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The Complete Facebook Ads And Facebook Marketing Course
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13h 12m

This course is designed for those interested in learning about how to utilize Facebook marketing for their business.

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13h 12m


Jerry Banfield started his business online in 2011 while working on his Ph.D. to help people with video game addiction. When he tried to share his new venture with the world, he quickly became frustrated with the limited means of learning how to promote his website and chose to learn by making every mistake himself. In realizing everyone else must be having the same problem, he applied his experience to helping clients in more than twenty countries and then to teaching millions of studen

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About This Course

If you want to be successful with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing, you might love this course. You get principles and strategies that will work for you based on my experience building my Facebook page and finding clients for free using Facebook pages.

The first section shares the strategy that has been most effective for me in building relationships using Facebook marketing and shows you how you can get started with doing it on your own Facebook account without paying Facebook anything. You then get the basics of Facebook marketing and Facebook pages, giving you the chance to build a strong foundation in understanding the complete user experience and opportunities available to you on Facebook to make money.

These video tutorials show how I make exceptional Facebook ads and how you can use the same tactics I use to get low cost clicks, likes, cheap website traffic, conversions, and sales no matter what niche you are working. If you want to generate leads, make sales, build your marketing funnel, and grow your business, you can count on this course to share a system with you that you can apply to what you are doing starting today.

Whether you have studied Facebook pages, marketing, and ads a long time or are just learning, this course has fresh information combined with inspiration.

You can insert what you are doing and use this course to build a formula for your success. You get only what I know from experience and the information you need to start applying the course today.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to utilize Facebook marketing for your business.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about Facebook ads and marketing!

Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Welcome! What Do You Get Out Of This Course?
Learn Anything You Want To About Facebook Ads And Marketing Here! 00:00:00
Section 2 - Practice These Principles And You Will Be Guaranteed To Have Success On Facebook
What You Can Do To Maximize The Usefulness Of This Course 00:00:00
Know What Works To Get Your Attention On Facebook And Then Do That 00:00:00
Share With The Least Resistance To The People That Are Most Open To Your Message 00:00:00
Focus On Cost Per Action (CPA) Completely And Ignore Other Data 00:00:00
Assume You Do Not Know Anything And Find What Works In The Data 00:00:00
The 80/20 Principle In Facebook Ads And Marketing Will Set You Free 00:00:00
Facebook Advertising Country List For High Sales And Low Cost Likes 00:00:00
Section 3 - Introduction To Facebook Marketing! Learn The Basics And See Where To Start
Welcome To The Facebook Marketing For Beginners Section 00:00:00
What Is A Facebook Profile? 00:00:00
How Do You Make A Good Facebook Profile? 00:00:00
Where Do Most Users On Facebook Spend Their Time? In The Newsfeed. What Is It? 00:00:00
What Is A Facebook Page And How Can You Use It? How Do People Interact With It? 00:00:00
What Is A Facebook Group? 00:00:00
What Is An Event On Facebook? 00:00:00
What Is An App On Facebook? 00:00:00
80/20 POWER LECTURE! Learn What You Do As A User On Facebook. 00:00:00
Which To Use? Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, And/or A Facebook Profile? 00:00:00
Using Your Facebook Profile To Add Friends And Message Is Easiest To Start 00:00:00
Making A Facebook Group Is The Easiest Way To Build Relationships 00:00:00
How To Create A Facebook Group And Start It Successfully 00:00:00
When Is Using A Facebook Page Helpful? 00:00:00
How To Create A Facebook Page And What To Name It For Best Results 00:00:00
How To Make A Great Facebook Page Using Videos And Making Helpful Posts 00:00:00
Facebook Page Insights Tutorial! Get To Know Your Audience And Engagement 00:00:00
How To Delete Your Facebook Page 00:00:00
80/20: What Would You Be Willing To Work On Every Day For Free? 00:00:00
Section 4 - Introduction To Facebook Advertising
Facebook Ads Interface Basics 00:00:00
Ads With Videos Consistently Run At The Lowest CPM 00:00:00
What Is Your Purpose Of Advertising On Facebook? 00:00:00
80/20 Power Lecture: Strategies For Working On Facebook Ads 00:00:00
Live Tutorial Creating A Campaign Including Placement On Instagram! 00:00:00
See How To Use The Reporting Features In Facebook Ads To Measure Your ROI 00:00:00
Tracking Conversions On Your Website Is Critical For Measuring ROI 00:00:00
Focus On The Results That Matter Most And Avoid Being Distracted By The Rest 00:00:00
Filtering Options In The Facebook Ads Interface 00:00:00
Comparing Ad Sets Is The Foundation Of Improving Performance 00:00:00
Analyzing Within A Facebook Advertising Campaign By Country 00:00:00
Viewing Your Facebook Advertising Results By Placement 00:00:00
Using Facebook Ads Reports To Plan Out The Next Campaign 00:00:00
Introduction To The Facebook Ads Power Editor 00:00:00
How To Create A New Campaign In The Facebook Ads Power Editor 00:00:00
How To Quickly Make A Lot Of Unique Ads Using Page Posts 00:00:00
Use The Facebook Power Editor To Quickly Copy Ad Sets And Ads 00:00:00
80/20 Power Lecture: Steps To Take Once Your Ads Are Submitted And Approved 00:00:00
Section 5 - Start Strong With The Best Of What I Know About Facebook Marketing And Ads!
What Works For Me To Make Money And Grow My Business On Facebook? 00:00:00
See The $0.01 Cost Per Like Facebook Ads I Am Running Right Now And Why I Do It! 00:00:00
Start With Facebook Groups. Here’s Why! 00:00:00
Best Facebook Ads Strategy For Conversions, Affiliate Marketing, Sales 00:00:00
What I Have Seen Work Best For Local Businesses On Facebook Are Page Events 00:00:00
How To Verify Your Facebook Page, Change Your Page Name, And Page Type 00:00:00
What You Can Do To Avoid Your Biggest Failures With Facebook Ads And Marketing 00:00:00
Section 6 - Getting Started With Ads Manager Interface
Quick Overview Of The Newest Interface 00:00:00
How To Setup A Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking Pixel 00:00:00
Facebook Page Post Format I Use For Website Conversion And Post Ads 00:00:00
Creating An Ad For Post Engagement Using A Page Post Targeted To Your Audience 00:00:00
Analyzing Page Post And Website Conversion Campaigns 00:00:00
Power Editor Tutorial With Website Conversions Using A Page Post 00:00:00
Facebook Ads For Video Views Using A Page Post With The Power Editor 00:00:00
Creating A Facebook Advertising Campaign For Website Clicks In The Power Editor 00:00:00
Section 7 - Making Facebook Ads For Conversions, Revenue And Building Groups
Using A Page Post As An Ad With The Power Editor Works Consistently 00:00:00
Conversions Is The Objective That Usually Gets The Best Results 00:00:00
Sharing A Complete Story With No Picture In A Post Gets Good Feedback 00:00:00
Combine A Little Text, A Link, And A Simple Video For Best Results 00:00:00
Build A Free Facebook Group Through Your Website For Ongoing Relationships 00:00:00
Without Proof Of Results, Why Keep Running The Ads? 00:00:00
Section 8 - Facebook Page Like Ads For Both $0.01 Global Likes And $0.13 Targeted USA Likes
How I Am Doing Likes For My Facebook Page 00:00:00
The Facebook Ad I Am Using To Promote My Page Is For Building Relationships 00:00:00
Targeting Settings For Low Cost Likes And Using Reports To Find What Works 00:00:00
Creating Similar Ads Quickly For Facebook Page Likes Split Tested By Ad Set 00:00:00
Using Facebook Page Insights To See Where My Fans Are From And Expanding Targets 00:00:00
Making More USA Ads Targeted To Friends In Specific States And With Interests 00:00:00
Facebook Ads System For Getting Great Results Simply Through Effort And Testing 00:00:00
Eliminating 20 Percent Of The Worst Facebook Ads Campaigns For Likes 00:00:00
Section 9 - Facebook Ads For A Guaranteed Win Using A YouTube Video Post Conversion Ad
What I Am Doing With My Own Facebook Ads Today 00:00:00
How I Make A Page Post With A YouTube Video That I Will Use As An Ad 00:00:00
Facebook Page Post Ad Created Quickly With Remarketing 00:00:00
Backdating A Post And Hiding From Newsfeed To Use As An Ad 00:00:00
Using The Power Editor To Quickly Make New Ad Sets For Post Engagement 00:00:00
Using The Power Editor Export And Import To Mass Change Ad Sets 00:00:00
How I Make 50 Ad Sets In The Power Editor In 8 Minutes 00:00:00
Analyzing The Data And Pausing The Bottom 50% Of Ad Sets To Improve Performance 00:00:00
The Real Work In Facebook Ads Is Sorting Through The Data To Find What Works 00:00:00
Using Facebook Page Post Engagement Ads To Make A Website Conversion Campaign 00:00:00
Creating A New Facebook Ad Campaign In The Power Editor For Conversions 00:00:00
Facebook Ads Reports – Comparing Results By Objective! 00:00:00
Section 10 - How A Local Business Can Be Successful On Facebook With Ideas And Case Studies
Overview Of Success Strategies For Facebook For Local Businesses And Audiences 00:00:00
How To Get People Talking About Your Business Locally On Facebook 00:00:00
Advertising Locally On Facebook Is Challenging – Here Is What Might Work For You 00:00:00
Getting Likes For Your Local Business Page With Facebook Ads 00:00:00
The Importance Of Finishing Setting Up Your Facebook Page And Adding Address 00:00:00
Reviews On Your Local Page Are Nice But Not Something To Get Upset About 00:00:00
3 Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Your Facebook Page For A Local Audience 00:00:00
Section 11 - $0.00 USA Facebook Ads For Post Engagement, Video Views + Conversions
Facebook Ads May 2015 For Low Cost Post Engagement With A Video Ad 00:00:00
How To Make USA Facebook Ads Post Engagement Ad Sets Fast For The Lowest Cost 00:00:00
How To Find The Lowest Cost Interests And Demographics In The USA Fast 00:00:00
9,000+ Impressions Expected For $2 Per Day Facebook Ad Budget In The USA 00:00:00
$0.00 Per Post Engagement With USA Facebook Ads 00:00:00
Review Of Low Cost Ads For One Video And Plan To Create Ads For All Videos 00:00:00
Creating Multiple Video Post Ads In One Ad Set For Split Testing One Conversion 00:00:00
Creating Facebook Page Post Video Ad Campaigns Split Tested On A Landing Page 00:00:00
Section 12 - Facebook Business Manager Introduction And Setup
Facebook Business Manager Setup Step By Step Instructions 00:00:00
Facebook Business Manager Reviewed 00:00:00
Section 13 - Power Editor Website Conversion Post Ads Creation
Power Editor Overview + Conversion Post Creation In The December 2014 Interface 00:00:00
Power Edit Fast Campaign Creation For Conversions 00:00:00
Power Editor Global Conversion Ads Fast From December 2014 00:00:00
Analyzing Power Editor Campaigns For Conversions 00:00:00
Second Wave Of Ad Sets Created Quickly After Analysis 00:00:00
Successful Facebook Ads Campaign Case Study With Analysis 00:00:00

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