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Beating Obesity
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Learn the common weight loss mistakes, why yo-yo dieting backfires and causes more weight gain and start your journey to healthy weight loss

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Prof. Paul - Serial Entrepreneur - Business, Psychology & Health/Fitness Expert. CEO at Advanced Ideas, Inc, Award Winning University Professor

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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to lose weight
  • Anyone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle

What you’ll learn: 

  • The surprising reasons why obesity is so common today 
  • 12 catastrophic illnesses you’re likely to get if you’re obese 
  • Are you obese? See if you meet the criteria 
  • 10 leading causes of weight gain and obesity 
  • The shocking truth about ‘Engineered Junk Foods’ & how they cause obesity 
  • 6 little-known symptoms of ‘Obesophobia’ 
  • 6 strategies to deal with the stigma of being overweight 
  • Why junk food is as addictive as hard drugs like cocaine 
  • 5 dangers of stigmatizing overweight people 
  • 9 reasons why you may be gaining weight unintentionally 
  • Why yo-yo dieting backfires and causes more weight gain 
  • 5 undiagnosed medical conditions that could be making you obese 
  • 11 foods that you must avoid if you want to lose weight 
  • 15 lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight 
  • 3 common fad diets that don’t work 
  • How to prevent obesity in adults and children 
  • 10 common weight loss mistakes


  • No prior knowledge is required to take this course 


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Beating Obesity: Win The Battle Of The Bulge! 

‘Beating Obesity’ is the ultimate video training for those who want to break the shackles of obesity so that they can avoid lifestyle diseases and live their lives to the fullest.  

This research-backed video training course will teach you everything you need to know about creating a healthy lifestyle and fighting your addiction to junk food – Why obesity is so common, common signs of obesity, the dangers of eating junk food, how to manage weight discrimination, how to lose weight quickly… and so much more. 

Follow the steps taught in this powerful tutorial, and you’ll start noticing changes IMMEDIATELY. 

If you’re ready to be healthy and disease-free, 

If you’re sick and tired of being controlled by your cravings,  

Then you owe it to yourself and everyone around you to learn the simple but powerful steps taught in ‘Beating Obesity.’  


Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to beat obesity.


10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.


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Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Introduction
Introduction 00:00:00
What Is Obesity 00:00:00
10 Leading Causes Of Weight Gain And Obesity 00:00:00
Obesity, Overweight, And Fear 00:00:00
Dealing With The Stigma Of Being Overweight 00:00:00
9 Reasons You Gain Weight Unintentionally 00:00:00
Treatments To Manage Obesity: What Works And What Doesn’t? 00:00:00
How To Prevent Obesity In Kids And Adults 00:00:00
Weight Loss Tips 00:00:00
Conclusion – Final Thoughts & Ideas 00:00:00