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Making Appraisal Work
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Learn the basics of developing effective performance management practices.

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About This Course

Who this course is for:

  • The course is mainly geared towards people who are called upon to manage appraisal and performance management systems but will also be of value to people who are subject to appraisal processes.

What you’ll learn:

  • Appreciate the importance of appraisal for both employers and employees
  • Understand the basis of good practice in appraisal/performance management
  • Learn about how to make appraisal effective and worthwhile
  • Be more confident in participating in appraisal activities


  • All that you need is a desire to learn more about effective appraisals

Appraisal (or performance management as it is often called), when done properly, can bring optimal results for both employer and employee. However, without a full understanding of what it is all about, the process can become a fairly unproductive bureaucratic waste of time, effort and energy.

Employing organizations generally invest heavily in human resources in terms of salaries and other costs. It is, therefore, understandable that they will want to ensure the best possible return on that investment. This is where the appraisal comes into the picture. It is intended to identify employees’ strengths that can be built on and areas for development that can be built up.

This course provides the understanding needed to make appraisal work and helps to establish a strong basis for good practice. It offers a clear and helpful basis of understanding to enable you to appreciate the way effective appraisal works so that you can be well-equipped to make sure that the process is productive in ways that enable everyone to benefit – the employee from being helped to grow, develop and improve (and thereby enhance their career prospects) and the organization and its various stakeholders from improved standards of practice. There is, therefore, much to be gained from looking very carefully at how appraisal works.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have learned effective practices in appraisal/performance management.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Making Appraisal Work
Introduction 00:00:00
Module Companion E-workbook 00:00:00
Part 1 – What Is Appraisal? 00:00:00
Part 2- Principles Of Good Practice 00:00:00
Part 3 – Managing Poor Practice 00:00:00
Part 4 – Pitfalls To Avoid 00:00:00
Conclusion 00:00:00