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Social Media Marketing Masterclass
5.0( 42 REVIEWS )
20h 26m

Master Social Media Marketing, what works and what does not, understand buyer’s psychology and improve your site traffic and online presence!

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20h 26m


Mark runs a marketing company called SME Heroes, which specializes in training on all things relating to online marketing, being an Entrepreneur, online course creation and his personal passion for photography. He has extensive experience with online business in various forms over the last 15 years and loves to share his hard-won lessons and techniques for online business success in order to help others gain success. In addition to his online business experience, Mark has many years experi

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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed to help those that want to master Social Media Marketing – SEO and Online Marketing
  • This course is for those that want to understand the Psychology Of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing
  • Entrepreneurs/Marketers/Traditional Marketers will all benefit from taking this course
  • This course is also suitable for those that want to start a Social Media Marketing Consultation Business
  • This course is suitable for complete beginners who want to progress to an advanced knowledge of the subject
  • This course is not a basic course on setting up Facebook Pages etc
  • This course is not a course on paid advertising of any kind

What you’ll learn: 

  • Understand How Social Media Marketing Really Works
  • Build A Business Driven By Marketing
  • Understand The Buyer Journey
  • Know How To Use Social Media Marketing To Improve SEO
  • Understand The Social Media Platforms
  • Master The Art Of Posting On Social Media Platforms
  • Source And Store Social Media Posting Ideas
  • Create A Social Media Marketing Post To A High Standard
  • Understand The Power Of Social Media Communities
  • Build A Social Media Schedule And Plan


  • You will need access to the internet
  • You must be willing to learn

Latest update – July 2020

Do you want to understand the science and art of Social Media Marketing?

Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice on the internet?

Maybe you have tried Social Media Marketing in the past and failed?

Master Social Media Marketing

  • In this course, you will learn how to master Social Media Marketing.
  • You will learn what works and what does not work and where to spend your time and effort.
  • You will understand the psychology of the buyer journey and how you can map that to your social media marketing campaign.
  • You will also learn how to drive traffic to your website using Social Media Marketing.

So join us on the other side and learn how to master the science and art of Social Media Marketing!

Intended Audience: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

Drive engaged traffic to your business, become a seasoned online marketing professional now!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding on the science and art of Social Media Marketing.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and develop your skill in Social Media Marketing!

