Introduction To Art Therapy

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This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of art therapy and how it reduces anxiety, interrupts negative thought patterns, and brings more balance to your life through improved relationships, increased gratitude, clarity, and self-discovery.

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About This CourseBeginner

This course covers art therapy, its origins and science, and how it can change the way you live your life. It explores how art therapy helps reduce and tolerate uncomfortable feelings as well as how to express these feelings. 

A bonus section on how to use art therapy to increase gratitude and spirituality is also added alongside various exercises for you to experience with materials regardless of skill level. 

By the end of the course, you’ll learn:

  • How art making can change our brains in significant ways
  • Art exercises to reduce and let of anxiety and daily stress
  • How art therapy improves communication skills, negotiation skills, and understanding of other people’s intention
  • Art exercises to transform and let go of uncomfortable emotions
  • Art therapy tools that bring out balance through healing and increased gratitude

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned art therapy.

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Course Curriculum

Course Sections

Course Introduction

How To Get The Most From This Course

Namaste Figure Learning Exercise

Chapter Introduction

Getting Lost In The Process

Learning A New Skill

Zen Tangle Learning Exercise

Chapter Introduction

Recognizing Pain And Loss As An Opportunity For Change

Challenging Yourself

Changing Perspective Learning Exercise

Feedback For Changing Perspective

Facing Your Fears

Gratitude Vs. Complacency

Downloadable Materials: Learning Exercises and Supplemental Resources


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