Acupressure: Be Healthy With Chinese Massage Points

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This course is designed for those interested in acupressure.

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About This CourseBeginner

Welcome to the Acupressure Academy – The Place on SkillSuccess to learn about Acupressure!

“In short, it [Acupressure] provides maximum benefits without the dangerous side effects associated with many of the approaches of conventional medicine.”

-William Michael Cargile, B.S., D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Chairman of Research for the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Here’s What You Will Learn About:

  • Relieve your pain on your own Without Medications using Traditional Chinese Massage Points
  • Easily find the right Massage Points with simple and professional Full HD Video clips
  • Headache, Back Pain, Allergy, Emergency Points are in the Course.
  • Points to treat Women’s and Everyday diseases are in the Course.
  • Points to Learn Effectively, Be Fit and Have Better Sex are in the Course.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to apply acupressure.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and learn how to apply acupressure!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections


Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Relieve Migraine?

At The Back Of The Head

At The Front Of The Head

Headache In The Apex Area

When You Are Tired

When Eyes Are Strained

High Blood Pressure

After Alcohol

After Head Trauma

On Weather Change

In The Neck Area

In The Chest Area

Lower Back Pain


When Sitting For A Long Time

After Trauma

With Hand Numbness

With Feet Numbness

With Urination Disorders

After Sleep

Pollen Allergy

Cough Allergy


Allergy Rash

Allergy Itching

Eye Irritation

Drug Allergy

Allergic Oedema

Tongue Oedema

Weather Allergy

Muscle Spasms



Diabetic Coma

Insect Bite

Massive Menstruation


Anxiety Attack

Breathing Difficulty

Strong Vomit

Irregular Periods

Painful Menstruations

Massive Menstruations

Treat Emotional Stability

Improve Fertility

Toxicosis (Pregnancy)

Breast Milk Production



Inflammatory Diseases

Relieve Cough

Relieve Cold (The Sniffles)

Relieve Sore Throat

Relieve Heartburn

Relieve Constipation

Relieve Diarrhea

Relieve Toothache In Upper Jaw

Relieve Toothache In Lower Jaw

Reduce Sleeplessness

Reduce Fever

Relieve Depression

Improve Concentration

Reduce Tiredness

Improve Your Memory

Sit With No Back Pain

Gain Emotional Stability

Reduce Stress

Improve Your Vision

Sleep Better

Breathe Better

Strengthen The Immune System

Improve Endurance

Improve Concentration

Improve Reaction


12 student reviews
  1. Janet Cottrell says:

    Accupressure Points
    This was a very good course, explanations are great and very easy to understand.

  2. Gediminas Gustaitis says:

    Informatory course
    Enough to get the interest for the further development of the skill ;)

  3. catherine graham says:

    this is a detailed course
    a very informative course.