Course Curriculum

Section 1 – Social Media Marketing
Introduction 00:00:00
Free Social Media Marketing Group 00:00:00
Section 2 – Social Media Marketing - Understanding Social Media Marketing
Introduction To The Social Media Marketing Section 00:00:00
Mastering Social Media Marketing 00:00:00
Social Media Marketing Monster 00:00:00
Free Vs Paid Traffic 00:00:00
What Is Marketing? 00:00:00
What Is Media? 00:00:00
What Is Social? 00:00:00
Local Vs International 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 3 –Social Media Marketing - Marketing As A Business Priority
Introduction To Marketing As A Business Priority 00:00:00
The Marketing Company 00:00:00
Feast And Famine 00:00:00
Continuous Marketing 00:00:00
The 80/20 Principle 00:00:00
Sales And Marketing 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 4 – Social Media Marketing - The Buyer Journey
Introduction To Understanding The Buyer Journey 00:00:00
Meet Bob 00:00:00
The Seven Steps To Marriage 00:00:00
The Buyer Journey AIDA 00:00:00
Attention Content 00:00:00
Interest Content 00:00:00
Desire Content 00:00:00
Action Content 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 5 – Bob's World View
Introduction To Bob’s World View 00:00:00
Understanding World Views 00:00:00
Understanding Bob 00:00:00
Confirming A World View 00:00:00
The Family Kettle – Bob’s World View 00:00:00
Bob’s World View – Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 6 – Social Media Marketing - Social Media Marketing And SEO
Introduction To Social Media Marketing And SEO 00:00:00
The Truth About Social Signals 00:00:00
The Problem With New Websites 00:00:00
The Snowball Effect 00:00:00
The Great Deception 00:00:00
Your Website As Your Data Center 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 7 – Social Media Marketing - Social Media Marketing Platforms
Introduction To Social Media Marketing Platforms 00:00:00
Finding Bob 00:00:00
What Platform Should I Use? 00:00:00
Business Or Personal Branding? 00:00:00
Social Media Branding Tips 00:00:00
Creating Your Social Media Marketing Biography 00:00:00
House Keeping 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 8 – Social Media Marketing - Posting On Social Media Platforms
Introduction To Posting On Social Media Platforms 00:00:00
The Golden Rules 00:00:00
Curation Vs Creation Of Content 00:00:00
What Types Of Content Should I Create? 00:00:00
Written Content 00:00:00
Photography Content 00:00:00
Infographics Content 00:00:00
Video Content 00:00:00
Podcast Content 00:00:00
Automation Best Practices 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 9 – Social Media Marketing - Social Media Posting Ideas
Introduction To Social Media Posting Ideas 00:00:00
Where Do I Get Posting Ideas From? 00:00:00
Stupid Questions 00:00:00
Conversations 00:00:00
Stories – The Power Of Narrative 00:00:00
Industry News 00:00:00
Content Capture Systems 00:00:00
Respecting Your Audience 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 10 – Social Media Marketing - Creating A Social Media Marketing Post
Introduction To Creating A Social Media Marketing Post 00:00:00
Take Them To The Movies 00:00:00
Headlines 00:00:00
Body Text 00:00:00
Using Images 00:00:00
Video Posts 00:00:00
Quizzes And Polls 00:00:00
Links 00:00:00
Hashtags 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 11 – Social Media Marketing - Community Based Marketing
Introduction To Community Based Marketing 00:00:00
The Best Kept Secret 00:00:00
Choosing A Niche For Your Community 00:00:00
Choosing A Platform For Your Community 00:00:00
Gate Keepers 00:00:00
Community Rules 00:00:00
Shared Ownership 00:00:00
Visiting Other Communities 00:00:00
Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 12 – Social Media Marketing - Building A Social Media And Content Marketing Plan
Introduction To Building A Social Media Marketing Plan 00:00:00
Why You Need A Plan 00:00:00
Your Social Media Schedule 00:00:00
Your Content Calendar 00:00:00
Setting Realistic Time Frames 00:00:00
Responsibilities And Roles 00:00:00
SMART Goals For Your Marketing 00:00:00
Section 13 – Social Media Marketing - Cases Studies
Introduction To Social Media Case Studies 00:00:00
Social Media Marketing Mistakes – Part 1 00:00:00
Social Media Marketing Mistakes – Part 2 00:00:00
Twitter Case Studies 00:00:00
Facebook Case Studies 00:00:00
LinkedIn Case Studies 00:00:00
YouTube Case Studies 00:00:00
Instagram Case Studies 00:00:00
Pinterest Case Studies 00:00:00
Social Media Case Studies – Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 14 – Creating Social Media Images
Introduction To Creating Social Media Images With Adobe Spark 00:00:00
Adobe Spark – Tools Explained 00:00:00
Example Of An Adobe Spark Image Created On Desktop 00:00:00
