant. He’s an expert educator with more than 10 years of experience and the founder of Granular Academy. Costas Papa is an educator, sonic artist and media business consultant. Costas currently makes dark minimal techno with dub undertones and is continually reinventing his sonic identity while keeping an eye on developing trends. Costas has designed and conducted courses and modules since 2007, in various disciplines such as

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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for creatives that are passionate about music.
  • Whether you just started or dabbled, this course will elevate your skills to a professional level.

What you’ll learn:

  • Cueing tracks
  • Counting music
  • Mixing with levels
  • Features on the CDJ2000NXS2
  • Features on the DJM900NXS2
  • Phase meter, jog wheel and BPM
  • Download, install Rekordbox, create playlists and analysing your music
  • How the gears are connected and communicating
  • Concept of DJing beat phase, count in
  • Auto Cue, time mode, info, menu, utility settings
  • EQ Mixing
  • Fixing the grid using Recordbox
  • Using the BeatJump options to technically and creatively
  • Using effects sound color FX section
  • Creative use of loop functions
  • RekordBox: playlists and sync manager and iTunes
  • RekordBox: USB optimal settings and ordering tracks
  • RekordBox: fixing the grid, syncing back to Rekordbox
  • RekordBox: BeatJump and looping options


  • No background knowledge required
  • You learn all the DJ concepts on the club standard CDJ2000NXS2 + DJM900NXS2 Mixer.
  • The same concepts are applicable to all REKORDBOX/SERATO DJ controllers.
  • DDJ1000 | DDJ800 | DDJ400| DDJ 200 | DDJRZX | DDJRZ | XDJXZ | XDJRX2 | XDJRR and other Pioneer Systems.

The content is specifically prepared and structured to give you the fundamentals beyond the knowledge, experience, confidence, understanding, and the ability to DJ.

This is a traditional hardware course where attendees will develop, hone, and master their skills on the industry-standard Pioneer CDJ setup. We got the latest installation from our education partners at Pioneer 2 X CDJ2000NXS2 and a 1 X DJM900NS2.

These sessions are highly practical and are heavily focused on the hardware and developing the skill-set required to qualify as a DJ.

By the end of these sessions, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the art itself. Be comfortable using an industry-standard hardware DJ setup. Ideally, all attendees will be able to mix songs of their choice and develop their musical repertoire.

The first session will get you familiar with the industry DJ setups found in radio stations, night venues, and festivals. You will dive into the mindset and thought process of a DJ, and learn to cue, count, and mix in and out with levels. Yes, the challenge is to get you to DJ within the first session.

In the second session, we break down the technicalities of setting up the gear and making sure all operations are functional. We review and develop our mixing principles and explore more features on the CDJs and Mixer to enable us to create a smoother transitional mix with EQs. We cover the fundamental use of the Rekordbox playlist creation tool.

In the 3rd session, we talk about different types of DJs and the different aspects and assets that all DJs should consider when playing out. We explore phase and beat features as well. We enter the world of FX on the mixer to enhance our mixes and introduce a creative touch to our performance. We explore some new features on Rekordbox software to help us with our music performance.

In the last session, we reflect back on the last sessions and cement all learning outcomes. You will then perform a 30-minute recorded set that you get to walk away with. Expect to continue and complete your journey and enter the second level of the Ultimate DJ course.

Looking forward to hearing your creative expressions.

Costas Papa

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have learned the hardware and developed the skill-set required to qualify as a DJ.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Introduction To DJing - Mixing With Levels
Session Intro 00:00:00
Equipment Overview 00:00:00
Cueing The Track 00:00:00
Counting 00:00:00
Quick Mix Levels 00:00:00
Features On The CDJ2000NXS2 00:00:00
Features On The DJM900NXS2 00:00:00
Phase Meter, Jog Wheel And BPM 00:00:00
Download And Install RekordBox 00:00:00
Create Playlists With RekordBox 00:00:00
Summary 00:00:00
Section 2 - Mixing With EQs, Beats Or Phases, Count-Ins And Fixing The Grid
Session Intro 00:00:00
Cable Connection Walk Through 00:00:00
Concept Of DJing: Beat Phase, Count-In 00:00:00
Auto Cue, Time Mode, Info, Menu 00:00:00
Utility Settings 00:00:00
EQ Mixing 00:00:00
Demo 00:00:00
Fixing The Grid Using Recordbox 00:00:00
Creating Playlists And. Analyzing Your Music 00:00:00
Session 2 Optimal Settings For Rekordbox + CDJS And Controllers PDF 00:00:00
Section 3 - Elevating Your Mix With Sound Color FXs, Dive Into Rekordbox
Session Intro 00:00:00
Using The BeatJump Options To Technically And Creatively 00:00:00
Using Effects: Sound Color FX Section 00:00:00
Sound Color FX Demo 00:00:00
Creative Use Of Loop Functions 00:00:00
RekordBox Overview Part 1: Playlists And Sync Manager & Itunes 00:00:00
RekordBox Overview Part 2: CDJ Or USB Optimal Settings And Ordering Tracks 00:00:00
RekordBox Overview Part 3: Fixing The Grid, Syncing Back To Rekordbox 00:00:00
RekordBox Overview Part 4: BeatJump And Looping Options 00:00:00
Performance 00:00:00
Section 4 - Session 4 Overview And Review
Session Intro 00:00:00
Summary 00:00:00
Demo Set 00:00:00