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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs

What you’ll learn: 

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Analysis
  • Operations and Management
  • Financial Components of a Business Plan


  • No prior knowledge is required to take this course. 

Some people think you don’t need a business plan unless you’re trying to borrow money. Of course, it’s true that you do need a good plan if you intend to approach a lender–whether a banker, a venture capitalist or any number of other sources–for startup capital. But a business plan is more than a pitch for financing; it’s a guide to help you define and meet your business goals.

A business plan should be presented in a binder with a cover listing the name of the business, the name(s) of the principal(s), address, phone number, e-mail and website addresses, and the date. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy binder or cover. Your readers want a plan that looks professional, is easy to read and is well-put-together.

Our Promise to You

By the end of this course, you will have learned to plan for your business.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn more about the business plan for entrepreneurs.

Course Curriculum

2h 24m

Section 1 - Introduction
Introduction 00:00:00
Things To Consider Before Starting A Business Plan 00:00:00
The Elements of A Business Plan 00:00:00
Who Are You Writing The Business Plan For 00:00:00
The Purpose of A Business Plan 00:00:00
How A Business Plan Can Help With Long-Term Success 00:00:00
Reasons You Need A Business Plan 00:00:00
Section 2 - Things To Consider Before Starting
Identify Your Skills 00:00:00
Audit The Market Demand Of Your Idea 00:00:00
Check For Availability Of Resources 00:00:00
Work On A Financial Plan 00:00:00
Be Ready To Face Failure 00:00:00
Section 3 - The Elements Of A Business Plan
Mission Statement 00:00:00
Marketplace Opportunity 00:00:00
Product Or Service Information 00:00:00
Sales Or Market Plan 00:00:00
Financials 00:00:00
Section 4 - Who Are You Writing The Business Plan For
You Want To Start A Business 00:00:00
You Own An Established Firm And Are Seeking Help 00:00:00
You Need To Determine Your Objectives 00:00:00
You’re Trying To Predict The Future 00:00:00
You Want To Use It To Raise Money 00:00:00
Section 5 - Purpose Of A Business Plan
Provide A Road Map 00:00:00
Understand What To Focus On 00:00:00
Raise Finance 00:00:00
Manage Your Business Effectively 00:00:00
Enlightening Executive Talent 00:00:00
Section 6 - Business Plan For Long Term Success
A Must-Have For Businesses 00:00:00
It Helps You Make Decisions 00:00:00
A Reality Check 00:00:00
A Business Plan Can Give You New Ideas 00:00:00
It Creates An Action Plan 00:00:00
Section 7 - Reasons For Needing A Business Plan
Gain A Deep Understanding Of Your Market 00:00:00
Hold Yourself Accountable 00:00:00
Know Your Message 00:00:00
Confirm The Math 00:00:00
Iron Out Possible Kinks 00:00:00