Example Of An Adobe Spark Image Created On Mobile 00:00:00
Activities To Complete – Adobe Spark 00:00:00
Section 15 – Profile Image - Creating Your Social Media Profile Image
Introduction To Social Media Profile Image Creation 00:00:00
Equipment Needed 00:00:00
Understanding Your Camera 00:00:00
Section 16 – Profile Image - Lighting And Posing Your Subject
Offset Lighting Set Up For Portraits 00:00:00
Front Lit Lighting For Portraits 00:00:00
Setting The Exposure 00:00:00
Posing The Face 00:00:00
Section 17 – Profile Image - Editing Your Image With Snapseed On An iPhone Or Smartphone
Editing A Male Portrait 00:00:00
Finishing Your Male Portrait 00:00:00
Editing A Female Portrait 00:00:00
Section 18 – Blogging - Copywriting For Blogs And Articles
Introduction To Blogging And Copywriting 00:00:00
Identifying Your Niche Audience 00:00:00
Finding Your Style As A Writer 00:00:00
Preparation – Tracking Ideas For Your Blogs And Articles 00:00:00
Page Setup And Formatting 00:00:00
Links And Actions1 00:00:00
Additional Content On The Page 00:00:00
Section 19 – Blogging - Writing Your Copy
AIDA Copywriting 00:00:00
AIDA – The Attention Phase 00:00:00
AIDA – The Interest Phase 00:00:00
AIDA – The Desire Phase 00:00:00
AIDA – The Action Phase 00:00:00
Additional Thoughts For Your Blogging And Article Writing 00:00:00
Section 20 – Email Marketing - Building Your Email List
Introduction To Email Marketing 00:00:00
Email Marketing – Grasping The Concept 00:00:00
Email Marketing Software – Choosing Your Provider 00:00:00
Building Your Email Marketing List 00:00:00
Different Ways To Get An Email Sign Up 00:00:00
Asking For The Email 00:00:00
The Magic Of PDFs 00:00:00
Section 21 – Email Marketing - Using Your Email List
An Email List Is For Selling Stuff Right? 00:00:00
Email Marketing Styles 00:00:00
Section 22 – Email Marketing - Email Copywriting
Email Writing Styles 00:00:00
Email Copywriting Using AIDA 00:00:00
Email Spam Traps And Pitfalls 00:00:00
Section 23 – Email Marketing - Email Analytics - Automations - Maintenance
Email Analytics – What To Measure 00:00:00
Email Automation – Understanding Its Usage 00:00:00
Using Surveys 00:00:00
Section 24 – Local SEO + SEO - A Guide To Ranking Your Local Business In Google Local Search
Introduction To Local SEO Training Section 00:00:00
Google Search – Understanding How Google Search Works 00:00:00
Section 25 – Local SEO + SEO - Google Search And Your Position In Local Search
Local SEO Ranking Factors 00:00:00
Your Local Ranking Factors – How They Impact Local Search Results 00:00:00
Your Analytics Spreadsheet 00:00:00
Domain Authority And Page Authority 00:00:00
Trust Flow 00:00:00
Check Your Local SEO Ranking Scores 00:00:00
Google Local Search 00:00:00
Section 26 – Local SEO + SEO - Google My Business - A Strong Local SEO Factor
Google My Business 00:00:00
Cleaning Up Old Google Listings 00:00:00
Creating A Google Review Strategy 00:00:00
Google My Business – Support Community 00:00:00
Section 27 – Local SEO + SEO - Building Up Reviews - Including Google Local Reviews
Citations – An Introduction – Setting Up A NAP Page 00:00:00
Managing Your Citations 00:00:00
Section 28 – Local SEO + SEO - Backlinks - Understand How They Improve SEO
Back Linking – An Introduction 00:00:00
Checking The Quality Of Your Back Links 00:00:00
Building Back Links 00:00:00
Social Media Business Pages As Back Links 00:00:00
Section 29 – Local SEO + SEO - On Site SEO - Improving Your Sites SEO
Content Marketing As Part Of Your SEO 00:00:00
Creating Your Content 00:00:00
Section 30 – Local SEO + SEO - Keyword Optimisation For Powerful SEO
Understanding Keywords 00:00:00
Keyword Strategies – How To Use Keywords Effectively 00:00:00
Inserting Your Keywords On Your Website 00:00:00
Section 31 – Local SEO + SEO - Local Business Online Marketing
Marketing A Local Business 00:00:00
AIDA Marketing – An Overview 00:00:00
Adwords – An Introduction 00:00:00
Google Profiles For Google Personal Accounts 00:00:00
Setting Up A Local SEO Marketing Consultancy 00:00:00
Section 32 – YouTube Marketing - YouTube Channel Setup And SEO
Building Your YouTube Landing Page 00:00:00
YouTube SEO – The Importance Of Titles 00:00:00
YouTube SEO – The Importance Of Your Descriptions 00:00:00
YouTube SEO – The Importance Of Tags 00:00:00
YouTube End Screen Annotations 00:00:00
YouTube Analytics 00:00:00
Publishing And Sharing Your Videos 00:00:00
Section 33 – YouTube Marketing - YouTube Video Launch Strategy
The Real Secret To A Successful YouTube Video Launch 00:00:00
Eyes On The Prize 00:00:00
Section 34 – Audio Production - Mastering Audio Production For Video And Podcasting
Introduction To Audio And Video Production 00:00:00
Introduction To Mastering Audio Production 00:00:00
Technical Challenges You Will Face 00:00:00
