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Songwriting Techniques For Beginners
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2h 3m

Learn the basics of practical songwriting theory for songwriters.

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2h 3m


Hi, My name is Gabriel Felix, I´ve been teaching guitar professionally for 10 years now. I have a music degree at (Step Academia de Música - 2011 and California College of Music - 2013) Nowadays I run my own business in Brazil, called ''Meio Musical'' it is a music school located in Rio de Janeiro. My goal is to teach many students how to play their instruments and develop the music skills necessary to become a professional or amateur musicians. (Personal infos) I'm addicted t

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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn to play the guitar and have FUN in the songwriting process!

What you’ll learn:

  • Songwriting techniques
  • Music intervals
  • Major and minor chords
  • 9th, 11th, and 13th chords
  • How to compose chord progressions
  • Have a clear and USABLE understanding of diatonic harmony
  • Be able to create sophisticated chord progressions
  • Seventh chords
  • Dominant Chords
  • Reaper DAW – Recording Software


  • Knowledge of basic chords

This course was developed for beginners. Break out of your songwriting habits and develop new chord progressions.

So there are countless books, videos, and classes that teach songwriting. What makes my video course better or even different? Good question. All of these other sources can teach you how to write a song. What’s a verse, chorus, bridge, etc…and yes, I will certainly teach you all of these things.

• It’s available on a PC or MAC, and there is an iPad, iPhone, and Android app ready to go!
• Keeping track of which videos (lectures) you have already watched is a breeze. Skill Success has a great way of keeping track of your completed lessons (lectures).
The entire course is organized in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow layout.

The more you practice, the better you will get. With the Right Practice style, you will be able to witness fast results!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you the beginner steps on how to become a better guitar player.

Take action now. Every moment you delay enrolling is valuable time, and lots of joy with the guitar lost – enroll today!

WARNING: This course is NOT for the person who thinks that purchasing this course will then magically give them all your guitar skills to you without you having to put in the time, effort, and practice. It does take practice if you want to see results. 🙂

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have learned songwriting techniques.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today!

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Introduction
Introduction – First Step 00:00:00
Section 2 - Music Theory
How To Read Tabs 00:00:00
How To Find And Memorise The Notes On The Guitar Fretboard 00:00:00
Whole Step And Half Step (Tone And Semitone) 00:00:00
Major And Minor Chords 00:00:00
Major And Minor Scales 00:00:00
Dominant Chords 00:00:00
Seventh Chords Theory 00:00:00
Seventh Chords Practice 00:00:00
Music Intervals 00:00:00
Music Intervals Tricks On The Fretboard 00:00:00
Why Are There Both Sharps And Flats? 00:00:00
9th Chords 00:00:00
13th Chords 00:00:00
Altered Bass Chords 00:00:00
How To Memorize More Than 23 Major And Minor Chords Very Quickly – (E Shape) 00:00:00
How To Memorize More Than 46 SEVENTH Chords Very Quickly – (E Shape) 00:00:00
Section 3 - Songwriting For Guitar Players
How To Write Simple And Effective Chord Progressions On Guitar 00:00:00
Seventh Chords How To Add Richness To Your Songs 00:00:00
How To Mimic The Vocal Melody In Your Guitar Solos 00:00:00
Red Hot Chili Peppers Songwriting Technique 00:00:00
Fly Me To The Moon – How To Write An arrangement Of A Song 00:00:00
Seven Nation Army- How To Write An Arrangement Of A Song 00:00:00
That´s Life – How To Write An Arrangement Of A Song 00:00:00
Section 4 - Reaper DAW
How To Add A Track, Mute, Solo, Effects And VSTS 00:00:00
Bpms, Metronome, Change Colors And Record Button 00:00:00
Open Projects, Cut Tracks And More 00:00:00
Automation Volume, Pan And Layout 00:00:00
Preferences And Configurations 00:00:00
Fade In, Fade Out And Copy Recordings 00:00:00
Compressor And Gate 00:00:00
Equalizer 00:00:00
Finding Sound Effects That Are Actually Good 00:00:00
Insert Samples Or Audios And How To Reset Reaper Layout 00:00:00
Render Songs And Markers 00:00:00
Section 5 - Final Notes And Other Guitar Courses
Final Notes 00:00:00
Complementary Material 00:00:00