Be Happier With Positive Psychology

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This course is designed for those interested in learning how to improve their happiness.

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About This Coursebeginner

It’s no secret that happier people reap a ton of benefits in life. They are more likely to graduate college, have more successful careers, have a more fulfilling social life, feel more confident, are more creative, are physically healthier, and even have stronger immune systems.

Because happiness and a sense of well-being are so crucial to a satisfying life, psychologists have been studying these questions to find simple tricks that can increase happiness and well-being.

Course Overview

There’s a lot to learn about the science of happiness, but I’ve tried to condense it down to the essentials. Everything in this course is based on actual psychology research, published in peer-reviewed journals. There’s no fluff and no made-up junk science.

The course begins with an overview of what it means to be happy and why it’s worth seeking happiness. I’ll also dispel some myths about the importance of happiness and the role of money in life satisfaction.
Then we’ll go into the everyday tricks you can start using immediately. These are organized into broad themes that highlight the key determinants of happiness and well-being. Within each theme, though, is a collection of specific life hacks that come from real research in the science of happiness.

Using Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness to its Full Potential
Everything in this course is rooted in tested life strategies. I’m not just making things up like a lot of self-help “gurus.” You’ll learn practical tips taken from rigorous research in psychological science, and you’ll discover when those strategies will be most effective.

A few of the things we’ll cover:

  • The surprising link between wealth and happiness.
  • The secret reason why materialism actually undermines well-being.
  • How a simple two-minute exercise can create lasting changes in your happiness.
  • How to pursue relationships that will give you the most fulfilling life possible.
  • How you can change your life by spending money on the right things (and stop spending it on the wrong things…which you almost definitely are).
  • …and way more!

Take this course today and learn how to improve your happiness!

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have learned how to improve your happiness.

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Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Course Overview

Setting Expectations

What Is Happiness?

Why It’s Worth Being Happy

Warning: Happiness Isn’t Everything

Money & Happiness

In Review: Getting To Know Happiness

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Focus On Relationships With People

Have A “Social Snack”

“But I’m An Introvert!”

In Review: Build & Maintain Social Connections

A Simple Gratitude Exercise

Say “Thank You”

Focus On The End Of Good Things

Avoid Materialistic Pulls

In Review: The Power Of Gratitude

Be Kind To Others

Volunteer Your Time

Spending Money On Others

In Review: Helping Other People

Introducing The “Mental Strategies”

Simplify Your Decisions


Prioritize Happiness

Practice Mindfulness

Extra Mindfulness Resources

In Review: Personal Mental Strategies

When Spending Money Can Actually Improve Happiness

Personality-Guided Purchases

“Psychological Fit”

In Review: Be True To Yourself

Wrapping Up & Saying Thanks!


4 student reviews
  1. Ciera Robinson says:

    Positive Psychology
    Really good course with useful information.

  2. Avi Shafir says:

    Science of becoming happier
    Very good course that provided actual science based methods and practical tips that improve happiness and positive thinking right away.

  3. Sharon Kovrlija says:

    Quest To Be Happier :-)
    I enjoyed this course!! It was really easy to complete and it had a lot of helpful information.