Choosing Your Microphone 00:00:00
Positioning Your Microphone 00:00:00
Reducing Echo 00:00:00
Reducing Background Noise 00:00:00
The Perfect Studio 00:00:00
Additional Equipment 00:00:00
Section 35 – Video Production - Mastering Video Lighting And Subject Composition
Introduction To Mastering Video Lighting 00:00:00
Camera Choices 00:00:00
Lighting Choices 00:00:00
Composition And Presentation 00:00:00
Webcam And Smartphone Setup 00:00:00
3 Light Setup For DSLR And Camcorder 00:00:00
5 Light Setup For DSLR And Camcorder 00:00:00
Teleprompter And Reference Monitor 00:00:00
Setting An Exposure 00:00:00
Section 36 – Video Production - Green Screen Video Production
Introduction To Green Screen Video Production 00:00:00
Chroma Keying 00:00:00
Lighting A Backdrop 00:00:00
XSplit Broadcaster – An Introduction 00:00:00
XSplit Settings 00:00:00
Building A Presentation 00:00:00
Screen Capture 00:00:00
Section 37 – Video Production - On Camera Presence - Getting Comfortable On Camera
Introduction To On Camera Presence 00:00:00
Why You Need A Studio 00:00:00
Communicating With Warmth 00:00:00
Talking To Bob 00:00:00
Find Your Natural Self 00:00:00
Practice Makes Perfect 00:00:00
Take 2 00:00:00
Additional Tips 00:00:00
Section 38 – Video Production - Writing A Promotional Script For Your Video
Introduction To Writing A Promotional Script For Your Video 00:00:00
Meet Bob 00:00:00
AIDA Psychology 00:00:00
Attention 00:00:00
Interest 00:00:00
Desire 00:00:00
Action 00:00:00
Section 39 – Video Production - Video/Audio Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro + Adobe Audition
Introduction To Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro And Adobe Audition 00:00:00
Setting Up Your Folder Structure 00:00:00
Colour Grading Your Video 00:00:00
Audio Correction Techniques 00:00:00
Cutting Options – Video Editing 00:00:00
Breath And Click Removal 00:00:00
Advanced Audio Cleaning 00:00:00
Adding Music To Your Video 00:00:00
Exporting Your Video 00:00:00
Section 40 – Introduction To Vlogging
Introduction To Vlogging 00:00:00
What Is Vlogging? 00:00:00
Vlogging Equipment – Budget Or 4k? 00:00:00
Vlogging Equipment – Budget Recommendations 00:00:00
Vlogging Equipment – Choosing Your 4k Camera 00:00:00
Vlogging Equipment – Choosing Your Microphones 00:00:00
Vlogging Equipment – Tripods And Accessories 00:00:00
Filming Techniques 00:00:00
Editing A Vlog 00:00:00
Activities For The Vlogging Section 00:00:00
Section 41 – Understanding Instagram
Introduction To Instagram Marketing 00:00:00
Understanding Instagram 00:00:00
Growing Your Audience 00:00:00
Hashtagging Tools 00:00:00
Better Pictures With Your Phone – Controlling The Exposure 00:00:00
Basic Composition – The Rule Of Thirds 00:00:00
Understanding Light 00:00:00
Controlling Your Background 00:00:00
Editing Your Images With Snapseed 00:00:00
Understanding Instagram – Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 42 – Quora Marketing
Introduction To Quora Marketing 00:00:00
What Is Quora? 00:00:00
Setting Up Your Quora Profile 00:00:00
Finding Quora Questions To Answer 00:00:00
Writing A Quora Answer 00:00:00
Quora Growth Tips 00:00:00
Quora Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 43 – Pinterest Marketing
Introduction To Pinterest Marketing 00:00:00
What Is Pinterest? 00:00:00
Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Profile 00:00:00
Creating A Board On Pinterest 00:00:00
Creating Pins On Pinterest 00:00:00
Understanding Rich Pins And Buyable Pins 00:00:00
Pinterest Growth Tips 00:00:00
Pinterest Board Strategy Examples 00:00:00
Pinterest Tools 00:00:00
Pinterest Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 44 – Introduction To Podcasting
Introduction To Podcasting 00:00:00
What Is Podcasting? 00:00:00
Getting Started With Podcasting 00:00:00
Podcasting Equipment 00:00:00
Designing Your Podcast 00:00:00
Podcast Recording Tips 00:00:00
Finding Guests For Your Show 00:00:00
Editing Your Podcast With Adobe Audition 00:00:00
Marketing Your Podcast 00:00:00
Podcasting Activities To Complete 00:00:00
Section 45 – Course Summary
Summary For The Course 00:00:00

Course Review


42 Ratings
  1. Anonymous
    Florabelle Matias January 21, 2023 at 07:49 AM



    Awesome presentation.

  2. Anonymous


    So interesting and professional!

  3. Anonymous

    Very good course


    My only suggestion is to add subtitles for who isn’t native languages, likes me. But very good

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to understand


    I wanted to thank you all for this training.

  5. Anonymous

    Social Media Marketing Masterclass


    Love the course. Very informative. So much to learn. Thank you Skills Success.


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