Complete Guide To Front-End Web Development And Design

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This course is designed for those interested to learn how to create websites.

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About This Coursebeginner

Develop the skills you need in order to be able to make websites from scratch. Learn to use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery together in building modern beautiful, fully functional amazing websites.

HTML CSS and JavaScript are the cornerstones of the web. These are the foundation languages of every web page today, and every page has all or combinations of these core technologies.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about web design and web development. Knowing how to use these core technologies provides limitless possibilities. This course will help you get started quickly and lay the foundation for programming fundamentals.

The core of being a front-end web developer is knowing how to utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build projects from concept to inception.

This course will introduce you to HTML which provides the structure for your webpage

  • How to build an HTML5 template
  • Learning what HTML is and how it works
  • Using comments, and meta information
  • Working with attributes
  • Adding Images, hyperlinks, tables, and lists
  • How to use Headings, paragraphs, and line breaks
  • Structuring your HTML page for better presentation
  • Everything you need to know about HTML forms

Add your style making your HTML code shine with CSS

  • What CSS is and how it works
  • Colors and Text styling
  • How to work with backgrounds
  • What the box model is and why it’s important
  • Google fonts
  • Making it responsive
  • Better selection of HTML elements
  • Display position and more
  • Why use Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-elements
  • Nesting, multiple element styling
  • How to transform your HTML code
  • How to make a navigation bar

Make your website come to life with JavaScript

  • How to write JavaScript code
  • Built-in methods
  • Different data types in JavaScript
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Variables arrays and objects
  • Using functions to make the magic happen
  • The power of the DOM
  • Selecting elements to make dynamic
  • Interacting with your web users
  • Event listeners
  • Creating elements on the fly with JavaScript
  • Operators and more
  • Conditions and switch statements
  • Looping your code
  • What JSON is and how to use it
  • No page reload AJAX calls
  • Sending data to the server and receiving data as objects

Take it one step further with jQuery

  • What jQuery is and how to use it
  • DOM and jQuery together
  • Selectors picking your elements
  • Manipulation of your HTML code
  • Events and listeners
  • jQuery code challenges
  • Traversing the DOM with jQuery
  • Why you’ll love jQuery
  • Do even more with jQuery
  • Hide show and toggle elements attributes
  • Sliding, animations and cool effects
  • jQuery and AJAX the perfect match up

This course covers all this and more!!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will develop the skills and know how to create websites.

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Get started today and develop your skills in creating websites!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Modern Website Development Introduction

