About This Course

This course is the first in a series aimed at helping you master the basics of Portuguese and giving you a strong base onto which you will be able to build your skills as a Portuguese speaker.

What you would normally spend a semester learning at university you will learn in this course in just a few hours! 

What you’ll learn:

  • Lots and lots of vocabulary
  • Useful everyday phrases
  • Basic sentence structures
  • Basic grammar rules most beginner courses don’t teach

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start learning Portuguese for any purpose – traveling, business, dating, studies, or anything else, this course has you covered
  • Anyone who wants to advance quickly in their Portuguese language journey – in a way that’s easy, fun and fast
  • People in any age groups, from kids to grown-ups, this course is built in a way that’s easy to understand for any person willing to learn

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned Portuguese.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about the Portuguese language.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Rapid Learning
Introduction 00:00:00
Greetings 00:00:00
Manners 00:00:00
Numbers 00:00:00
Colors 00:00:00
Food 00:00:00
The Alphabet 00:00:00
Animals 00:00:00
Exercise 00:00:00
Important Verbs Part One 00:00:00
Important Verbs Part Two 00:00:00
Section 2 - Practice and Build
Practice and Build Part One 00:00:00
Practice and Build Part Two 00:00:00
Practice and Build Part Three 00:00:00
Practice and Build Part Four 00:00:00
Practice and Build Part Five 00:00:00
Practice and Build Part Six 00:00:00
Practice and Build Part Seven 00:00:00
Dates 00:00:00
Telling Time 00:00:00
Ser vs. Estar 00:00:00

Course Reviews


1 ratings
  1. Isobella Kristina Fortnam TomlinsonJune 2, 2021 at 2:49 am


    Very handy

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