Modern Web Developer Sneak Peek

HTML CSS Course Introduction

Getting Started With HTML

Learn About HTML What Is HTML


Create An HTML Template To Use And Reuse Multiple Times

HTML Comments And Meta Information

HTML Paragraphs LineBreaks Headings

Meta Information And Whitespace In HTML Files

Working With HTML Attributes And Images

List Types HTML

Working With Tables HTML

Connecting Webpages With Hyperlinks

Source Code Resources

How To Create A Basic Form In HTML

HTML5 Input Types

Creating Amazing Forms In HTML

HTML5 Web Forms

HTML Source Code

Practice HTML Code

HTML5 Content Sectioning

How To Add CSS And JavaScript To HTML Pages

Working With Style Colors And Text Alignment CSS

Source Code Adding CSS And JavaScript

CSS Background Styling Options

Using CSS Selectors

CSS Box Model Borders

Source Code HTML

CSS Box Model Padding Shorthand

CSS Box Model Margins

Source Code CSS

CSS Shorthand Vs Long Declarations PX EM And Percentage

Resources Box Model

CSS Display Options

CSS Position Elements

Display And Position Options Source Code

CSS Pseudo Classes

CSS Pseudo Elements

Source Code Pseudo

Multiple Selectors Same Properties

CSS Selector Nesting

CSS Clean Up CSS And Transform Our Webpage

Transform A List Into A Navigation Bar

Create 2 Columns In Main Content Area

CSS More Styling Of HTML Page

Make It Responsive CSS Website

Adding Google Fonts

Website Source Code

CSS Resources

JavaScript Introduction Course Resources

First JavaScript Code

How To Add JavaScript To Your Webpage

Syntax Of JavaScript How To Write Code

Source Code Comments Alerts

Debugging Dev Tools Console Messages In JavaScript

JavaScript Variables Data Types

Source Code Variables

JavaScript How Arrays Work

JavaScript Working With Arrays

JavaScript Arrays In Action

JavaScript Arrays As Strings And Slices

Source Code Arrays

JavaScript Working With Objects

JavaScript Constructor Objects

Source Code Objects

JavaScript Introduction To Functions

JavaScript Working With Functions

JavaScript Functions In Action

JavaScript Global Scope Values In Functions

Source Code Functions

What Is The DOM

JavaScript DOM Document Object Model

JavaScript getElementById

JavaScript DOM Select Elements Via Class And Tags

JavaScript The Document Object Data

JavaScript Update Styling Attributes Using The DOM

Source Code DOM

JavaScript DOM Onclick

JavaScript Mouse Events

Source Code Events

JavaScript AddEventListener

Source AddEventlistener

JavaScript Queryselectorall Multiple Elements Event Listeners

JavaScript More Element Selection Options

Source Code Multiple Element Selection

JavaScript Creating New Elements

Source Code Create Elements

DOM And Form Create Form Validation

Source Code Form Validation

JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript Operators Introduction

JavaScript Operators Increment Alternating Row Colors

JavaScript Conditional Ternary Operator

JavaScript Logical Operators

Source Code Operators

JavaScript Math Method

JavaScript Date Method

Source Code Useful Methods

JavaScript Conditions

JavaScript Working With Conditions

Source Code Conditions

JavaScript Switch Condition

Source Code Switch

JavaScript While Loop

JavaScript Do Loop

JavaScript For Loop

Source Code Loops

JavaScript Introduction To JSON

JavaScript Multiple Objects

JavaScript AJAX Connection

JavaScript Get JSON Data Using AJAX

JavaScript External JSON File Data Using AJAX

Source Code AJAX

JavaScript AJAX More Details

JavaScript AJAX Server Interaction

JavaScript AJAX Send Data To Server

JavaScript AJAX Post Data To Server

Source Code AJAX POST

Update Form To Multiple Inputs Challenge

Source Code Multiple Fields

Introduction To jQuery

How To Add jQuery To Your Webpages

Course Resources Add jQuery Into Your Webpage

jQuery Course Resources

What Is The DOM In JavaScript

Learn About The DOM

Document Object Model Information Via The Browser

How To Write jQuery Code

jQuery Check First jQuery Code

Course Source Code jQuery 1

Use jQuery To Update Web Page Content

All About jQuery Selectors Pick Elements From Your Webpage

jQuery Web Page Manipulation And Content Interaction

Source Code For Website Used Within This Course

Using Each And THIS To Get Element Contents

Updating Elements Before After Prepend Append

Sample Of Updating Elements

Modify Elements Empty Remove

Each Loop Advanced

Source Code For jQuery Example

Event Listeners Interactive Web Pages

jQuery Event Listeners Click Events Shorthand Vs Regular

jQuery Challenge 1 Create Interactive List

Source Code For Challenge

jQuery Solution To Challenge 1

Common jQuery Mouse Events

jQuery Mouse Events Mouse Pressed

jQuery Keyboard Events

Source Code Events

Form Events jQuery

Source Code Demo

jQuery Form Challenge 2

Source Code For Challenge

jQuery Challenge 2 Solution Form Field Check

Source Code For Challenge

jQuery Power Of Find

Source Code

Parents And Children Selection

jQuery More Selection Of Children Looping

jQuery Traversing Next And Siblings

Source Code Try It Yourself

Traversing First Last Selection

Source Code

jQuery Filters For Selection

jQuery Add CSS Values

jQuery How To Work With Classes

jQuery CSS Remove Class

Hasclass Challenge Toggle Class

Source Code Challenge Toggle List

List Source Code

jQuery Challenge Solution Toggle Dynamic List Items

Dynamic List Source Code

jQuery Attribute Content And Update

jQuery Attribute Source Code

jQuery Effects Hide Show

jQuery Toggle Element

jQuery Callbacks

Source Code Hide Show

jQuery Fading Elements

jQuery Fading Source Code

jQuery Element Sliding

Source Code Slide

Animate Your Elements With jQuery

jQuery Animate Source Code

jQuery And AJAX

Simple Loading Content To Element Via AJAX

jQuery AJAX Get

jQuery Get JSON Data From External File

Get Load Source Code jQuery AJAX

jQuery Working With POST Data

jQuery AJAX Method

jQuery Course Resources

HTML CSS Lesson Plan

jQuery Keyup Content Match In Form Field

Source Code

Form Select Return Value On Change

jQuery Event AJAX Response From Server

jQuery And Radio Buttons And Check Boxes

Source Code

jQuery UI Autocomplete Setup

jQuery UI Autocomplete From Dynamic JSON File

Source Code


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